9 JULY 1836, Page 8

At College Street Police-office, Dublin, on Monday, a person was

charged with disturbing the public peace by drawing a dagger in front of the Reverend Mr. M'Crea's chapel, on Sunday evening. It ap- peared that a crowd of persons attended at the chapel, decorated with orange lilies, and that Mr. 111' Crea had recommended his congregation to come to the chapel prepared with orange favours to wear within the chapel. The crowd outside the chapel was very great ; an I one of the persons drew a dagger, when be was seized, and attempted to be taken to a police-office, but was rescued, and took refuge in the chapel. During the examination, Mr. M'Crea avowed he had instructed his congregation to come to his chapel with orange ribands on the 1st and 12th of July ; and he said, if his congregation and himself continued to be insulted, he did not see why he would not be acting right to preach with a couple of carbines in the pulpit, and to recommend each member of his congregation to worship God with a musket on one side and a sword at the other. The party accused was liberated on his recogni- zances.