9 MAY 1885, Page 1

The form in which the agreement was stated to the

Houses was a little peculiar. Mr. Gladstone said :—"The British Government agree with the Government of Russia that they do not desire to see gallant officers on either side put upon their trial. For this purpose they are ready to refer to the judgment of the Sovereign of' a friendly State any difference which may be found to exist in regard to the interpretation of the agreement between the two Cabinets of March 16th, with a view to the settlement of the matter in a mode consistent with the honour of both States. The two Governments are prepared, under these circumstances, to resume at once their communications in London on the main points of the line for the delimitation of the Afghan frontier— the details of the line to be examined and traced upon the spot. I may also say, on another point of interest, that the Russian Government have expressed their willingness to consider the question as to the removal of the Russian outposts when the Commissioners meet." It would seem, therefore, that although Russia submits to arbitration, and resumes the settlement of the frontier, she is permitted, pending the agreement, to hold the territories violently seized by General Komaroff. That concession, unless explained, seems to us extreme.