8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 20

We have received a Newspaper from Liberia! the Black colony

of whose early struggles we gave some account a week or two ago. This is an admirable sign : where a free press can be established . and encouraged, it is a proof that colonization has proceeded on sure principles—that the object is sound, and the means pure. This test may be applied to other colonies. Mr. ELLIOTT CRESSON, who is the representative of the American Colonization Society here, has also published a pamphlet, containing the "Reports of the Board • of Managers of the Pennsylvania Colonization Society," which contains some important facts respecting the progress of this most interesting state, and the latest news from its shores. The extent, the agriculture, and the trade of Liberia, are rapidly increasin,.. and the native neighbours are daily requesting to be enrollcd among its citizens, and submit to its laws with exemplary proprie1y0 The wealth of the place is greatly increasing, and some of the merchants are becoming considerable capitalists. No White in permitted to engage in commerce there, by the original law of the establishment.

Let it not be forgotten, that every subscription of 71.10s. will take a Negro from the United States, and establish him a free and flourishing citizen of Liberia, the proprietor of thirty acres of land.