8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 16


The Lord Chancellor has presented the Rev. S. H. Alderson, M.A. late Fellow of Caius College, Cambridge, and brother of Mr. Justice Alderson, to the vicarage of Buckden, Hunts, which lapsed to the Crown by Dr. Maltby's promotion to the see of Chichester.

The Bishop of Chichester has appointed the Rev. G. Bland, M.A. of Caius College, Cambridge, to be one of his Lordship's domestic chaplains. .0h the 24th ult. the Rev. R. G. Jeston was instituted by the Lord Bishop of Gloucester to the rectory of Dlarston Sicca, in the county of Gloucester, vacant by the death of the liev. W. Loggia, on the presentation of T. Brace, of Nottinghill, and C.Brace, of Sorry Street, Strand, Esqrs.

TheTtev. F. Ford, M.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, has been presented to the rectory of Church Lawton, Cheshire.