9 JANUARY 1841, Page 9


The Post-office has recently issued tenders for carrying the letter- bags in the London District Post. They differ from all previous ten- ders, in intimating a readiness to permit the carriage of the mail-bags to conveyances of any description whatever—as well those taking pas- sengers as those taking only mails. It appears also, that such convey - ances, whilst carrying the bags, are to enjoy the privilege of the mails in being exempt from tolls, and having their conductors equipped in the 'Post-office uniform. No doubt, such conveyances will be permitted to

call themselves mails. These terms seem very well worth the attention of the respectable proprietors of omnibuses which are punctual in their journies, but which the public at present have no means of distinguish- ing from the slow and loitering omnibuses. The insignia of the mail stamps the conveyance with the character of speed and punctuality ; and the public prepossessions have long been inlisted on the side of mail-coacbes. The Post-office tenders seem also to offer a good oppor- tunity for establishing single-horse carriages to carry two or three pas- sengers, and parcels requiring despatch, besides the letters.