8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 16


The Triumph, Green, for Bombay, has put into Plymouth, having receiveddamage during heavy weather on the 30th ult.

the following ships weredriven on shore at the Cape during a gale on the 16th and 12th July, and itwas feared would be totally lost-viz. the Candian, Reed ; Rambler, Horning ; Sir James Saumarez ; Calpe ; Usk, Long; and Vine. The William, Young, from Bengal, has arrived at St. Helena very leaky and otherwise damaged. Arrived. At Gravesend, Oct. 7th, Florentia, Drake, from Manilla. In the Downs, the 7th, Catherine, Fell, from Bengal. At Liverpool, the 1st, Hereford, Cuddy, from Borabso ; 6th, Bounty. Hall, from Bengal. At St. Helena, prior to the 12th August,

baiflowland, Ravilach, from Tharnbay, and Robert, Whitton, from ditto; Orelia, Hudson, Nen Mauritius; and Socrates, from the Cape. At Madras, April 29th, the Claudine, Heathorn, from London. At Bengal, Apri186th, Id, Heedless, from Li.. verpool ; and 27th, Lady Melville, Clifford, from London. Sailed. From Gravesend, Oct. lirt, Britannia, Ferris, for the Cape; 2nd, Royal Sovereign, Thompson, for Matiritius ; 3rd, Wanstead,Cuffi for van Dlemen's.Land; 5th, Mary, Tureen, for New Sotth Wales and Neptune, CrImberlege, for Madras. From Liverpool, the 2nd, Cabotia, Smith, for Bombay; 3rd, Mersey, Sharp, for Batavia. From the Clyde, the 4th, Parsee, Miller, for Bombay.