9 JULY 1836, Page 7

A servant girl, cleaning the windows at a house in

Pentonville, on Monday, fell from a height of thirty feet, into a stone area. She lies at the North London Hospital in a precarious state.

A hail-storm, on Wednesday morning, did considerable damage to the conservatories of the Duke of Devonshire at Chiswick, Colonel Caven- dish at Sutton Court, Messrs. Lee of Hammersmith, and several places on the Harrow Road. A boy was struck, and much injured by the elec- tric fluid, as he was passing through Farringdon Street ; and another boy was struck in Bridge Street, Blackfriars. At Hampstead a horse and at Primrose Hill two cows, were struck dead by the lightning. In Belton Street, St. Giles's, the horses of a dray were frightened by the thunder ; and the drayrnan, in attempting to lay hold of the first horse in the team, slipped down and was killed by the dray passing over him.