10 MARCH 1855

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Our Ministers have been more conspicuous out of doors than

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with- in the walls of Parliament. Lord John Russell has been reelected Member for London City, in his absence ; not without hints to him and his chief Lord Palmerston that...

The Plenipotentiaries of the Allied Powers held the first pre-

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liminary conference with th6 Russian Plenipotentiary, Prince Gortschakoff, on Wednesday afternoon • and a very few days will determine the fact, whether or not the Congress is...


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DEATH has changed the occupant of the Russian throne, and Nicholas has given place to Alexander the Second; but the policy of the Czars, it is proclaimed by the new Emperor,...

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litimito and Vturrthingo in Varlinnuut.

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'PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OE THE WEEK. HOUSE or Loans, Monday, March 5. Royal Assent to the Consolidated Fund 3,000,0001. Bill, and the Consolidated Fund 6,000,0001. Bill—Education...

The Colonial world is not free from disturbance. •We may

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say little of the West Indies, again threatened with a revolution and invasion in Cuba, and all the collateral consequences of war be- tween the United States and Spain;...

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The Halifax election took place on Saturday. There was some talk of again bringing forward Major Edwards, a Conservative, who has oftener than once unsuccessfully contested...

44t Court.

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THE Qum; , Prince Albert, and two of the children, accompanied by the Duke of Cambridge, left Buckingham Palace on Saturday morning, and proceeded by railway to Strout Here the...

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The return of Lord John Russell, for the City of London, which took place on Saturday last, was mentioned briefly in our latest edition. The pro- ceedings were remarkable...

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Mr. Keogh was returned for Athlone on Wednesday, without any show of opposition. He was proposed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Elphin, and seconded by Mr. Edward Larkins,...


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Two elections have taken place this week ; for the Montrose Burghs, and for Stirlingshire. Although four candidates had been canvassing for Montrose, only two were nominated on...

furtigu nut( utanial.

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Fitawea.—During his late visit to the North the Emperor Napoleon visited all the camps, but he issued no address to the soldiers. Lord Clarendon arrived from London at Boulogne...

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Some further progress has been made in the filling up of the minor Ministerial posts. Viscount Monck has accepted a Lordship of the Trea- sury. Sir Robert Peel has accepted the...

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SATURDAY. In the House of Lords last night, the Earl of DERBY inquired whether Earl Granville could hold out any expectation as to the probable return. In the House of Lords...


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On the 1st March, in Lowndes Square, the Hon. Mrs. Harris Farquhar, of a daughter. On the 1st, the Wife of Spencer Follett, Esq .Q.C., M.P., of a son. On the 3d, at St....

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The Frankfort correspondent of the Times gives the summary of

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a cir- cular addressed by Austria to her agents in Germany, dated on the 28th February. The object of the despatch is to contend against the proposi- tion of Prussia to the Diet...

The telegraph this morning supplies some interesting information from the

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Continent, and from Australia. The telegraph this morning supplies some interesting information from the Continent, and from Australia. "Berlin , Friday Night.—General Wedel...

Quatro ad Blasit

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We are still following sedulously in the French track—and, be it added, not in the best French track. Otez votre File, 11 vow plait—a thin, lengthy, wiry farce of the Palais...

Can any intelligible explanation be given of the following paragraph'

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which we find in the Chronicle this morning ? Can any intelligible explanation be given of the following paragraph' which we find in the Chronicle this morning ? "Lieutenant...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The rapid improvement in the Funds which occurred last Saturday when the death of the Emperor of Russia was announced, has been suc- ceeded by...

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THE CHANGE OF CZARS. ALEXANDER the Second is reputed to be a " mild" man, and it is assumed by some people that he will be inclined for peace. And what then P The past has...


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Mademoiselle Luther, who so delighted all the habitués of St. James's - in La Joie fait Peur, now reigns supreme at the Theatre au Vaudeville. In a new three-act piece by MM....


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We look around for thee, and thou art not there! With thy last breath, oh thou great enemy ! Thou takest a dreadful glory from the sky. And, in a half remorse, we still stand...

The great Parisian blunder La Crarine has been committed (anew

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at the St. James's Theatre ; where M. Scribe's wearisome work is entitled The Northern Star, as if to give it a sort of identity with his elder bant- ling the libretto of...

The West-end can, however, boast of one great theatrical exhibition

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this week,—namely, the acting of Mrs. Keeley in a farce produced at the Adelphi, with the title .Belty Martin. The character may be briefly de- fined as that of a destructive...

Mr. Mitchell, the Bond Street bookseller and spirited entrepreneur of

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musical entertainments, has set on foot a series of vocal concerts, consist- ing of glees and concerted pieces selected from the works of Sir Henry Bishop. The first was given...

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Acconnima to the latest advices from the Cape of Good Hope, some uneasiness had been created on the border. The Caffre chief Ante was said to have allied with the Fingoes, and...


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IT is easier to prove that an evil exists than to obtain a remedy; for indeed it is logically inevitable that the design of the remedy must be preceded by a clear knowledge of...

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Emperor Nicholas disappeared from the scene, than predictions of his death a re brou g ht forward, not in one case or in two, but in several ; and we believe that there are more...

NOTES AND Q,ITERTES. THE " Memoir addressed to the Emperor

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Napoleon by a General Officer" is an exceedin g ly distinct illustration' of the different workin g of the press and its laws in France and En g land. The " General Officer" was...

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London, 6th March 1856. Sm—As the question of Poor-relief has lately been exciting some notice, perhaps you will permit one who has been practically involved in its diffi-...

• tettro to qt ittitor.

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PROMOTION BY PIIRCIIA.SE IN THE ARMY. Florence, 27th February 1855. Sin—I perceive by your columns that Lord Goderich has on the books of the House of Commons a notice on...


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8th March 1855. Sin—Will you allow me to draw the attention of those of your readers who take an interest in the subject, to what strikes me as a singular over- sight in the...

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SIR GEORGE NICHOLLS ON THE ENGLISH POOR-LAW. * THE English Poor-law is popularly ascribed to the reign of Eliza- beth ; the more legally-informed trace the origin of the law to...

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AND 1830.* THE posthumous memoirs and notes of Baron Muffling are ae- , counted of great authority ; and justly as regards his means of knowledge, for he was employed in...

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NEW NOVELS. * My Life is founded upon the fair writer's

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reminiscences of the character and family of a country clergyman and his parochial management; but she appears to have thought that the delinea- tion merely of his ministerial...


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Boom. Nicholas Ferrar. Two Lives by his Brother John and by Dr. Jebb. Now first edited, with Illustrations, by J. E. B. Mayor, BLA,, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St. John's...

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$iwr 3rtg.

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THE BERNAL COLLECTION. Every novi and then the world of art or vertu is subject to a kind of rage, which is to healthy patronage what fever-heat is to blood-heat. It yields a...


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A new feature at the Crystal Palace—the first we have had occasion to notice for some while—is the commencement of the foundation of a li- brary for the use of visitors, in...

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The bulk of the pictures to be distributed by this society among its subscribers for the present year has been shown during the past week, at the gallery No. 121 Pall Mall, and...


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This anatomical museum, now housed in London for more than three years, is removed, or strictly speaking is still in course of removal, to No. 4 Coventry Street, Piccadilly....


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Wan-onion, March 6.-L-Boxvvr.—Lieut. C. V. Arbuckle, of the Bengal Artillery, to have the local rank of Capt. in Turkey, while employed on a particular service in that country....


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Tuesday, March 6. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—J. T. and T. Pope, Peckham Rye, omnibus-pro- prietors—Jevons and Co. Liverpool, iron-merchants ; as far as regards G. .Teions- Jackson...

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BB I T I S H FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &turd. Monday. Tuesday. Weduee. Thurs. 3 per Cent Consols 931 91 92 93 93 Ditto for Account 93 93 92 5 4 3 per Cents Reduced 93 93 93 NI...