9 JULY 1836, Page 10


The Branken Moor. Nicholls, from Ceylon to London, has put into royal iii a very leaky state. and will be obliged to discharge Arrived—At Gravesend, July 4th. Allred, Tapley, from China ; 6th. Sarah. Wbite• side, from ditto; and 7111. Lord de Sainnarez. Rowe, (torn Maurittas. At Peal. Mary Sharp, Brown ; and John, Dixon, from Van Dierneres Lund ; City of Edinburgh. Baker, front New South Wales ; Zenobia, Owen, from Bengal; and Coromandel. Chesser, from China ; amid Tigris, Stephens, from Ceylon. At Plymouth, 5th. Dove, Iladdeu. from the Cape. CB Falmouth. 5th, Rhoda. Hurst. from Neu South Wales; and Bombay. Routh. from China. At Liftman)). 2d, Rob Quay le. Bleastlale. from Bombay. At the Cape. Saguenay, Stewart, from Liverpool; Auu, NPAlpin ; and David Scott, Reeves, from London ; and Severn. Braithwaite. from China ; and Orontes, Currie, from Madras. At China, Feb. 6111, Vansittort, Marq ; Penelope. Hutchin- son; Lord Lowther, Grant; Charles Forbes. Wills ; and Earl of Relearn's. Iliac. front London ; and Clyde, Kerr, from Cork. At Van Diemen's Land, Feb. 21st. Asia. Stead ; 32d. Stirling Castle, Frazer; and lieucoulen, Brown, front Loudon; and March 21, Alice, Hepburn. front Liverpool. Sailed—From Gravesend, July 3d. Gilmore. Lindsay. for Bombay: 5th. Java, Job- Idling, for Ilengal; and 9th, IVilliam, Dunn, for the Cape. From Liverpool, 1st, Gipsey. Bewley; nod 3d, Sarah. Buck. for Calcutta.