8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 19

ELECTION WAGERS.—At the Dorsetshire election, in the course of Saturday,

the vote of a clergyman, named England, tendered for Lord Ashley, was rejected on the ground that he had made a bet of a sovereign, with a Mr. Panton, that the noble Lord would gain the day at the pre. sent election.

HURRICANE AT BARB ADOES.—The Governor of Barbadoes had called a meeting of the Legislative Council for the 15th of August, to consider the distressing state of the island. The Honourable Johnson Littledale was the only person of distinction killed by the storm, his house having been thrown down on him; a number of negroes, however, perished* The total damage is estimated at 500,000/. Advices from Martinique state the hurricane to have extended its ravages there. It was reported.. that great damage had been done to Port Royal. TERRIBLE GALE AT NEW ORLEANS.—New Orleans was visited with a dreadful gale on the 16th and 17th of August, accompanied with VA.. rents of rain. Almost all the shipping in the river were driven on shiore, and very few of the smaller craft escaped total wreck. The sugar cane above and below the city is laid fiat ; and it has been calculated tl ait the consequence will be a deficiency in the crop of at least 40,00Q hofgaheads; It appears that the gale was felt at Natchea, three hundred rail a up the river Mississippi, and the greatest fears are entertained for tb .e safety of the cotton crop, Tim Court-house at, Natchez is said teleawe keel:et:ma dewa.