8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 15

RAILROAD AccrosNr.—On Saturday afternoon, a man named Henry Pimloe, employed

with others in conducting the waggons up and down the inclined plane between Avenham Brow and the wooden bridge below, was observed riding on the chain attached to one of the empty waggons on its descent. Immediately afterwards the chain snapped; and to save himself front hieing run down by the descending waggons, which were thus let loose, he sprang off the rail-road on which he had been riding, but, unluckily, to the parallel railway, on the side down which the loaded waggons were rushing with irresistible force. He was knocked down by the first of these vehicles, and was ground under it all the way down the declivity to the bridge below, where he was found doubled up in the agonies of death. He was drawn out, and carried to the top of the hill, where he instantly breathed his last.—Preston Chronicle.