8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 16



There is a report current, to which we hesitate to give implicit belief, that the Ring, annoyed beyond endurance by the persecution of those about him, is disinclined to such a creation of Peers as will suffice to overcome the large majority who have declared against the Reform Bill ; and that the Ministers have scrupled to urge their creation, until the issue of Lord EBRINGTON's motion on Monday be known, and until it be seen with what feelings the country will receive the vote of the Lords. In the mean time, the Ministers have no intention of resigning office. Indeed, it is feared that their resignation would be followed by a convulsion, whose consequences might endanger the empire. While they remain in power, there is every assurance that the people will be quiet.

A meeting of the Reform Members takes place to-day, at the Thatched House, to consider of the measures rendered necessary by the vote of the Lords.

In the City, the Common Council, in Westminster, the parish of St. Anne's also meet. The Merchants and Bankers will assemble on Mon • day ; on the same day, the parish of Marylebone meet. In the course of the next week, it is probable that half the towns of the kingdom Will express their opinions on this momentous question.