9 JANUARY 1841, Page 20


WAR-OFFICE. January 5.-14th Light Drags.-Lieut G. M. Fullerton to be Captain, by purchase. vice Henderson. who retires ; Cornet and Adjutant W. Clarke to have the rank of Lieutenant ; Cornet R. H. S. Barry to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Fullerton. 22d Foot-Capt. E. W. Lascelles. from the 95th Foot, to be Capt. vice Preston. who exchanges. To be Lients. without purchase- Lient. E. Lucas, from the 1st West India Regiment ; Lieut. the Hun. T. C. S. Foster. from the 1st %Vest India Regiment ; Lieut. J. E. Thackwell, from the 94th lkot ; Lieut. T. Matins, fri,m the 79th Foot, vice Gaisford. appointed to the 79th Foot; Ensign A. Macpherson. from the 56th Foot; Ensign W. D. Hilton, from the 3d Foot; Ensign W. H. Fitzgerald, from the 734 Foot; Ensign W. M. G M'Murdo. from the 8th Foot ; Ensign E. S. Smith. from the 61st Foot; Ensign F. G T. Deshon, from the 56th Foot; Ensign C. H. M. Smith. 45th Foot-General Sir F. J. G Maclean. Bart. from the 84th Foot, to be Colonel, vice , Lieut-Geu. Sir W. H. Pringle, dec.; Capt. W. R. Preston, from the 22d Foot. to be Capt. vice Lascelles, who exchanges. 48th Foot-Brevet Lieut -Col. W. Bennett, from half-pay uunattached, to be Major. vice Macdougall, promoted; Capt. the Hon. A. A. Dairen to be Major, by purchase. vice Bennett, who retires. 60th Foot- Second Lieut. H. R. Beresford to be First Lieut. by purchase, vice the Hon. T. D. G. Dillon, who retires ; D. L. Mogan to be Second Lieut. by purchase, vice Beresford. 71st Foot-Capt. J. Barron, from half-pay unattached, to be Capt. vice J. Impett. who exchanges; Lieut. R. T. W. L. Brickeuden to be Captain, by purchase, vice Barron, who retires; Ensign G. A. Bayly to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Brickenden: L. C. L. Peel, Gent. lobe Ensign, by purchase. vice Bayly. 79th Foot-Lieut. T. Gaisford. ' from the VA Foot. to be Lieut. vice Dundas, appoieted to the 22d Foot. 84th Foot- Lieut.-Gen. Sir L. W. Ors-ay to be Colonel, vice Sir F. J. G. Maclean, appointed to tne 45th Foot. 94th Foot-Quartermaster T. Waite to be Adjutant. with the reek of - Ensign, vice D'Arcy, who resigns the Adartancy only; Sergeant-Major G. Crozier to be Quartermaster, vice Waite. appointed Adjutant. Brevet.-To be Molars in the Army-Capt. J. Whylock. of the Royal Marines; Capt. A. Morrison, of the Royal Marines; Capt. C. Robinson, of the Royal Marines. The undermentioned Cadets, of the Hon. the E. I. Company's Service, to have the temporary rink or Ensign during the period of their being placed under the command of Cot. Presley. of the Royal Engineers, at Chatham, for field instructions in the art of Sapping and Mining: .1. P Beadle, Gent ; A. Impey, Geut.; G. F. Atkinson, Gent.; R. J. Walker, Gent ; T. C. Phillpotts, Gent.

Memorandurn.-The Christian names of Ensign Bookey, of the 54th Foot, are Power le Peer, not de Is Peer Trench as previously stated.

WAR-OFFICE. Jan. 8.-13th Regt. Light Dtags.-Lieut. H. H. Kitchener to be Capt. by purchase. vice Rosser, who retires; Cornet H. Hamilton to be Lieut. by pur- chase. vice Kitchener; C. P. Rosser. Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Hamilton. 8th Foot- Gent. Cadet W. 'I'. Granville, from the Royal Mil. Coll, to be Ensign, with- out purchase, vice MMurrio, promoted in 22d Foot. 22d Foot-Ensign C. Dakers, from the 7241 Foot, lobe Ensign vice Smith. promoted. 24th Foot-Brevet Major J. Stoyte tube Major, without purclaase, vice Stack, who retires upon full-pay; Lieut. N. Leslie to be Capt. vice Stoy te; Ensign C. ft. Harris to be Lieut. vice Leslie ; Lutman, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Harris. 36th Foot-Lieut. H. Bristow, from half-pay 38th Foot, to be Lieut vice A. Conuor, who exchanges. 41st Foot-Ensign '1'. 111. Farmer to be Lieut. by purchase, rice Carden, promoted in the 2d West India Regt. ; H. Smith, Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase. vice Farmer. 45th Foot-E. Boys. Gent, to be Ensign, without purchase, vice Lambert, appointed to the 62.1 Foot, Stith Foot-Lieut. M. Emmett tube Capt. by purchase, vice Dairen. promoted; En- sign D. Fullerton to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Emmett; W. Fethersten, Gent, lobe Ensign, by purchase, vice Fullerton. 56th Foot-Lieut. T. Belem'', from half-pay unattached, to be Lieut. vice ft. Hulliusworth, who exchauges; Gent. Cadet R. An- derson, from the Royal Mil. Coll, to be Ensign, without purchase, rice Macpherson, promoted in the 22d Foot ; E. F. Hare. Gent. to be Eusign, without purchase, vice Deshon, promoted in the 2211 Foot. 61st Foot-Gent. Cadet J . F. Brickdale, from the Royal Mil. Coll. to be Eusign. without purchase, vice Smith. promoted in the led Foot. 62.1 Faot-Ensign C. Lambert, from the 45th Foot, to be Ensign, ‘-ice Dane, promoted ; Gent. Cadet II. S. M. D. Felton, from the Royal Mil. Coll, to lie Ensign, without purchase, vice Gabbier+, promoted. 69th Foot-Ensign F. H. Kilvington to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Lys, who retires; G. L. Maddison, Gent, to be Eusign0 by purchase. Nice KiLvington. 78th Feet-Lieut. E. H. Ffinney, from half-pay 46th Foot. to he Lieut. vice A. Grierson, who exchanges. 81st Foot-Lieut. W. F. Nixon - lobe Paymaster, vice Thompson. who retires upon lialf.pay.

retires .e Brigade-W. Wake, Gent. to be Second Lieut. by purchase, vice Law, who 1st West India Regt.-Ensign M. Matthews to be Lieut. without purchase. vice Lucas. appointed to the 224 Foot ; Eusixn S. Ballantine lobe Lieut. by purchase, vice Foster, appointed to the 224 Foot; Sergt.-Wor J. Aggas to be Ensign, vice Matthews; J. H. Chads, Gent, to be Ensign. vice Balluntine. Memorandum-The date of the exclniuge of Lieut. Thomas Gaisford. from the 224 • Foot, to be Lieut. in the 79th Regt. is the 4th, and not 6th January 1841.