9 DECEMBER 1854, Page 17


The undermentioned promotions to take place consequent upon the decease of the following officers, viz.: Gen. Viscount Lorton, died Nov. 20, Lieut.-Gen. R. Egerton, died Nov. 18, Major-Gen. Sir G. Cathcart, K.C.R. died Nov. 5—Col. G. H. Lockwood, C.B. half-pay 3d Light Drags. Aide-de-comp to the Queen, to be Major Gen.; Lieut.-Col. II. K. Storks, Onatt. to be •CoL in the .Army; Major-Gen. W. D. Deem-ill, Dept-4 Battalion at Widmer. to be tient-Ca, in the Army; Capt. H. J. Dwell, of the 6011 Foot, to be Major in the Army.