9 NOVEMBER 1839, Page 8

It is announced, and dwelt on with great satisfaction in

the India& papers, that the reduced rates of postage r*ommended in the Report of the Post-office Commissioner, formerly referred to, have been sane. tioned with slight modifications, and were to come into operation throughout India from the 1st of October last. The importance of. this reduction will be appreciated and felt by all classes, but to the native part of the community more especially it must prove of' particular benefit.

A most revolting murder took place in the city of Ellichpore. Two little boys of eight or ten years of age, a Musulman and a Hindu, were playing together, when an altercation took place, and the Hindu struck the Musulman upon the head and slightly cut him. This was seen by his mother ; who instantly seized the Hindu boy, dragged him into a secluded garden, where she first tore out the child's eyes with a large needle, and then, assisted by her husband, terminated the existence of her unfortunate victim by thrusting an iron spike up its body. The murderers have been tried, convicted, and sentenced to death.

The Supreme Court at Calcutta have decided that one Hindoo can maintain an action against another for a criminal conversation with his wife.

On the 4th July, the Bank of Bengal declared a dividend of eight per cent. per annum on its past six months' transactions. This Is a falling-off of about two per cent, since its last half-year's dividend; whereas the ITnion Bank was expected to make a dividend, at the next half-yearly meeting, of ten or eleven per cent.