9 DECEMBER 1854, Page 6


SATURDAX MORNING. By telegraph from Vienna, we learn that the Ost Deutsche Post publishes the following as the ultimatum addressed by Austria to Russia" Austria has sent her final summons to Russia. No modification of her territorial possessions is demanded. Besides the four points, an indemnification for the war expenses is to be a basis for peace propositions. A future Russian protectorate over the Greco-Catholic subjects of the Porte is declared inadmissible, as interfering with the Sultan's sovereign rights. The five Powers guarantee the privileges and equal rights of the Christians. The i Russian protectorate n the Danubian Principalities, and in Servia, is declared extinct. The navigation of the Black Sea is to be guaranteed by the razing of Sebastopol, and by converting the other arsenals on its coasts into common harbours. The Russian fleet to be reduced to four frigates and two line-of-battle ships. The remainder of the Black Sea fleet to be allowed to withdraw to the Baltic. The free navigation to be insured by a formal declaration. The Salina mouths, with the environs, to be declared neutral territory."