10 APRIL 1841

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An attempt is made by the Government organs to gloss

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over the declining revenue, by sinking all allusion to the additional taxes imposed last year by Mr. BARING. The facts of the case are as follows. Decrease on the year ending...


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BOTH Houses of Parliament have adjourned for a fortnight's holy- days, after two more sittings, employed in disposing of - a few odds BOTH Houses of Parliament have adjourned...

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The news from China, by the overland mail, is of

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a more stirring kind than that of last month ; and indeed more imposing at first sight than the facts warrant. Sir GORDON BREMER had attacked and taken two of the minor forts of...

The great French measure, which has been the occasion of

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so much speculation throughout Europe, the bill for the fortification of Paris, has passed into law: it received the Royal assent on Tuesday. It seemed to run the last stages of...

The news from India is unimportant : comparative tranquillity and

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a little success in the North-western provinces, and continued disorder and intrigue in the Punjab, arc all the incidents of note in the Indian papers.


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Intellig ence has been received from India and China, by the March overland mail from Bombay, announcing what is considered as the ter- mination of the dispute with China. The...

No progress is seen just now in the long-promised settlement

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of the " Eastern question." The latest accounts from Constantinople left the Porte still debating the terms of an arrangement, which could hardly have been evaded or even...

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Drbatrs ant Vrouttrings ill Varliamertt.

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DUTIES IN THE COLONIES. On Monday, the House of Commons, on the motion of Mr. LABOII- CREAK, resolved itself into a Committee of the whole House on the Act 3 and 4 William IV....

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TEO T•ou r t.

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THE Court has conformed to the universal practice in the great world, and left town for the Easter holy days. On Wednesday, at half-past three o'clock, the Queen and Prince...

gbe _Metropolis.

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A correspondent of yesterday's Morning Chronicle announces the rumoured resignation of the Tory Member, Lord Teignmoath- " For same days past a rumour has been in general...

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rite Vrobinces.

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The Ipswich Express says that Sir Thomas Cochrane had determined not to stand again for the borough of Ipswich. As it is every day becoming more apparent, that with our present...

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Lord Ebrington left Dublin Castle on Saturday, on a visit to his father, Earl Fortescue, in Devonshire. The Lord-Lieutenant has consented to be President of the Dublin branch...

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At the ordinary monthly meeting of the Presbytery of Edinburgh, 'on Wednesday week, two lists of representatives for the Presbytery in the General Assembly were proposed; one...


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We understand that his Royal Highness Prince Albert has been appointed Grand Ranger of Windsor Park. Prince Albert has been munificent : he -has given the Nelson Monument...

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The President, New York steam-ship, the delay of whose arrival

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was a source of wonderment and anxiety last week, bad not been heard of at Liverpool up to a late hour yesterday. The Liverpool correspondent of the Times accounts thus for the...

The Times this morning gives a further explanation, from its

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Paris correspondent, of the seizure of papers in charge of the courier em- ployed by the London journals. Lord Palmerston, it is asserted, par- taking of the jealousy...


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SATURDAY. A letter from Alexandria, in the Morning Chronicle, dated 25th March, states that the note signed by the Representatives of the Four Powers, at the conference in...

The Paris papers of Thursday are destitute of news.

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Notwithstanding the broken week, we are unable to find room fin several Letters; which are in type. Among them is one which might seem to claim a place, be , cause it purports...

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A NEW picture was opened at the Diorama on Monday ; the Coronation has given place to an Interior of the Cathedral of Auch, near Toulouse ; the Shrine of the Nativity remaining,...

The Dublin correspondent of today's Morning Chronicle announces a change

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in the prospects of the Antrim election- " The Orange party, who back Mr. Alexander, have succeeded in forcing Mr. M‘Donnell, the Peel - Wellington candidate, to retire from the...

The Queen has been pleased to direct letters-patent to be

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passed under the Great Seal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- land, appointing Admiral the Honourable Sir Robert Stopford, G.C.B , to be Master of her Majesty's...

We are happy to announce that Mr. Macready has become

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the lessee of Drury Lane Theatre. This undertaking, so honourable to Mr. Macready, will be greeted, as it ought to be, by every lover of dramatic literature.—Morning Chronicle.

On Thursday, the election of a Town-Councillor took place at

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Liver- pool, in the room of Mr. Coglan, who died lately. Mr. Coglan was a Whig : a Tory, Mr. Parker, was elected. This gives the Tories a ma- jority of seven in the Council.

The Morning Chronicle of yesterday celebrated the anniversary of Sir

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James Graham's defeated motion on China, by singing the song of triumph upon Captain Elliot's circular reporting progress in the nego- tiations. It rehearses the victories of...

In a review of the deeds of the session, this

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morning, the Times shows that Ministers have exhibited most industry in preparing a huge amount of new patronage. The probable salaries under several bills introduced into the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, THIIREDAV AFTERNOON. The arrival on Monday morning of intelligence from New York to the 19th March, which was confirmatory of the pacific character of the news...

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In Tilnev Street, Lady CAROL , NE TOWNELEL of a daughter. still-lairn. On the 2,1 inst., at Ashbotarti Hall, DerLyshire, the Lady of the Hon. and Rev. CHARLES DUNI/AS. of a...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Yen' and Quarters ended 5th April 1840 and 1841, showing the Increase o Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED APRIL...


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Arrived-At Gravesend. April 5th. Malcolm. Bell. from Bengal; 6th, Vigilant, Walton ; and W. Turner. Reels. from M onitiu•; and 8th. Friends. Small, from Singa- pore. At Des!,...

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A niscossioN took place in the Presbytery of Glasgow, not long ago, respecting an assertion publicly made by a gentleman who advocates a reform of the Poor-laws of Scotland,...


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TRIUMPHANT RESULTS OF THE WHIG POLICY IN CHINA. Tun Dogberries of Government are loud in their self-felicitations about the news by the overland mail. "There is no country in...

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MIMEAL SCIENCE, Mural Philosophy ; or the Duties of Man considered in his individual, social, and domestic capacities. By George Combe Longman and CO. ANTIQUITIES. A Second...


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PERMISSION to open theatres for musical perforntances in " the Holy Week " is something altogether new : whether it be a step towards Popery, Puseyism, or Presbyterianism, we...

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ANCIENT EGYPTIANS. THESE volumes are a continuation, embracing such matter as could not be conveniently included in the author's former series ; and containing the agriculture...

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Da. JAMES JOHNSON is well known as a man of medical acquire- ments and of something still more useful to a physician than even medical science, shrewd common sense. He has also...

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A SUBSCRIBER TO THE SPECTATOR. From the Morning Post, Gth April 1841. "LORD WE. LENNOX'S NEW ROMANCE, COMPTON AUDLEY, Or HANDS NOT DEARTS.= In this new and exciting story we...


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THIS is an important undertaking to biblical scholars, and one deserving of every encouragement. The late SOLOMON BENNETT was " a Hebrew of the Hebrews," profoundly versed in...

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WAR-OFFICE, April 9.-1st or Grenadier Foot Guards-Capt. G. B. Mathew. from half-pay unattached, to be Lieut. and Capt. vice C. H. Nicholson, who exchanges; Lieut. R. H. Glynn to...


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BOOKS. A Second Series of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians; including their Religion, Agriculture, &c.; derived from a comparison of the paintings, sculptures,...


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Tuesday, April 6. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Hickman and Marriott. Catherine Street. newspaper-proprietors-Hickman and Co. Rutland Place, Upper Thames Street, merchants-Booth and...

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CURRENT. BRITISH (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Wedgies. Thurs. Priddy. FU Soturda! NDS. .11,esday. 3 per Cent. Consols 891 89* 891 891 90 Ditto for Account 891 891 891 891...