9 JANUARY 1841, Page 12


THE Glasgow Argus "cannot forbear entering our decided pro- test" against the policy adopted by the Anti-Corn-law League in the Walsall election. It will not run the hazard of "letting in a Tory" on any occasion, by standing out for repeal of the Corn- laws. And yet the same writer not long ago threatened, without any qualification about letting in a Tory, that should Mr. FINCH, late Member for Walsall, ever again offer his services to a consti- tuency, it would let the electors know of Mr. Fitinres conduct as Chairman of the Committee on—the Glasgow River Bill! and warn them against choosing him. Repeal of the Corn-law is not, in the estimation of the Glasgow Argus, a sufficiently important object to hazard the letting in of a Tory, but the Glasgow River Bill is. Some minds seem to be the converse of a sieve—they let great things slip through and retain the small.