9 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 27

Among the contributors to the February number of the Expositor

are Canon Diggle, Principal Fairbairn, and Professors Cheyne, Dods, and Ramsay. Dr. Fairbairn, who writes on "The Person of Christ," is exceedingly happy in some of his phrases; as when he asks, "What is the Agnostic but a man who confesses that there are ideas he will not express, but cannot escape from ? " The Rev. John Watson, who in fiction, and under the pseudonym of "Ian Maclaren," has gained no inconsiderable reputation as an artist in Scotch life and character, demonstrates in "The Foresight of Faith," that he can think clearly and write gracefully on religions subjects. He contrasts two types of piety thus : "With the Catholic foresight spelt devotion—with the Puritan duty." Altogether, this number of the Expositor is much above the average.—The Expository Times, like the Expositor, continues to give its readers a steady supply of excellent litera- ture. Among the contents of the February number, "August Dillmann," by Dr. Witton Davies, and "Hebrew Prophecy and Modern Criticism," by the Rev. F. H. Woods, may be specially mentioned.