9 FEBRUARY 1895, Page 27

Letters of Edward Fitzgerald. 2 vols. Edited, with a Preface

and Introduction, by W. Aldis Wright. (Macmillan.)—It will be remembered that a number of Edward Fitzgerald's Letters were included with his "Literary Remains." These have been now published in a separate form, together with the preface and in- troduction prefixed by the editor, Mr. W. Aldis Wright. Some twenty-five additional letters, not before printed, have been in- corporated. His last letter, addressed to Mr. S. Lawrence, bears the date of June 12th, 1883. He speaks of going the next day on a visit to his old friend, the Rev. George Crabbe, rector of Merton. He went, and died during the night after his arrival, quite peace- fully, as might be gathered from his appearance after death. Mr. Wright speaks of another volume of Fitzgerald's letters, addressed to Mrs. Kemble, as about to appear under his editorship.