9 JULY 1836, Page 7

His Majesty's royal steam cruiser Vulcan arrived at Poole on

Mon- day week, from a cruise, took in coals, and sailed on the 21. The ex- periment of steam cruisers for the prevention of smuggling has suc- ceeded beyond expectation. It has been ascertained from undoubted authority, that within the last month more than 600 tubs of foreign spirits have been destroyed by the smugglers : from the speed of the Vulcan, in any wind or weather, the smuggler is convinced of the im- possibility of escape; in order, therefore, to save his vessel and crew, on getting sight of her, he immediately destroys his illicit cargo.

As the Reverend Henry Wilder, of Purley Hall, Berkshire, was re- turning on Saturday last, in a small yacht from Southampton to Swan- age, accompanied by his wife and one boatman, a sudden squall of wind capsized the vessel when about a mile distant from Yarmouth. She sank in a moment ; and of the three persons in her, the boatman alone was saved by clinging to the rudder, which had unshipped at the time of the accident. Mrs. Wilder was taken out of the water within a quarter of an hour, and immediately conveyed to Yarmouth ; where every means were resorted to to restore animation, unhappily without success. The body of Mr. Wilder (who was last seen by the boat. man supporting his wife in his arms) has not yet been found.

On Monday, James Greenwood, a boy only nine years old, was committed to Maidstone Gaol, on a charge of manslaughter. It ap- peared that le had pushed a little boy named Timothy Taber, only seven years of age, into a well 185 feet deep. The deceased was leaning over the side of the well to drink water from a bucket ; when Jemmy Greenwood pushed him in, and then, covering the well with the wooden top to it, desired several children who were present not to say any thing about it. The mother of the deceased was the first who, going to the well, found the water tinged with the blood of her child; whose body was soon drawn up.