10 MAY 1845

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Two curious railway matters have attracted attention in the Commons.

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The promoters of an Irish railway bill had broken the Standing Orders in " a hundred" instances ; yet, at the re- quest of an Irish Member, and with the active concurrence of...


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THE Houses of Parlia.menthave devoted the week before the Whit- sun holydays to odds and ends of a most miscellaneous kind. THE Houses of Parlia.menthave devoted the week before...

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An odd manceuvre has been effected by M. Thiers in

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the French Chamber of Deputies. The laws against the Jesuits have not been enforced for many years ; the 'brotherhood have re- entered the land, spread abroad,- and increased...

The Indian mail has promising news for those who speculate

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on the "consolidation " - of our territory in Hindostan. The Punjaub thrives in anarchy ; and the anarchs seem so well matched, that even revolution and civil war do not lead to...

atbatts anb proceebings in Vadiamtnt.

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AUSTRALIAN WHEAT. In the House of Commons, on Thursday, Mr. Hurr moved- " That this House do resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, for the purpose of considering...

Some "lie like truth " ; and some e converso,

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tell the truth with such a very opposite aspect that no social etiquette or Stretch of charity can fend off suspicion. Mr. Mackenzie, the hew Lord of the Treasury, has been...

In the midst of Mr. O'C,onnelPs fast-and-loose play with his

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gratitude for Maynooth, and his loyal welcome or less loyal warning-off of Queen Victoria, an amusing trick of fast-and-loose has been played upon himself. Mr. O'Connell, with...

There is some rather stirring news from the West. Sir

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Robert Peel's declaration on the Oregon affair had reached the United States ; but, as only three days had elapsed before the departure of the steam-ship for England, we have no...

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Tr be liattropolis. • A Court of Aldermen was held

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on Tuesday, for the despatch of business. 'f h he 'thief subject of discussion was the remarks in the Haase of Lords on the con- lemned sermon in Nenate chapel before the...

In? eLOUTi.

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'Tint Queen held a levee at St..James's Palace on Wednesday. Her Majesty and Prince Albert arrived from Buckingham Palace, in the usual state, by two O'cl oc k ; and were...

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zbe Vrobintes.

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Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, who had vacated his seat for Denbighshire by ac- cepting an honorary office under the Crown, the Stewardship of the Hundreds of Yale and Bromfield, was...


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Alderman Keshan, a Repealer, has been elected Lord Mayor of Dublin for the ensuing civic year. A great " Repeal demonstration" took place at Dundalk, on Thursday lad week, much...

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The election of a Member for Peebles-shire took place on Monday; when Mr. Forbes Mackenzie offered himself for reelection. Some attempts had been made to obtain an opponent of...

.foreign anls Colonial.

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Faitster--Thursday the 1st instant was the King's four de fete, and was ob- served as a close holyday in Paris. The public bodies waited on the Sovereign' with the usual...

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Tuesday's Gazette announeed, among other appointments, those of the Marquis of Bute to be Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland; the Reverend...

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Antrim-At Gravesend, 4th May, Pathfinder, Barton, from China; and George- town, Bell, from Singapore; 7th, Jane Frances, Crosby, roam Hobart Town ; Templar, Brown, from Sydney ;...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A measure which may be said to form an epoch in the history of edu- cation, was introduced by Ministers to the House of Commons last night- constituting an...


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On the 7th January, at sea, the Countess of Limerick, of a son. On the 230 April, at Gibraltar, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Brown, Royal Regi- ment, of a daughter. On the...

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The East India Directors have officially announced that they will

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forthwith send an eminent engineer to India, for the purpose of ascertaining whether it is practicable, considering the thinly-scattered and poor population and difficulties...

The Paris papers of Thursday report, that on the previous

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day the Chamber of Deputies adopted, by 227 to 144, the first article of the Fortifications Bill, grant- ing the credit of 14,130,000 francs for...the requisite materiel. On...

The Lincolnshire Chronicle says, that" Colonel Sibthorp has met with

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so severe an accident that he will not in all probability be able to attend the House of Com- mons for some time. On Saturday last, as he was entering or leaving hie club-...

The Dublin Freeman's Journal of Thursday states on authority, that

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"should a call of the House be ordered, it wilt be disobeyed' by the Members who remain in Ireland.

In a letter to the Manchester Courier, dated on the

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6th instant, Lord Francis 4.e.rton intimates his intention to retire from public life, on account of ill health. The object of his writing is to answer a number of letters which...


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STOCK EXCRA.KCE, FRIDAY KPITENOON, The English Funds were very heavy for the last two days; some speculative sales of minor importance having occurred, and the gloom thus...

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has been superseded in the Governor- ship of New Zealand. The fact was announced by Mr. Hope, Lord Stanley's subordinate, in a characteristic manner. He and Captain Rous and...


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Two "honourable Members " have intimated to their refractory constituents, that, having voted in the first instance in favour of the additional grant to Maynooth, they are now...


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FREE TRADE AT PLAY. IN the Free Trade Bazaar , now open to the public in lieu of stage-plays at Covent Garden Theatre, there is something to re- mind us of the Oriental name...

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Hicrraiy HISTORY, The Conquest of &hide ; with some Introductory Passages in the 'Life of Major.: General Sir Charles James Napier. Dedicated to the British People. By Major-...


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THE idea is piquant of Queen Victoria and her courtiers assuming for one whole evening the dress and deportment of courts so obsolete yet so recent as those of Queen Anne and...

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l'nE author of these volumes entered Spain in 1835, from the French town of Urdoz. He formed part of a caravan of muleteers bound for Zaragoza ; and, arriving at that city, he...

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In stirring adventure, delineation of character, and pleasing or beautiful description of natural objects, the narrative is rather deficient. Com- mander Wilkes has an eminently...

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This poem has exceeded five times the space that Horace fixed upon as the period for poetical retention. In 1792, and lathe twenty-fourth year of his age, Mr. Sharon Turner made...

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From May 24 to May 8th. BOOKS. Tie Conquest of Scinde, with some Introductory Passages in the Life of Major-General Sir Charles James Napier. By Major-General W. F. P. Napier,...

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MORNING OPERA CONCERT. TEE last performance of Le Desert, on Monday morning, terminated, for the present, one of the most seasonable musical speculations of the day, the...


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ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBTTION. A grams at the most noticeable of the fourteen hundred and seventy works of art that fill the rooms of the Royal Academy will best convey to the...

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Tim " stately pleasure-dome" in the Regent's Park is reopened, after a Adosure of many months; during which time it has been converted into a "palace of dainty devices," by the...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, April 16.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—Capt. and Brevet- Joseph Hanwell, to be Lieut.-Col. vice Walcott, retired on full pay ; Sec. Capt. riff Shone to be Capt...


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Tuesday, May 6. PARTNESSHIPS DISSOLVED. Williamson and Co. Pendleton, Lancashire, dyers—Winnan and George, Penzanee, woolstaplers—Reed and Walton, Fetter Lane,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. Solurd. (Cloaing Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. Wedises. ThMs. H•lliagN 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account : 4 1 981 2 986 9Si 9 111 961 99 3 per Cents...