8 OCTOBER 1831, Page 21

NEW CARICATURES.—H. B.'s graphic records of Lord Londonderry's constructive challenge

of the Lord Chancellor' and his subsequent amende honorable, represent the Marquis shaking hands with the Chancellor, as with his "John Jones;" and "The Duel that did not take place," in which scene Lord Holland and the Duke of Richmond second the Chancellor, and the Duke of Wellington and Lord Aberdeen the Marquis. But why need H. B. have made Lord Brougham look so like Bob Acres ? Surely the idea of a Lord Chancellor fighting a duel is in itself sufficiently ridiculous.

In M`Lzares Caricature Sheet for this month, there is, among others, a representation of Lord Brougham as a Colossus, from the design sketched by Lord Londonderry, in a recent speech in the House of Lords. The "petty men" who "creep about under his huge legs" seem to wish they could pull him down, whom no power can overthrow, so long as he stands upon principle and public opinion.