9 MAY 1885, Page 14



LIGHT falls the rain On link and laine,* After the burning day, And the bright scene, Blue, gold, and green,

Is blotted out in gray.

Not so will part The glowing heart With sunny hours gone by : On cliff and hill There lingers still A light that cannot die. Lae a gold crown,

Gorse decks the Down,—

All sapphire lies the sea,— And incense sweet Springs as our feet Tread light the thymy lea.

Fade vizion bright!

Fall rain, fall night !

Forget, gray world, thy green !

For us, nor thee, Can all days be As though this had not been ! F. W. B.

• "Link" and "Leine' are names common among the Suarez Dorm% the former meaning a 'massy ridge, the latter plooghland lying at the foot of the Downs.