10 JULY 1847

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WE said that Lord Morpeth would be the death of his own Health of Towns Bill ; and so it proves—but there is more murder to be told first. Indeed, the most remarkable business...

The story of the elections would be dull this week

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but for two small scandals. The story of the elections would be dull this week but for two small scandals. Mr. Grantley Berkeley has denounced the attempted " sale of a county...

The revenue accounts for the year and quarter are most

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satis- factory. On the year there is a considerable increase in all the standing branches of revenue, amlunting to 2,616,8711.; the in- crease in Customs being 1,103,887/. On...

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The Portuguese war is finally concluded. The Junta has agreed

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to the terms recommended by England. In reviewing the progress of the contest, it is quite evident that the superior morals and the superior ability lay with the Junta. While...

111kbates an iproutbings in 41 arlfament.

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PUBLIC BUSINESS. In the House of Commons, on Monday, Lord Joule RUSSELL stated the course which he should pursue with respect to bills before the House. He believed that the...

There is some disposition, because the Pope has henceforth pro-

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hibited unusual public meetings, to begin a reaction against his high fame. This is absurd. The Pope has done more than can thus pass away like a summer cloud. There does seem...

In Spain, the stories against Don Francisco de Paula multiply

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; and are somewhat confirmed by the sudden separation between Queen Isabella and her uncle. The truth of the charges is stoutly denied by some ; others receive the stories as...

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THE Queen held a Court on Saturday, at Buckingham Palace; at which the Duke de Broglie had an audience to present his credentials as Ambas- sador Extraordinary from the King of...

TOE _Metropolis.

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=Hitherto the City Liberals have had all the election talk to themselves. There are now, however, some signs of awakening activity in the Conser- vative camp. Mr. Robert C. L....

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'be tirobintes.

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The installation of Prince Albert as Chancellor of the University of Cambridge commenced on Monday. The Queen's known intention to be present at the ceremony led to unusual...

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The Earl of Clarendon, the new Lord-Lieutenant, landed at Kingstown early on Saturday morning; accompanied by the Countess of Clarendon and family. The Viceregal party went...

Iforeign anti Oolonfal.

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Gsax.unr.—At the sitting of the Germanic Diet, in Frankfort, on the 17th June, a resolution on the incorporation of Cracow was adopted. The Courts of Berlin and Vienna had sent...


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Sectarian feeling has stepped in to mar the efficiency of the Edinburgh Ragged Schools. A public meeting was held in the Music Hall, on Friday week, to consider whether the...

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Speaking of the Queen's journey to Scotland, the Morning Post says— "it is expected that the Royal visit to the North will be made about the 12th of the ensuing month. Her...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. There was a full attendance in the House of Commons yesterday after noon, in consequence of a mysterious notice given by Mr. Spooner that he had some complaint...

The House of Commons sat today for a couple of

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hours, and forwarded several measures. Among others, the Navigation (No. 2) Bill was reported; the Recovery of Public Moneys (Ireland) Bill passed through the Committee; the...

The latest rumour as to the close of the session

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is, that Parliament will be pro- rogsed Thursday the 228 instant. he Law of Marriage Commissioners held their first meeting yesterday, at Gwydir House. A Scotch contemporary...

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Verdi's Lomlardi—no favourite of ours—was added to the " off-night

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" operas of Her Majesty's Theatre on Tuesday; with several changes in the cast of parts. Gardonrs Oronte was the most successful and pleasing. Jenny Lind reappeared on Thursday,...

Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis

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for the week ending on Saturday last— Total (Including unspecified causes) 933 940 The temperature of the thermometer ranged from 100.0 0 in the sun to 44.0° in the shade; the...

Professor Schumacher has communicated to Sir James South, who has

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for- warded the information to the Times, the discovery of a new planet by M. Ilencke. The star is of the ninth magnitude, and lies midway between zeta and gamma ophiuchi.


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The event of the week is the appearance of Rachel; whose supplemen- tary season will, we suppose, become as regular as the annual opening of the French Plays. She is welcomed...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY .AETEBNOON. In the early part of the week the Government securities were rather firmer; an improvement of a quarter per cent being observable upon the...

"The times have been, that when the brains were out

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the man would die "; but a Banquo was found "pour changer tout cela." The Lyceum is at the present time a theatrical Banquo. The brains—to wit, Mr. and Mrs. Keeley—have left it;...

The French Court of Peers began the great trial on

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Thursday, in the Palace of Luxembourg. The Procarear-G6neral stated the case for the prosecution. At the outset, M. Delangle called on the Chancellor to issue his warrant for...

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A " grand evening concert" was given at the Hanover Square Rooms last night, for the benefit of the Gratuitous Italian School, in Greville Street, Hatton Garden. All the...


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The Fall of Babylon was performed last night at Exeter Hall, under the direction of Dr. Spohr himself. The hall was filled by a densely crowded audience; who received the...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and thereof. ended 5th July 1846 and 1847, showing the Increase or Decrease YEARS ENDED 5th JULY...


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THE INSTALLATION. THERE is a danger to Royalty in being subject to incessant ex- hibition. It helps to spoil the taste of the public for grander occasions ' and to overlay...

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NOTHING can be more essentially necessary than the mainten- ance of official authority in our Colonies, where it is demanded to make up in some degree for the inconveniences of...


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IT will be no surprise to our readers that a sweeping social revo- lution should take place in Ireland : they have long since been made aware that this was as inevitable as the...

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TRAVELS, The Lands of the Bible Visited and Described, In an extol:levy Journey undertaken with special reference to the promotion of Biblical Research and the Advancement •...


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one state Government is blundering away at measures of proved uselessness to mitigate the horrors of barbarity on the seabord of Western Africa, a Liverpool merchant and a sea...

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ITARNHAGEN VON ENSE is a German author, soldier, and diplomatist, who was born at Dusseldorf in 1785, and just remembers the outbreak of the French Revolution, and the hopes it...

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THERE are two points which the novelist has to consider in observing and applying nature to the purposes of art. One is, that the nature be of sufficient quality to interest...

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BOOKS. Paddiana; or Scraps and Sketches of Irish Life, Present and Past. By the Author of "A Hot Water Cure." In two volumes. Norman's Bridge; or the Modern Midas. By the...


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RENOVATED in health by his visits to the German spas, and probably feeling a little set up in literary reputation by the praise bestowed on A Hot Water Cure, the author of that...

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THE WESTMINSTER HALL EXHIBITION. ALTHOUGH the collection in Westminster Hall does not comprise mom than a hundred and twenty pictures, it would be impoesible to specify one...

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The Stebon Heath, from Madras to London, arrived at St. Helena 25th May, leaky ; and would discharge preparatory to being hove down. The lone, from Mauritius to London, arrived...


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A series of drawings to commemorate the Queen's visit to Jersey are ex- hibited at Mr. Hogarth's print-shop in the Haymarket. They are executed by M. Le Capelain; and are...


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On the 27th June, the Lady of Edward A.. Holden, Esq., of Aston Hall, Derbyshire, of& son. On the 1st July, at Spondon, Derbyshire, the Hon. Mrs. Drury Holden, of a son. On the...


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Tuesday, July 6. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Greg and Co. Manchester, commission-agents-Ridyard and Leicester, Liverpool, corn-factors ; as far as regards P. Leicester-Brooks and...


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ADMIRALTY. June 26.-The following promotions have this day taken place, come- quent upon the death of Admiral the Hon. Sir 11. Stopford, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., Vice- Admiral of the...

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BRITISH Prices.) Ifowiay.,Twaday. Widow. Thurs. Pride". 17 N D 8. Retard. (Closing S par Cent Consols shut — 861ex.d. S9 gs1 Ditto forAccount 581 east. 881 89 89 ON/...