10 JULY 1852

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A. strong sensation has been excited by the intelligence that

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a court-martial in the South of France has sentenced fifteen persons to be guillotined. As eleven of these are actually in prison, (the rest having been condemned in absence,)...

The Revenue returns for the year and . quarter are an additional

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testimony to the soundness of Sir Robert. Peel's commercial policy. Practically, the revenue is unimpaired in the face of large remis- sions of taxation. It is true that, as...


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IN less than a week we have got half through the work of the general election. . It is only on rare occasions—as when Fox's Martyrs" were scattered to the four winds or when....

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from the strong country they at present occupy, and the

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settle- and thus revolutionize the interior. The settlement of the fron - tier district of the Kat River with Blacks exclusively, has been found by experience to perpetuate the...


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MEMBERS RETURNED. " Ministerialist " and " Non-Ministerialist " respectively—the only simple classifi- [The letters M and N beading the columns of figures in the following list...

A few weeks ago, intelligence was received from America that

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the Democratic party had united in support of one of its candi- dates for the Presidency. It was intimated that the choice had fallen on a gentleman whose general acceptableness...

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tht 3littrupulio.

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The fineness of the weather on Sunday last induced many thousands of persons to snake trips by rail and water, and on the Blackwell Railway at night there was a complete...

cht Court.

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Tan Royal Family retired out of the political turmoil of the Metropolis, to rural Osborne, on Saturday afternoon. In connexion with their recent family loss, they secluded...

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Mr. Macaulay is still persecuted by petty election-piques about his be- haviour and tone of correspondence. Some persons have taken offence at the tone of his letter to Mr....


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The Ulster elections, which on former occasions have not attracted. much attention, are now the object of thought and anxiety throughout Ireland. The Dublin correspondent of the...

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A Provincial Synod of the Roman Catholic Church in England assem- bled at St. Mary's College_, Oscott, on Monday, and formally opened its session on Wednesday. The Morning...

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We believe that her Majesty will visit Ireland in the course of a few days ; returning to Osborne about the 20th instant, whence she will pro- ceed to Balmor— Globe. A letter...

,fintigu anti tutunial.

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FRANCE.—The session of the Senate for the year 1852 was closed by a decree in the ifoniteur of Tuesday, "given at the Palace of St. Cloud," the 5th of July instant. President...

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In the second and third pages of this number the reader will find a list of Members already chosen to serve in the Parliament summoned for the 20th of August. The totals...

The intense heat of the weather, which is so unusual

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as to impart a kind of novelty to the standing subject of English conversation, has been accom- panied, not in the Metropolis, but in different parts of the country, especially...


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The nominations for the following places take place this day, and it is doubtful whether the results of any of them can be announced even in our later edition. • Dumfries...

There was a riot at Wigan on Thursday evening, arising

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out of the exas- peration of the Irish Roman Catholic population in Union Street and Green- hough's Row, through the playing of party music, (the air of "Boyne Water," &c.) by a...


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On the 29th June, at Carlisle, the Wife of the Very Rev. the Dean of Carlisle, of a daughter. On the 30th, at Mytton Hall, Whalley, Lancashire, the Wife of W. C. Yates, Esq., of...

Last night's Gazette contains an order in Council for fixing

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the Militia quotas in each of the counties of England and Wales under the new Mi- litia Act. In the present year, there are to be raised, in Middlesex, ex- clusive of the City...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FEMME ArnearmoN. The English Funds have received a shake, in consequence of the an- nouncement that the surplus revenue for the year ending the 5th April last...

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Signor de Bassini, the new baritone at Her Majesty's Theatre,

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has this week performed Enrico in Maria di Bohan, and Riccardo in the Puritani ; characters belonging to his proper line, which is that of a tragedian. In both of them,...

Louis Spohr, the greatest of living musicians, is at present

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in London ; having once more visited this country, for the purpose of superintending the production of his Faust at the Royal Italian Opera. The Sacred Harmonic Society have...

The most interesting concert of the week has been Mr.

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Hullah's per- formance of choral music at St. Martin's Hall, on Wednesday evening. The pieces were chiefly without accompaniment : several of those which were so sung were of...

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There is little to record with respect to the theatres, beyond the fact that the sudden hot weather keeps people out of them. Mr. Harley's benefit at the Princess's was...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th July 18.51 and 1852, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEA.RS ENDED...

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THOMAS CARLYLE would have a perfect 'light to say that the riots at Stockport prove neither more nor less than the want of go- vernment. We prate about government in its...


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'AMONG the comparatively unobtrusive measures passed by the late Parliament, there were two which will furnish very efficient machinery for checking bribery. One of these is...


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B.ESULTS OF THE ELECTION—IF ANY? So far as the Election has proceeded, it would seem to confirm our anticipation, that the electors intend to create a Parliament repre- senting...

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" I HAVE a vote," cried an elector, entering the committee-room of a candidate, and speaking to the world in general, as the tenor hero of an opera addresses himself to the...


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THE more information is thrown on the subject of the Australian Gold-fields, with its collateral questions, the more difficult is it to comprehend the whole of that complex...


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THE position taken by "the two great parties in the state" of the American Republic must be regarded in a great degree separate from the old questions. Those, for example, who...

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coanEsrorrmarr complains of a grievance, which is not the less " aggravating" because it is little. He alleges, that he has been the temporary tenant of more than one house...

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HARDY'S MEMOIRS OF LORD LANGDALE. * To the world at large, that can know nothing of private circum- stances, the advancement of Lord Langdale seemed a remarkable example of...

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Tins volume deals with the time between the flight of the Pope to Gaeta and the arrival of the advanced guard of the French at Civita Vecchia: its interest is not equal to that...

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Continental fashion Dr. Knox entitles his vo- lume a study. It is rather a mélange of biography, criticism, scientific discovery so far as relates to the forms in which life is...

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EMILIE CARLEE P S WOMAN'S LIFE. * IT is not sufficiently borne in

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mind by translators of fictions, that a few works suffice as a specimen of singular manners or of an individual style. What is an attraction as long as the novelty lasts...


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The Poetical Bemains of William Sidney Walker, formerly Fellow of Trinity Colle g e, Cambrid g e. Edited, with a Memoir of the Author, by the Reverend J. Moultrie, M.A., Rector...

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Etrauingo front ti t Thu Snub.

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The subjects of these Papers may be classified thus-1. Geological and topographical information as to the gold formation ; 2. Regulations and licensing system ; 3. Gold and...

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Tuesday, July 6. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—J. and W. E. Peck, Haverhill, Suffolk, drapers- Lythall and Adney. Birmingham, painters —Strines Printing Company. Stnnes, Derbyshire,...


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WAR•DPFICE, July 6.— 2d Regt. of Life Guards—Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Hon. C. B. Lyon to be Lieut. by purchase, vice the Hon. B. C. Benin , . who retires. 3d Drag. Guards—Paymaster...

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BRITISH FUNDS. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer - Bills, 144....