10 JULY 1841

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what process—has resulted in the disorder exposed by these ac-

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counts, have the assurance to threaten the new-corners into office with the perils which they must encounter in the endeavour to meet the exigency : the unjust steward counts...

The new page in the history of Canada h wed

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the first touch of the pencil: the new Parliament of iced Province has met. Its first act is calculated to puzzle ians on this side of the water. Under the old division of the...


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_ THE general result of the appeal to the Country is now decided : the organs of the Ministry give up, when they are compelled, the useless dispute as to whether or not the...

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MEMBERS RETURNED. • Pram. Manse. RsTuaszo. Continued from last Week .. 175 ig Anglesea. .W . 0. Stanley 1 - Bedfordshire. Lord Alford, Astell - 2 Berkshire . .5 Palmer....

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Zbe „Metropolis.

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At a meeting of the Court of Aldermen, held on Wednesday, after the new Sheriffs Messrs. Magnay and Rogers were sworn in, Sir Matthew Wood brought up the report of the Committee...

Zbe Qourt.

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Tar news of the Queen of Hanover's death would have imparted a sombre aspect to the Court, had not the exchange of town for country superseded the greater restraints of life at...

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the Vrobintes.

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A dinner was given on Friday to Mr. Matthew Forster, the new Member for Berwick. Lord Howick was among the guests ; and his health having been proposed, he took the occasion to...


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Lord Chancellor Campbell took his seat in the Dublin Court of Chancery, on Friday. "He was not," says Saunders's News Letter, "dressed in the official robes usually worn when a...

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A correspondence has been published between the Duke of Argyll and Sir Robert Peel, respecting the purport of what Sir Robert said to a deputation of the Church of Scotland. He...


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Mr. Labouchere and Mrs. Labouchere have left town for Germany. The Earl of Cardigan was ballotted for as a niernber of the Senior United Service Chib on Tuesday the 6th July....

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" From present appearances it seems probable that the Tories

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will have a small majority ; and it is certain that a small majority will not suffice to carry on Sir Robert Peel's government against the powerful opposition that will be...

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Mr. Shelley has retired from the contest in East Sussex,

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in the midst of the poll ; leaving Mr. Darby and Mr. Fuller, the Tories, to be re- turned without further trouble. The return of the following Members also is announced in town...

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POSTSCRIPT SATURDAY NIGHT. According to the expectation, the majority against Ministers began to grow with the commencement of the County elections. There has been less...

Sir Francis Burdett and Mr. Walter Long were reelected for

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North Wiltshire, without opposition, yesterday. Sir Francis, in returning thanks for the honour, opened a long attack on Ministerial errors, by saying- ' The whole of his public...

" A prating thing, a magpie hight," half M.P. half

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party-scribbler, much addicted to volunteering "solemn warnings" to politicians and journalists who are yet so ungrateful as to undervalue his counsels—a gentleman, according to...

The agitation of the political world is not confined to

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the immediate election ; another general election is kept in view, even within the year. The Whig papers began it, by earnestly exhorting electors to register, which they cannot...

It is impossible at present to give the polls with

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any degree of correct- ness, as there are in some cases three different statements of a poll and no official declaration : but we are preparing an account of all the polls, in...

Letters from Madrid of the 1st instant state that the

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revolt of the garrison at Alhucemas, on the African coast, has been suppressed.

The correspondent of the Morning Chronicle, writing from Constan- tinople

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on the 21st June, says that through the energetic remonstrances of Lord Ponsonby, Baron Sturmer, and " their colleagues," the Porte is about to adopt effective measures to...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAT AFTERNOON. Several mercantile failures have occurred during the week ; but the houses that have become insolvent were of minor importance, and it would...

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Owes or ORDNANCE. July 7.-Royal Regt. of Artillery-Gent. Cadet H. F. Strange to be Sec. Lieut. vice J. Travers. promoted; Gent. Cadet J. Willett to be Sec. Lieut. vice Devereux....


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th July 1840 and 1841, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED JULY...


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Arrived-At Gravesend, July 5th, Brazil Packet. Shiel, from Van Diemen's Land; 8th. Mary Ann, Bolton ; and St. George. Heaton, from Bombay ; and 9th. Chieftain, Clarke, from...

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A raise. by Mr. ROWLAND RILL, in the last number of the London Statistical Journal, shows that the increase on the number of letters conveyed by post since the reduction of...


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Ir will be curious if Lord PALMERSTON'S tenure of office, brief though it evidently must be, shall outlast the boasted arrange- ment of the internal affairs of the Ottoman...


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THE ELECTION. THE party journals keep counting noses as Ole returns are announced. " We have gained twelve on the boroughte" said Ole Tittles one day this week : " only eight,"...

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" 'Bechar is an ass crouching between two burdens." TREY are a patient people the Scotch. It is not easy at this distance to determine whether it is the apathy of contempt or...


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IT is not safe for every one to fight a man at his own weapons. A Guardsman, exchanging his long straight sword for the scimitar, would have a better chance of wounding himself...


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THE Haymarket, though no longer a mart for the fodder of cows, is yet in the " milky way," in an astronomical sense : it embraces a ma- jority of the constellations of the...

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Trrs summer fetes of Vauxhall Gardens are in process of consumma- tion: moreover, their final fate is decreed. The besieging forces, whose munitions of war are bricks and...

A considerable sensation has been created in Boulogne lately, by

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the discovery of a Squeers—a schoolmaster named Debree, who treated his boys with frightful cruelty. He had a beautiful house and grounds at Capelle, a little distance from the...

The Sun newspaper of yesterday had one of its sides

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occupied by a map of all the Railways completed, proposed, and in progress, through- out the kingdom ; the tracks of steam-vessels being also indicated. This map is really a...

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TRAVELS. Hand-Book fol . India and Egypt; comprising the Narrative of a Journey from Cal- cutta to England. by way of the River Ganges, the North-west of Hindustan, the...

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IT was a rule laid down by the older critics, both for art and literature, that you should always ask yourself how your cha- racters may be supposed to have looked or thought...


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A GOOD history of the Low Countries requires a combined ability : for the main subject involves a critical exposition of social, municipal, and political advancement ; whilst...

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Some time since, we stated that the persons intrusted with the dis- posal of the sum granted by Parliament for the purposes of edu- cation had evinced a desire to include vocal...

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THERE are various indications of the political feelings of a people besides elections; and if any doubt could exist as to the aristocratic tendency of the popular mind in this...

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and A. Homer, Cradley, Worcestershire, shoe.makers-Mountford and Cappur, Gloucester Street, surgeons-Bower and Sou. Liverpool. cottou brokers; as far...


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BIRTHS. On the 7th inst.. at Dudley House. the Marchioness of Aiseacoem. of a daughter. On the let inst., in Menlo° Square. Dublin, the Baroness Ds ROBECK, of a son. On the...


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B R I T I 5 8 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account 3 Per Cents. Reduced If per Cents. Reduced New 31 per Cents. Lung Annuities Bank Stock. 7 per cent. India Stock 101...