9 JANUARY 1841, Page 20


Tuesday, Jan. 5.


Bramah and Co. Pimlico, founders-Allbuseet and Bolckow. Newcastle-upon-'Tyne, merchants-Allhusen and Co. Sunderland, merchants ; as far as rewards Bolckow- T. and H. Rowlaud. Bristol. mathemaleal-instrurneut.makers-Lake and Lawrence. Aldgate, woollendrapers -Humphreys and Newton. Paris Street. Lambeth-Farrer and Co. Pudsey, Yorkshire. scribbling-millers; as far as regards J. Sugden-Deen and. Munday, Threadneedle Street, printers-White and Carr. Sunderlaud, booksellers - W. and E. Bow, Maidstone, builders-W. and J. Little. Brighton Place, Middlesex, timber-merchauts- Thompson and M'Kewan. Great St. Helens, printers-W. and C. Burton, Bordesley, Warwickshire. bedstead-manufacturers-James aud Co. Walsall, factors-Drabble and Waller, Chmterfield, attornies -Wilson and Parker, Sunderland, attornies-L. W. and J. Jarvis, King's Lynn. attornles-J. and .1. C. Fehgate. Sydney Street, bricklayers-Nicks and Sard, Leamingtou Priors. woollentImpere-Procter and Petah,. Shoe Lane. plumbers-Barringer and Jones. Birmindham tailors-T. and J.

D. Thornely, Liverpool. merchants-Burleson mid Co.-Norman and Messenger. Wigton. linendrapers-Johnson and Martin, Bishopsgete Streert tallow-chandlers- Charlton and Thomas. Milton. Kent. victuallers-Okia and Cooke. Liverpool. stock- brokers-T. and J .Hewilt. Knotty Ash. Lancashire. builders-Ron and Wood, Coven- try , dyers-Atkinson and Wilkinson, Leeds. surgeons-Hall and Summers. Bristol. painters-T. L. and W. L. Noakes. Salehttr.t. millers-Wright and Heigheay. Man- chester-Hall and Birds. Wirksworth, mercers-Pritt and Hughes. Liverpool. iron- founders - I. and B. Smith, Knottingley, Yorkshire, schoolmasters - Gautier and Wraith. Over Darwen. Lancashire, surgeons-Johnson and Wayne. Shrewsbury. tan- ners-Myersand Harris, Eldon Street eigartnanufacturers-Tilson and Co. Coleman Street ettornies; as far as regards T. Tilson-Hopkinson and French. Stamford, at- tornIes -Ogden and Haworth, Bank Top, Lancashire. cotton-spinners-Brown and Webb. Sheffield. general-merchants-F. aud J. T. Woodhouse. Leominster, hop-mer- ehants--Littledyke and Grantham, Kingston-upon Hell. drapers-Parker and Co. carriers; as far as regards Parker-Coomhs and Co. Denmark Street, ink-stand-manu- facturers; as far as regards 13..yuton-Iliggius and Wright. Maidstone, corn-factors- Brown and Arundale, Leeds. engravers-Kimber and Co. Colchester, brewers -Little- wood and Helliwelt Holmfirth, grocers.


WALKER, Samuztjunior, Clifton, Yorkshire, coal-merchant.


Cox, JOHN, Nottingham, grocer. to surrender Jan. 19. Feb. 16: solicitors, Messrs. Johnson end Co. Temple; and Mr. Bewley. Nottingham. Pinotars. THOMAS Es-ANS. Tewkesbury, draper, Jan. 26, Feb, 16: solicitors, Mr. Drake, Bouverie Street ; and Mr. Matthews, Gloucester. SPEDEN, ions, North Shields. spirit-merchant, Jan. 28. Feb. 16: solicitors. Messrs. Brooksbauk and Fara, Gray's Inn Square; and Mr. Brown, Newcastle-upon-Tylte. Teaar. RICHARD T1NDLE. Bristol. ship-chandler, Jan. 12, Feb. 16: solicitors, Messrs Hicks and Braikenridge, Bartlett's Buildings; and Mr. Hinton, Bristol.


Jan. 26. Faruvrceilt. Dovegate'Wharf, Upper Thames Street, tin-plate-merchant-Jan. 29, M•Plierson, Hatton Wall, oilman-Jan. 26. Bradford and Healey, Great Trinity Lane. stationers-Jan. 28, Foelerton, Upper Bedford Place, merchant-Jan. 26, Maunde. Henrietta Street. Covent Garden, banker-Jan. 28, Butler, Blackheath. master-mariner-Jan. 28, Ulyatt, Crow land. Lincolnshire. cattle-dealer-Jan. 27, Ber- nal, Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant-Jan. 27, Cook. Birmingham, brass founder -Feb. 1. Roberts. Clareton, Yorkshire, horse-dealer -Jan. 28, Barritt, Keighley, worsted. stuff-menufacturer-Jan. 26. Morley, Kingston-upon-Hull. coal-merchant-Jan. 25. Stead, Boronghbridge, Yorkshire. corn-miller-Feb. 4. Brox ne, Norwich, builder- Feb. 4. Carter and Lawrence. Huddersfield, machine-makers-Jan. 29, Chapman, King Street, Cheapside, warehouseman.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary. on or before Jas. 26.

Speight, Allerton, Yorkshire. stuff manufacterer -Harris, Percy Street. Tottenham Court Road, carver-Mulcaster. St. Paul's Churchyard. wholesale furrier-Taylor. Castle Street, Holborn, hat manufacturer-Evans, Narberth. Pembrokeshire, 11113. keeper-Marsh, Plymouth, coal-merchant.


Rom WILLIAM, Hopehouse, Jan. 9 Feb. 1.

MAITLAND, JOSEPH, Kingston upon-Hell, merchant, Jan. 8,29.

Boss, Rem Aberdeen, organist, Jan. 9.30.

THOMSON, ANDREW, Glasgow, jeweller, Jan. 11, Feb. 1.

Friday, Jan. 8.


M. and H. B. Smith, St. Paul's Churchyard. wine-merchants-Wells and Berriman, Camberwell, builders-Davey and Co. Norwich. shoe-makers-Emmett and Hall. Liverpool. furriers- J. and R. Goodwin, Narrow Street, Ratcliff.wharlingers-Cooke and Co. Liverpool. cotten-brokers ; as far as regards 1. Cooke-Ball and Steinkeller. Martin's Lane, Cannon Street, merchants-Leaf and Co. Old 'Change, wholesale- merchants ; as tars. regards Coles senior-Wilkins and Co. Tyre, ton. Somersetshire.

manufacturers of woollen cloths; as far as regards Deuce-Lee and rd Plymouth, engravers-Foss and Clark, Essex Street. attornies-Mouteith and Co. Glasgow ; as far as regards Hamilton-Potter and Hill. Page Street. Westmiuster. spruce-manufac- turers-Yeomans and Co. Sheffield. merchants; as far as regards Newbuuld-C. and A. Masper, Boltou-le-Moors. opticians-Holland and Co. Halifax. spinners-Green and Chubb. Cheapside, hairdressers-Draper and Co. Chard, lace-manufacturers; as far as regards Draper-Downman and Co. Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. tin- plate-mann- factureis-Willinms and Co. coal-proprietors-Finlay and Co. Liverpool, merchants- Richardson and Tyhurst. Reading. liuendrapers - M. and W. E. Hammond. Lombard Street, newspaperagents-Taylor and Co. ship-brokers-Allen and Bell. South Shields. chemists-Ryder and Toobv. Gloucester, linendrapers-Ryder and Lang. Battle Bridge, wheelers -Dieseldorff and 'Hahn, Liverpool, commission agents-J. and J. Williams, Beerferris, Devonshire, farmers-Harrason and Wainwright. Lancaster. engravers- Simister and Towler, Ellesmere, Shropshire. plumbers-J. and R. Browu. Mateo, shoemakers-Drew and Warren. Bristol, carpenters-W. aud H. Barnes, Winchester, wine-merchants-Wood and Co. Atherstoue, bankers-Richardson and Holliday, Liverpool, tailors - Ellet and Lister. Leeds, carpet-merchants-Jobling mad Co. Marsham Street, Westminster, brassfounders.


BOLLER, GROUPIE HAMMER. Bristol. commission agent. FEARNLEY. JoSEPII. Bradford. Yorkshire, wool-stapler. Jan. 7. WATKINS, Titostas junior, Tredegar Iron Works, grocer, Jan. 8.


NICHOLSON, lomat, Halifax, innkeeper, to Jan. 28.


WRIGHT, WILLIAM NICHOLLS, Nottingham. tailor.


ANKERS, JOSEPH, Birmingham. grocer, to surrender Jan. 23, Feb. 19: solicitors, Mr. Church. Bedford Row ; and Mr. James, Birmingham. SINGLET. JAMES, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square. brush-maker, Jan. 15 Feb.19 : solicitor, Mr. Randall. Welbeck Street, Caveudishaquare ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermaubury. Evans, MARY. and Co. Pump Row. Old Street Road. paper-manufacturers, Jan. 19, Feb 19: solicitors, Messrs. Newbon and Evans, Doctors' Commons; official assignee, Mr. Turquand. Copthall Buildings TIAINNWORTH. JONATHAN, and CO. Battley Carr, Yorkshire. woollen-millers, Jan. 21, Feb. 19: solicitors, Mr. Hall, Aldermanbliry ; and Mr. Seholes, Dewsbury. HUMAN. June, Birmingham. victualler. Jan. 19. Feb. 19; solicitors, Mr. Chaplin, Gray's Inu Square; and Mr. Harrison, Birmingham. HINDLEY. HENRY and JOSEPH, Halshaw Moor. Lancashire, cotton-spinners, Jan. 27, Feb. 19: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Medcalfe, Lincoln's Inn Fields; and Messrs. Grundy. Bury.. Jacesoar. THOMAS, King's Lynn, Norfolk, corn and coal-merchant, Jan. 21, Feb. 19: solicitors, Mr. Flower, Bread Street, Cheapside ; and Messrs. Taylor and Sous, Norwich. Lnino, ELIAS, Matson's Cottages, Kingsland, coal-merchaut, Jan. 13. Feb. 19: soli- citor, Mr. Lind°, Fenchurch Street ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson. Basinghall Street.

Peaxins. Ricusitn. Upper Street, Islington, upholsteter, Jan. 15, Feb. 19: solicitors, Messrs. Pate and Hatherby, Great Marlborough Street; official assignee, Mr. Pennell.

POPE. JAMES, 8nd BEECH, JOSEPH, Manchester. brushmakers, Jan. 18, Feb. 19: soli- citors, Mr. Williams, Coleman Street ; and Mr. Law. Manchester,

Wiumar. Geonoz. and Bantam Joarannart, Birmingham. victuallers. Jan. 22. Feb.19: solicitors, Messrs. Taylor and Co. Bedford Row; and Messrs. Ryland, Birmingham.


Jan. 29. Le Beaume, Argyle Street, galvauist-Jan. 30. Willcocks, Bristol, cabinet- maker-Feb. 2, Owen, Wall Uchaf, Carnarvon. =Mater -Jan. so. Pickmore and Co. Manchester, wool-dealers-Feb 11. Kid, Foleshill, Coveutry. miller-Feb. 1. Bond, Great Yarmouth, draper-jau. 29. William*. Bristol, apothecary-Feb. 1. Price. Black- burn, machine-maker-Feb. 5, Maybe:7, Trieste, commission-agent-Feb. 5, Robert- son, Woottou-uuder-Edge, draper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary. on or before Jan. 29. J. P. and P. Jackson, Manchester. wool-dealers-Duff. Fore Street, silk-manufactu- rer-John, Bridgewater, hackueyman- Kay. Bo'tou-le-Muors. draper.


Bruner, Jaunt Aberdeen, confectioner, Jan . 14, Feb. 4. Davinson, DAVID, Muswell Hill, insurance-broker, Jan. 13, Feb. 3. R000ra. WILLIAM. Forfar, shoemaker, Jan. 16, Feb. 13. Romeavute, JAMES, Edinburgh. spirit-merchant. Jan. 12, Feb. 2. Watenx,i1Vu.aum Low, Newford Park, near Forfar. Jan. 13, Feb. 8.