9 JULY 1836, Page 1

The Revenue Accounts for the year and quarter ending July

5th are very satisfactory. On the year, the increase of receipts as compared with those of 1834-5 is 2,045,456/.; on the quarter, 1,306,6481. The increase on the year from the Customs is I,162,402/.; from the Excise, 834,912/.; the Stamps, 229,8741.; but there is a decrease in the taxes of 196,611/. On the quarter, the increase on the Customs is 381,260/.; the Excise, 713,021/4 the Stamps, 110,096/.; the Taxes, 70,7571.; the Post-office, 34,0001.: the only decrease on the quarter is the trifling one of 2,815/. on the Miscellaneous. Surely, with so prosperous a state of' the finances, the Chancellor of the Exchequer would run little risk in carrying his reductions of duty on Glass and Paper much beyond what he contemplated in his Budget.