8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 16



MILLS and Co. Old Kent Road, ale and table beer brewers-PAUL and P_4tr1ffEit1 Winchester, spirit merchants-COLE and Co. Bread Street Hill, drysalters-Ittitore and MASER, Swansea, schoolmasters-Le/51dB and Lev, Newton Abbott, Devonshire, surgeons-M. and G. J. LAWRENCE, Penton Street, rentouville, bakersHo wiry and KINSER, Nottingham, lace-manufacturers-EXTON and ARNOLLi jun. Stimner's Court, Bishopsgate Street Without, carpenters-S. and T. COURTi Arise and Elham, Kent, farmers-S., C.' and D. HAVELL, Kingston•upon-Thames, plumbers-Gooro:sr and Co. Heywood, Lancashire, cotton-spinners; us far as regards CLEGG-CONLY and HoDosom, Queen Street, Finsbury, milliners-PRESTOW and RICHARDSON, Liverpool, distillers-H. and W. PALMER, Stratford, Essex, timber merchants-OLDROYD and CLAY, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, woolstaplersCArtiLL and Co. Plymouth, manufacturers of improved patent mangles-ADAMSand Co. Manchester, dyers-Doc KWOELTII and MiNslitea, Liverpool, coffee dealers -SPENCER and Co. Newborn, Northumberland, steel and file manufacturers...-. ROGE RS and BRADSHAW, Welch Pool, Montgomeryshire, drapers-HAmmoon and Co. Gray's Inu Lane, buttermen ; as far as regards RAINE-FARNWORTH and Co. Dowgate Iron Wharf, lead-merchants-CHATFIELD and Co. Upper Ground Street, Christchurch, flurry, timber-merchants-APLAcuLAN and RUSSELL, Glasgow, warehousemen.


GREEN, ALFRED, Brewer Street, Pimlico, tailor. JONES, THOMAS, late of Llangollen, Denbighshire, innkeeper.


DAWS, Jourz, WILLIAN, and Alarms w, Lenton, Nottinghamshire, bleachers. to surrender Oct. 17, 18, Nov. 15: solicitors, Mr. Forster, Lawrence Pountney. Place ; and Mr. Bradshaw, Nottingham. HALL, SAMUEL, Duke Street, West Smithfield, brazier, Oct. 7,14, Nov. 15 : solicitors, Messrs. Hindmarsh and Son, Crescent, Jewin Street, Cripplegate. HoRNER, BENJAMIN, Biltonwith Harrowgate, Yorkshire, joiner, Oct. 13, 14, Nov. 15 : solicitors, Mr. Spence, Tavistock Street, Covent Garden; and Dlr. Morley, Knaresburough. MD amiss. PETER, and SMITI/, SIDNEY, Friday Street, warehousemen, Oct. 7, 18, Nov. 15 : solicitor, Mr. Davison, Bread Street, Cheapside. TEBBUTT, SAMUEL, Islington, wine-merchant, Oct. 7, 14, Nov. 15: solicitor, Mr. Browning, Hatton Court, Threadneedle Street, WILLIAMS, JOHN, Liverpool, joiner, Oct. 19, 22, Nov. 15 : solicitors, Mr, Chester, Staple Inn ; and Dlr. Morecroft, Liverpool.


Oct. 28, J. and W. Jackson, Strand, stationers-Oct. 21, Hodson, Farningham, Kent, miller-Oct. 25,3. and R. A. Browning, Belvidere Wharf, Waterloo Bridge, timber•merchants-Oct. 28, Gray, Hosier Lane, carpenter-Oct. 25, Lamb, Skinner Street, Somers Town, cheesemonger-Oct. 25, Gelson, Cross Street, Blackfriars Road, timber-merchant-Oct. 28, Wythes, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, grocerOct. 25, Benny, South Sea Chambers. Threadneedle Street, merchant-Dec. 13. Southgate, Gate Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, builder-Oct. 28, Burton, Hillingdon, brickmaker-Oct. 28, Wace, Castle Street, Falcon Square, merchant-Oct. 28, Norton, Clayton West, Yorkshire, fancy-waistcoat-manufacturer-Oct. 31, Hawkins, Bristol, grocer-Oct. 27, Way, Somerton, Somersetshire, victualler-Nov. 1, Lucy, Bedwardine, Worcestershire, builder-Oct. 22, Shepherd, Liverpool, stone-masonOct. 26, 'Williams, Weobley, Hereford, draper and grocer-Oct. 27, Binney and Co. Lincolnshire, corn-factors-Nov. 3, Wulker, Mearclough Bottom Mills, Yorkshire' corn-miller--Oct. 27, Wood, Shrewsbury, tanner-Oct. 26, Coleman, High. we Herefordshire, banker-Oct. 25; Cheeseman, Reading. Berkshire, baker-Oct. 21, aVrangharn, Louth, Lincolnshire, Silversmith and jeweller-Oct. 28, Myers, Birmingham, auctioneer.


To be granted, unless cause Sc shown to the contrary, on or before Oct. 25. Zwinger. Auction Mart Coffeehouse. City-Chambers, Blackburn, Lancashire, draper-Bell, Oporto, wine-merchant--Swift, Pine Apple Place, Edgeware Road,. horse-dealer-James, Meetinghouse Court, Old Jewry, merchant-Leeson, Notting-. ham, hosier-Cooper, Aylesbury Street, Cierkenwell, oil and colourman-Grant jun. Oxford, corn-factor-Weller, Clelteoham, bookseller-Andrew, Nottingham, money-scrivener.


ANDERSON, Jonsr, Stranraer, ironmonger, Oct. 6, 20. BANKER, JAMES, Kilsytb, merchantand carrier, Oct. 7,21.