9 DECEMBER 1854, Page 6

A double murder was committed last night, just before nine

o'clock, in Warren Street, Fitzroy Square. A man whose name is said to be Bartlemy, accompanied by a young woman, called upon Mr. Moore, a soda-water-manufacturer in Warren Street. After he had been there some time, Moore' servant heard a scuffle, and the cry of "Murder!" and running into the passage, arrived in time to see Bartlemy shoot Moore dead. The assassin at once made for the front-door ; but here he found that a neighbour, one Collard, formerly a policeman, but now a green-grocer, barred the way. Locking the door, Bartlemy sought to fly by the back-garden in the New Road. Collard, anticipating this, ran round, and finding Bartlemy leaping from the garden-wall, seized him as he alighted. The ruffian, however, drew another