9 JUNE 1866, Page 3

There would almost appear to be some nitroglycerine at the

bottom of the volcano of Hawaii, the Alaimo Loa, which has recently been in eruption. A new crater recently opened near the summit, but the flood of lava found some subterranean outlet, and burst out about half way up in a column of liquid fire 100 feet in diameter, and from 100 to 1,000 feet in height. The column, white at base, blood red above, glowed for twenty days, and was visible 200 miles away. All this while a river of fire ran from it down the mountain side, leaping from rock to rock, burning the forests, and adding indefinitely to the glare of the fiery column, which, with the incessant reveberations heard forty miles off, and the canopy of smoke Which covered "thousands of square miles," formed a scene of terror such as only those who dwell under volcanoes will ever MN