10 MAY 1834

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THE Conservatives obtained a decisive victory in the House of Commons on Monday last. They gained two very material points. THE Conservatives obtained a decisive victory in the...

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New York papers have been received to the 17th instant.

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In that city there had been some fighting between the Jackson and Op- position or Bank parties, at the elections which took place at the beginning of the mom h. Some Irish...

Mcbatr1an Vrarctitingt in Varriamcnt. I. THE PENSION LIST.

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In the House of Commons, on Monday, Mr. HARVEY brought for- ward his motion for a revision of the Pension.list. It was in this form- - That au humble address he presented to his...

The Spanish Ministry are issuing decrees of confiscation against the

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property of the Curlist Clergy, especially in the diocese of Burgos. This mode of proceeding is an indication of the strength which the late quadruple treaty must have given the...

In the French Chamber of Deputies, the Doctrinaires have suf-

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fered a partial defeat. Their estimate for Algiers has been cut down from 400,000 to 150,000 francs ; in other words, the mighty saving of 10,000/. has been effected by the...

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ely Court.

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THE King and Queen spent the first part of the week at Windsor, and returned to St. James's Palace on Wednesday afternoon. His Majesty then held his Levee. Among the company,...

Sir James Searlett applied on Saturday to the Court of

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King's Bench, on behalf of the Comoration of Colchester, for a rule for a erim;11,:l it fonnation egainst Air. Thomas Jefferson Hogg, one of the Co:Tun:dour Collimissiono ; who,...

Ube frictropoItd.

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The Common Council met on Thursday, and after a discussion of some length, agreed to petition Parliament not to puss the bill for the amendment of the Poor-laws. Mr. Richard...

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trbt Country.

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On Monday, Mr. Nicholas William Ridley . Colborne, of Hailing Hall, Norfolk was elected member for Wells, without opposition. The meeting of operatives in Manchester on Monday...

ScoThAN The nomination of the candidates for PerthsWre took place,

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at the County Hall in Perth, on Tuesday the 29th April. Sir George Murray was proposed by Mr. J. Stuart Wortley ; whose speech is only remarkable for the following passage, in...

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The vacancy on the Scottish Bench, occesioned by the death

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of Lord Craigie, will be filled up in due time by the translation of I.ord Advocate Jeffrey. Mr. J. A. Murray will int the new Lord Advo- cate • and as, notwithstanding his...


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Seldom if ever since the termination of the war has the Medway as- sumed a more bustling appearance than at present. Three line cf battle ships lie at Sheerness, in readiness to...

The Committee of the House of Commons, who have reported

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in favour of voting 5000/. to Captain Ross, thus describe the rewards which the other parties engaged in the expedition have received; front which it would seem that none have...

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0. P. Q. has sent us a letter this week

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as usual ; but it contains no stew facts; and the crowded state of our paper renders it convenient for us to reduce the argument of his two columns to one sentence. He describes...

A pungent and stimulating article on the subject of the

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Dissenting thin's for equal justice, " for liberty, true and absolute libeety," ap- peared in the Morning Chronicle of yesterday. The shuffling conduct of Ministers Was very...

All the late proceedings of Government, and especially their crown-

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ing act of the detested Pension.list, shows the sagacity and penetra- tion of Major Cartwright. Being reprimanded by a lady, who knew his sentiments of the Tories, for speaking...

Mr. TENNYSON'S motion for shortening the duration of Parliaments stands

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on the Order-book for next Thursday. There is scarcely a leading man in the Whig Government who is nut pledged to vote for the repeal of the Septennial Act. There is scarcely a...


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STOCK EXCIIAII0F. FRIDAY AIM:R:400N. The plan for the reduction of the 4 per Cents. has at last been made public in the following notice, communicate I to the Stock Exchange on...


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SATURDAY NICHT. A rumour of the alarming illness, and some said the death, of the Duke of SUSSEX, was in circulation about the time our first edition went to press. It was...

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A revere hurricane was experienced at the Mauritius on the 20th January, which caused considerable damai.:o to the shipping in the harhour. Arrived—At lilistol, May 7111,...


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THE WHIGS AND THE PENSION-LIST—A PLAIN STATEMENT OF THE CASE. THE debate on the Pension-list, which terminated in the victory of the Whig Ministers, reinforced by a strong body...


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TO THE EPITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Ste—As I have a case of hardship to state, affeeting the iirterests of a class of men, who, in these %Miss of uncertainty and reductions, have,...

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Ma. STANLEY has made it " his custom always in the afternoon" to indulge his ease, at the expense of good taste and propriety, by lolling on the Treasury bench with his heels...


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MEN of all parties in the Legislature have recently made earnest protestations of their readiness to redress the actual grievances of the Irish. There will be no want of...

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THE managers of this affair begin to discover that it is not a play- thing, with which they can amuse themselves and gratify their own predilections and fancies, but an arduous...


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IN the following extract from a description of a Russian Drosky, in the Sporting Magazine, we perceive a striking analogy to the system of official appointments in vogue in this...


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(Continued.) to mix up with a question of such importance US the pre- sent, appeals to popular prejudices and passions that could do no good.—Ib. 151. Further, as a barter...

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EVERY thing moves in the Philharmonic Society by fits and starts —by impulse and whim, and not according to any well-matured arrangement. Last year pianoforte concertos and...


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AT the concerts of this artist, we are always sure of novelty; not of that sort, however, new without excellence, but of such as we should expect from his sound judgment and...

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The members of the BeIgrave Literary and Scientific Institution met

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on Saturday last ; Earl Fitzwilliam was in the chair. From the Report of the Piovisioeal Committee, it appeared that the foundation of the Society had been laid by voluntaly...


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IN looking - at a system of popular education, the questions which naturally suggest themselves are— Who is taught ? What is taught? How is it taught? As regards Prussia,...


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PENSION LIST. MINORITY WHO VOTED FOR MR. HARVEY'S MOTION. Attw,c,cl. T. Fryer, M. Milli ...I. Ga,kell, P. It a i•ilu Lige, E. T. Go t,n, It, Ilar.iard, E. t ;. Goring, 1;....


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Rep art on the State of Public Instruction In Prussia. By M. Victor Cousin. With PI IIIS Or SehooLhouses. Translated by Sarah At.st'n . H'ilsua. FICTION Rook Nood. A Romance,...

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it OOK W 00 D.

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THE most beautiful, says Sir JOSHUA REYNOLDS, is the most general form. The artist wko would acquire knowledge of beauty, must pass his life in the skilful contemplation of...