10 DECEMBER 1859

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THE anxious and apparently protracted discussions that have taken place as to the personal composition of the Paris Congress are indicative of the long preliminary discussions...

A certain strain is put upon international relations in many

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parts of the world, after a fashion which, if we were sanguine, we _might expect to stimulate a decisive improvement in inter- natiStnal jurisdiction. Spain continues her war...

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The Reformers who follow the lead of Mr. Bright have

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made their demonstration, and a very quiet and business-like affair it was. Mr. Bright in the provinces is quite different from Mr. Bright in the House of Commons or the...

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One of the most prominent and efficient men engaged in. forming the City Rifle Brigade is Captain Montague Hicks, formerly of the 41st Regiment, and now Governor of Whitecross...


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A Reform Committee' ' sitting in London held a conference on Wed- nesday at the Guildhall Coffee-house, Mr. William Hargreaves in the chair. Four Members of the House of...

(CR (nut THE QUEEN, the Prince Consort, and their children

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are now at Osborne, in the Isle of Wight. They quitted Windsor Castle at half-past eight on Tuesday morning, and reached Osborne a little after twelve o'clock. Before retiring...

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The Liberal Members for Bridgwater, Colonel Tynte and Mr. A. King. lake, met their constituents on Monday and made speeches to them on home and foreign affairs. The remarks on...

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Fourteen Irish Members, ITItraniontanists and Derbyites, have signed a requisition calling for a public meeting to give an authoritative re- sponse to the pastoral directed...


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It has been stated that the Scotch sequestration question known as the Tobermory case is likely to be carried by appeal to the House of Lords. In this instance a London...

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fraurr.—Tho Emperor and Empress returned to Paris from Com- piegne on Sunday afternoon. Before they left their country retreat the Marquis Antonini, the Neapolitan Minister,...

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As our readers are aware, four Liverpool merchants, Messrs. Shaw, Mellor, Irving, and Blackwell, wrote to the Emperor Napoleon to in- quire whether his intentions to England...

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It is in contemplation to fortify the ports of Algeria,

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and from 12 to 14 millions are to be devoted to the purpose. The Government is said to have fixed on the roadstead of Bugia as the point of concentration for the French...

An action brought in the Court of Exchequer by a

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Mr. Penballow against the Mersey Harbour and Docks Company for damages sustained by a ship belonging to the plaintiff, after being before the Court five days, terminated...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AMINOON. The Funds and all other classes of securities have been in good demand the whole week, and a considerable advance has been established. This is...


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83.TURDAr MORNING. Contrary to the statements from quarters usually well-informed, a Paris correspondent of the Independance of Brussels states that all the letters from Turin...

The half-yearly meeting of the Royal Agricultural Society was held

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yesterday afternoon Colonel Challoner in the chair. Mr. Brandreth Gibbs, acting secretary, read the report; from which we learn that "the Society consists, at the present time,...

Death has deprived us of one of the literary worthies

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of a famous school. Mr. Thomas de Quincey, "the English Opium Eater," died at Edinburgh on Thursday, in his 75th year. Few prose writers of modern times have shown a greater...


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On the 30th of November, at Sandgate. Kent, the Wife of Captain Eteson, A.D.C., Third (the Buffs) Regiment, of a daughter. On the 1st of December, at 16, Gratton Street, the...

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MR. BRIGHT'S BUDGET. WHILE the shipowners are asking for hostile tariffs to enforce Reciprocity upon foreign countries, Mr. Bright is proposing a belligerent budget to relieve...

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J. S. MILL, M.P.

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WHY does not John Stuart Mill enter Parliament? We can imagine strong reasons why he should shrink from that arena of wasteful discussion, but the reasons why he should accept...


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Wno is M. Mocquard? As far as the mere name goes, it is fami- liar enough just now, for it challenges our eye in the newspapers. Every one also knows that M. Mocquard holds a...

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Trru Talookdars of Oude, it is said, looked their satisfaction at the address made to them by Governor-General Canning. Put in brief, the address told them that they were...

IRELAND'S DANGER ENGLAND'S OPPORTUNITY. Wu have been long forewarned of

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the impending assault upon the Irish system of National Education. Before the famous pas- toral was issued in Dublin we heard rumours, having no uncer- tain sound, of the...

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Catholie lattfleere still staunch to a system which they know

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hard for a living." Her temptation, indeed, was not sudden, to have worked well, and which may be styled the sheet-anchor of for she had before, as a servant of the great dealer...

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THE Ftonr ON THE PE1110.—The flotilla had now to cease firing upon the point of assault, lest it should injure friends instead of foes. 1 he ex- citement of the gun-crews may be...


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A CORRESPONDENT in Paris has forwarded to us the following letter embodying some information touching a plan suggested by Mr. Mackay in the Times for increasing the number and....

Itttn to tht

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BRITISH GIIIANA—A. COTTON AND COFFEE FEEL% The Grove, Gravesend, 281h .21rovember, 1&59. San—In your impression of Saturday, I notice that your correspondent at Brixton again...

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MODERN FORTLFICATION. * SIR HOWARD DOUGLAS has modestly described his book as a re- print, and in fact the basis of the first part devoted, to the science of fortification was...


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MIS dissertation is a slightly modified reprint of an Essay to which was accorded a moiety of a prize of 300/. offered by a member of the Bengal Civil Service. The prize was...

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IN the month of March, 18,58, a gentleman who lamented that, while the population of the United Kingdom had more than doubled itself, the Society of Friends numbered fewer...

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NEW NOVELS AND TALES.* NOTICING can be better in its

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kind than Miss Julia Kavanagh's Seven Years; the Other Tales appended to it are not amiss in theirs, but they all bear the same relation to the longer story that precedes them...


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THE HISTORY OF TICE COMMERCIAL CRISIS OF 1857 - 58, by Mr. D. Morier Evans, besides treating its special subject with great fulness of detail, reviews the several panics which...

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LITERARY NEWS, A new poem by the Laureate entitled "

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Sea-Dreams : an Idyll," will enrich the January number of Laureate, _Magazine. Mr. Josiah Allen, of Birmingham, has in the press a fac-simile edition of the Duke of...

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The London managers at last pause in their production of novelties. A meagre little piece of intrigue, brought out at the Lyceum, with the title The Key under the Door - Mat,...


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Le Pere Prodigue, the long-expected comedy of M. Alexandre Dumae Lila, has at last been produced at the Gymnase, and has caused an extra- ordinary sensation. The elderly...

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The Christmas Oratorios have began. Mr. Ilullah gave Elijah on

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Wednesday evening at St. Martin's Hall, which was filled literally to overflowing; and The Messiah was given by the Sacred Harmonic Society last night, at Exeter Hall. An...


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Bankruptcy Annulled.-WiLLIAm IRELAND, Plaistow, victualler. Bankrupts.-Gnonan Tocszn and Co., John Street, Bedford Row, makers of advertising show-boards -- ROBERT GEORGE WERE,...

The third "Popular Concert" at St. James's Hall on Monday

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even- ing, was signalized by the appearance of Miss Arabella Goddard and Mr. Sbns Reeves, neither of whom had been heard for a considerable time. The fair pianist played one of...


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Bankrupts.-Enwsan IlAnms, Folkstone, tailor-MAxxximes Gryamin, Noble Street, City, merchant-Duni:meg WILLIAM TuostAs, Water Lane, Tower Street, City, commission-agent-CA.1111ES...


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Mr. William Chappell's work, Popular Music of the Olden Time, to which we some short time ago called the attention of our readers as being the most valuable contribution to the...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing PtIces.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 9 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Annuities 1885 Bank Stock, 9 per Cent India Stock, 101...

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