8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 15

THE LORD MAYOR.—The poll, into which the vanity and obstinacy

of Sir Peter Laurie most unnecessarily and ungraciously led him, has ended in a majority for Sir John Key and Alderman Thorpe. The numbers, at the final close, on Thursday, were—Key, 3,28; Thorpe, 3,081 ; Laurie, 2,698. Sir John Key's second year's mayoralty is thus secured. The Tory prints, in respect of this contest, have outrivalled even their own absurdities. They have represented it RS a regular struggle between the Reformers and Anti-Reformers, not only in the face of the staring fact that many hundreds of Reformers voted for Laurie, hut in the face of Sir Peter's solemn, repeated, paid-for declaration, that he, Sir Peter, the Tory candidate, as they would have him, is a back-andbone supporter of the Bill ENGLISH NATIONAL Guann.—At a numerous meeting of rate-payers of St. Marylebone, it has been unanimously agreed, in the event of the Lords rejecting the Reform Bill, that the householders should go in a body to the King the next day, to pray him to retain his Ministers, and to promise to support him in any measures he may adopt to give the people the Reform Bill ; and for that purpose, to form themselves into a National Guard should he require it.

VAST IMPROVEMENTS, SIR !—The Old College of Physicians, in Warwick Lane, has been fitted up in a very convenient manner as a new meat exchange. Every accommodation has been afforded for the slaughtering of cattle, etc.; so that the nuisance which formerly existed in that neighbourhood will be entirely abated by the laying down of proper drains for the conveying away of the filth.

RESISTANCE TO AUTHORITY.—Mr. Lovett, who was lately drawn for the militia, and rendered himself conspicuous by his opposition to the proceedings, had informed the public by advertisement that his goods had been taken under a warrant of distress, and were to be sold by auction at twelve o'clock on Thursday, at Mr. Bullock's sale rooms, High Holborn. At the time mentioned, various groups of persons were about the neighbourhood of the rooms, apparently with the purpose of preventing or interrupting the sale. Upon reference to Mr. Bullock's catalogue, however, a note was found appended, stating that the articles which had been advertised as belonging to Mr. Lovett would not appear in that or any subsequent catalogue, and a printed notice was also issued by Mr. Bullock to the same purport.