9 JULY 1836, Page 7

Ir be Camden.

The Reformers of Birmingham held a meeting at the Public Office in that town on Thursday week, and resolved to commence a subscrip- tion to support Mr. O'Connell against the efforts of the Tories to ruin him by election expenses. Private letters inform us that the subscrip- tion has begun with great heartiness and the promise of an ample harvest.

Mr. O'Connell has promised to dine with the Reformers of Ro- chester and Chatham in ten days.

Mr. J. M. Knott, Vicar of Wormleighton in Warwickshire, has, in a letter to the South Warwickshire Clergy, declared his intention to bring before the Archbishop of Canterbury the conduct of the Citrate of Long Itchington—the person charged with buying bludgeons, and hiring men to use them against the supporters of Sir Grey Skip. with at the late election for South Warwickshire.

The income of the Liverpool Docks, slow considerably exceeding the expenditure,ahe Dock Committee have, it is understood, come to the resorution of reducing the rates 25 per cent. This will cause a di- minution of more than 50,000/. per annum. The rapidly-increasing trade of the port may render a still further reduction practicable in a few years.—Liverpool Albion. The farm of the late William Cobbett. called Normandy, in Sorry, was yesterday (Monday) sold for 265/. There were not many compe- titors at the sale. [This paragraph has been going the round of the papers ; but surely it must have been the lease, not the farm itself, which was sold fur 265/1