9 DECEMBER 1854, Page 6

The Earl of Aberdeen gave a Cabinet dinner on Wednesday.

On Monday next there will be a select party at Argyll House, when the Queen's Speech will be read as usual. On the same evening, Lord john_Russell will entertain the Speaker and other distinguished persons.

Lord Lyndhurst has recovered from an indisposition which might have deprived Parliament of his presence at the opening of the session.

The Duke of Somerset is thought to be no longer in immediate danger : some degree of power is returning to the side that was paralyzed.

Lord Dunkellin, the son of the Marquis of Clanricarde' who was taken prisoner before Sebastopol, arrived at Berlin on the 1st instant, on his way to England.

As Mr. Langston, one of the Members for Oxford City, was returning on Wednesday from the Chipping Norton Petty-Sessions, his horse shied and fell, breaking the rider's leg. Some years since the same, leg was fractured by a coach accident. Mr. Langston, however, is doing well.

The Duke and Duchess of Brabant are at Venice : it is expected that they will pass the greater part of the winter there.

A Madrid journal says that the so-called General Liprandi is a Spaniard, whose real name is Espejo.

M. de Cueto, Spanish Minister at Washington, has met with a carriageaccident, which it was feared would prove fatal.

Mr. Soule, the American Minister, has arrived at Madrid.

Madame Castellan and Madame Alboni have had an altercation at Lisbon as to the right to the prima-donnaship in La Sonnantbula : Castellan gave way.