10 JUNE 1843

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Mr. COBDEN makes way in recruiting the ranks of Corn-law

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Repealers from the agricultural districts ; and this week we have the news of a fresh victory in Bedford. The agriculturists have been doomed to a series of astonishments, not...

Spain is threatened with new disturbances. Malaga has been in

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open insurrection. A petty revolt has been raised in Catalonia. Barcelona has not joined, but has not condemned it ; on the con- trary, has obscurely hinted approbation,...

The Representatives of France have been engaged in the un-

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grateful task of overhauling their accounts ; the Budget of 1844 being the subject of their deliberations. This anticipation of the yearly scheme of expenditure would be a...


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THE state of Ireland has not materially altered during the week ; though, if any change is perceptible it is that the danger appears less imminent, while the extent o f the...

The telegraphic anticipation of the Indian mail last week was

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a very faint and imperfect shadow of the real events. There has been another great battle in Scinde, which Is even more notable than that narrated in the previous accounts,...

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The chief thin g brought by the American steamer is a

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speech delivered by Mr. WEBSTER at Baltimore. MT. WEBSTER is out Of office, and has arrived at one of those turns in life when men revise their opinions, mend them, and put them...

Vlbe ilattropolts.

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The weather on Whit Sunday was but partially unfavourable, and there was almost the usual show of holyday-makers ; but less than the usual show of new white trousers, the summer...

bt frourt.

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THE Queen Ana Prince Albert again for a time sought their quieter abode at Claremont ; whither they repaired on Saturday afternoon, in a carriage and four. The Princess Royal...

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gbt likobintts.

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Mr. Cobden and Mr. Moore, as a deputation from the Anti-Corn- law League, were received at a public meeting in Bedford, on Satur lay ; and the proceedings possess considerable...

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Chief Justice Pennefather is too much indisposed to perform his judicial functions. It is reported that Mr. Patrick Murphy, Q.C., Assistant Barrister for Cavan County, will be...

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goteign Wain.

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SPAIN continues to be in a very unsettled condition. It is said that refugees of all opinions in France are flocking to the towns near the frontier ; and among those who have...


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The Lord Advocate of Scotland is to offer himself for the county of Argyll, in the room of Mr. Campbell of Monzie, who has retired. The Lard Advocate will be elected without...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. Both Houses of Parliament resumed business, after the holydays, last night ; and Royalty engaged their attention. First, the King of Hanover took the oaths in...


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The Queen has signified her gracious pleasure to command a per- formance at Drury Lane Theatre on Monday next, the first state visit since Mr. Macready has been the lessee. A...


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Asarvzo—At Gravesend, 4th June, Medina, James, from Ceylon ; 6th, Mellish, Fawcett, from Chiva; Slit, Port Fleetwood, Vidler, from the Cape ; and Rosalind, Gate, from Calcutta....

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In the House of Lords yesterday morning, a Committee of

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Privi- leges decided unanimously that the claimant of the Tracy Peerage had not made out his case.


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[COMMUNICATED BY A CLERGYMAN.] THE CHRISTIAN'S REASON. 1. The Christian member of society pays his debts, first, because he is ordered to do so in the Bible, where we are told...

Dr. Pusey is accused by Oxford correspondents of the evening

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papers, of disingenuousness; since the charges were communicated to him, privately, by the Vice-Chancellor ; who told him that he was charged with preaching consubstantiation...

The news from Ireland this morning is not important. One

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more Magistrate has been dismissed—Captain Mockler, a discontented Orangeman, turned Repealer I The first Anti-Repeal meeting has been held at Hillsborough; but it was...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The operations of the week have been precisely of the same character of those of the last. The sales have been almost entirely of a...

The Times gives news from Brazils to the 12th April-

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" The marriage of the Prince de Joinville with Donna Francisca, the second sister of the Emperor of Brazil, was already arranged, and would be solemnized on the let May. The...

There was a meeting of the county of Kent on

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Penenden Heath yes- terday, to consider the Canada Corn Bill and the state of agriculture. The High Sheriff took the chair. There were also on the platform, Lord Stanhope, Lord...

Several obscure reports were current yesterday, that a person had

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made an offer to Government to assassinate Mr. O'Connell. Govern- ment obtained a warrant for apprehension of this person, at Bow Street, on Wednesday ; he was arrested at...

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The interest of the French plays is now at its

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acme : Monsieur BouFEE appeared last night, and was welcomed in a way that showed his consummate art was appreciated. He played in Clermont, ou une Femme &Artiste ; and made a...

The frequenters of the Italian Opera were startled on Saturday

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night by the apparition of a stately Spanish damsel, who, shrouded in a black mantilla, emerged from a Moorish archway and performed one of her national dances in the native...

The only novelty at the Haymarket has been a free

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and broad ver- sion, by Mr. M. MORTON, of an equivocal French vaudeville, called The Double - Bedded Room; the fun of which arises from the embarrassment of a runaway wife...

That little snuggery the New Strand Theatre was opened on

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Mon- day, by Mr. MAYWOOD, of Scottish celebrity ; who has redecorated the house in a smart and tasteful style, and selected a nice little company of light comedians, with Mrs....


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THE "patent" monopoly has finished its work : the "legitimate drama," for the support of which the two Great Theatres were endowed with exclusive privileges, has ceased to...

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MANY of the best and most intelligent residents in Ireland ascribe the sudden renewal of vigour in the Repeal agitation, first and above all thirtig, to the Poor-law. The...


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PEEL'S POSITION. CIRCUMSTANCES demand of us another of those occasional inquiries by which we have attempted to mark the steps in the course of parties and the national...

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Benne Governments have successively displayed a mean injustice towards the mercantile public, only exceeded by the general ex- travagance with which they waste the public money....

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NEXT after Nonintrusionism and Repeal, Mesmerism numbers the most fervid votaries. In Paris, we learn from a correspondent of the Morning Herald, there are professional "...

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MR. MACREADY, who has earned no less high a name by his endeavour to revive the decaying national drama, than by his own personal talents as an actor, has failed in his great...

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Gomm-Erni suggests as a safe piece of criticism for would-be con- noisseurs in paintings, "that such and such a picture has great merit, but that the artist would have succeeded...


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THE Government would do well to look after Mr. WILSON. While the life of Queen Vie-roars is spared, there may be little danger to the house of Brunswick; but who can count on...

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Martinis, Diary of the Times of Charles the Second, by the Honourable Henry Sidney, after- wards Earl of Romney ; includiug his Correspondeuce with the Countess of Sutherland,...

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Tins second volume appears with the name of Lord Baouousat as the author, and a dedication to the Queen "by the commands of the Useful Knowledge Society " ; that corporation...

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Mr. STENT was the new grand tour. Starting from Malta, he visited Athens, Alexandria, Cairo, and its adjacent sights, but it was too late in the season to ascend the Nile. With...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, Diary of the Times of Charles the Second,

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by the Honourable Henry Sidney, afterwards .Earl of Romney; including his Correspondence with the Countess of Sunderland, and other distinguished persons at the English Court....

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ANCIENT AND MODERN PICTURES AT THE BRITISH INSTITUTION. THE selection of pictures by the Old Masters and by deceased English painters, at the British Institution, affords...

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Tuesday, June 6. pARTHERSHIFS DisSoLVED. Restall and Morris, Walker's Court, Golden Square. hosiers-Good and Swauston. White Street, Muornelds, plumbers-Stephens and De Bayo,...


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BIRTHS. On the 16th May, at Beacon Hill, Suffolk, the Lady of E. S. Goomr, Esq., of a son and heir. On the 18th, at the Vicarage House, East Ham, Essex, the wife of the Rev....


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WAR.oFFICE, June 9.-6th Reg. Drags.- Cornet E. H. Croker to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice Cox, who retires; S. J. Moreton, Gent, to be Cornet by purchase, vice Croker. 2,1 Reg....

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CURRENT. BRITISH 3 per Cent. Consols ........ Ditto for Account... 3 per Cents. Reduced 31 per Cents Reduced New 39 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock. 7 per cent. Intia...