10 NOVEMBER 1832

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THE following document appeared in a Supplement to the Gazette of Tuesday— "At the Court at St. James's, the 6th day of November 1831); present, the King's Most Excellent...

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Inc Court.

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The King and Queen visited Kensington on Saturday, in order to pay their congratulations to the Princess Sophia on her birth-del'. They returned to Windsor in the evening. On...

Some arrests took place lately at Carlsruhe, which have ex-

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cited considerable sensation in Berlin. Their causes and cir- cumstances are touched upon by the German journals with com- mendable obscurity. "It is merely said that a young...

The political news from France, with the exception of the

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dis- cussions or gossip on the subject of the Belgian expedition, has been during the week slight in interest and small in quantity. M. Dormi , t is now finally resolved, will...

The electorate of Hesse is in the fair way to

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the Bankruptcy Court The syraptoraspf insolvency are strong. " The pensioners and eicers of State receive no pay. Nay, even the revenues from the appanages of the Princes of the...

The Pacha of Egypt insists, it seems, on retaining possession

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of Cyprus and Syria; which, as the Sultan enjoyed no more than a nominal superiority over them before, he may consent to with- out trenching much either on his power or dignity.

Not*ithstanding the threats of the besiegers nothing was at- -tenipted

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against Oporto on the 26th October, farther than the throwing of a few Shells and shot into the town, by which some women and children were killed. On Wednesday the 24th, a -...

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be aefetropuTi/.

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Yesterday was Lord Mayor's Day. We were told that it was to be a much finer show than last year ; the same story has been told every year since we were born ; but the heavens...

The Corporation of London has given a donation of 2,000/.

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in aid of the City of London Corporation School, and nearly 1,000/. has been subscribed in addition by members of the Corporation, who have quali- fied as life governors. The...

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A fatal accident occurred in the Westminster Road, near Astley's

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Theatre, on Wednesday evening, in consequence of fire-works being let off in the public road. A man named Valentine, in the service of Mr. Croft, of Brixton Oval, was returning...

At last licensing day, the licence of White Conduit House

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was re- fused ; it has been enjoyed for fifty years. The licence of the Strand Theatre was also refused. An application was made to the Middlesex Magistrates, at the last...

It would appear that the constitution of York Street, Westminster,

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is a rotten one : not only were the houses whose fall, two weeks ago, occasioned so much injury and suffering, in a falling condition long be- fore they fell, but there are...


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Lord Tenterden died on Sunday, at his house in Russell Square. His Lord- ship, when he attended the trial of Mr. Pinney, on Saturday week, appeared to be in the most infirm...

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On Monday evening, the remains of the late Lord Chief

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Justice were placed in a leaden coffin, which was afterwards encased in a sub- stantial one of oak, covered with rich crimson velvet, and adorned with gilt furniture. Anxious to...

Clic Country.

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The Duke of Wellington arrived at Dover on Thursday, at one o'clock, to hold a Harbour Sessions. Most of the neighbouring nobility and gentry in the vicinity attended. The guns...

Sir Thomas Denman kissed hands on Tuesday as Lord Chief

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Justice ; on Wednesday evening he was sworn at the house of Lord Brougham. He had previously undergone the ceremony of being created a Sergeant-at-Law, a rank in the profession...

The Lord Chancellor sat yesterday for the first time since

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the Vacation. With the exception of being rather paler than usual, his Lordship appeared to be in his usual health. Sir James Scarlett obtained on Thursday a rule nisi for a...

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At a meeting of the Dublin Conservative Club on Tuesday last, the Earl of Roden gave notice, on behalf of the Reverend Charles Boyton, of a motion for an address to the King...


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Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. - each. Mr. Henry's Protocol 1 Mr. Osbaldeston's Apuotador 2 Mr. Smith's Zarina a on by tea lengths. Match.—General Grosvenor's Glancus beat Lord...

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We regret to announce the death of Professor Sir John Leslie, who expired on Saturday afternoon, after a very short illness, at his seat of Coates, in Fife. We have not heard...

[Tsxt.]—The Reverend Mr. Coote, in the course of last week,

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took a large party of the military and police to the town land of Our- tavalla, county Limerick, for the purpose of holding a tithe sale. The first thing brought to the hammer...

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BEDFORDSHIRE.—It was lately stated by the Standard, on the autho- rity of a correspondent, that the Duke of Bedford had been endeavour- . ing to coerce his tenants' votes. At...

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BELFAST.—Mr. Shaman Crawford, it is understood, will be one of

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the successful candidates. CARLOW.—The Carlow Morning Post announces that Counsellor Finn, candidate for this town, Mr. O'Connell's brother-in-law, has joined the Conservative...

The Reverend Sydney Smith, to whom rumour had assigned the

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task of preparing the Ministerial Bill for the Reform of the Church, has contradicted the assertion, in a letter addressed to the Globe. " Combeflorny, Taunton, November 4. "...

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Arrived. Off Plymouth, Nov. 8th. Mersey. Sharp, from Java. Sailed. From Giavesend, Nov. 3, Andromache. Gales, for New Sontle_Walos ; and Gilbert Munro, Duff, for Mauritius. 4th....


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Letters from Berlin, dated November 3d, state that the King of Holland had offered to submit the whole of the differences between Mai and MoroLu to the arbitration of the Xing...

The Empress of Russia was safely delivered of a son—or,

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as the journals have it, a Prince—on the 25th October. The world may go sleep ; its welfare is provided for. The Prince is to be called Michael !


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STOCK EXCLIANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. The Money Market has been in a more settled state than could have been expected from the uncertainty which now hangs over the political affairs...


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SIR THOMAS DENMAN. WE believe there are very few men, unless it be here and there a political partisan whose prejudices it has offended, or the syco- phant of a jaundiced...

The Vernon, Castor, Southampton, Rover, and Investigator, ships of war,

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with a French frigate, left the Downs yesterday afternoon, for the North Sea. The Stag, Volage, and Conway, and another English ship of war, together with the French...


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Saturday 112 Monday 211 Tuesday 77 Wednesday 112 Thursday 96 Friday 53 There now remain 440 cases in Great Britain, Deaths. recoveries. 43 85 93 149 32 71 36 64 37 '74 23 75

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WHAT HAS THE MINISTRY DONE? - This question is daily

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asked by the enemies and the friends of the Ministry; and its answers are "wide as the poles asunder." On the one hand, we are told that the Ministers have done all that men...


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"THE Church is in danger," is the cry from one end of the king- dom to the other. And what then ? He must be a very young man indeed, who has not heard this tocsin of alarm...

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THERE has been some complaint, that among the candidates for election to the Reformed Parliament there arc a great many law- yers. The aversion to legal members of Parliament is...


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LADY CAROLINE BARHAM, in crossing Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, on Wednesday last week, was knocked down and run over by a cabriolet. She died on Saturday, of the...


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UNDER this title, in the New Monthly Magazine just published, Mr. BULWER has propagated a scheme for a grand Union of Writers. The Union is improperly named Literary, for its...

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The unfortunate Calvin Edson is no longer a living skeleton.

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Dr. Scudder, of the American Museum, hasreceived information of his death, at his residence in Randolph, Vermont. The mysterious cause of his excessive emaciation has, it is...


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THE great success of Victorine at the Adelphi, last season, has led to the production of another drama of a somewhat similar na- ture. Henriette, which has been brought out this...

A musical piece has been brought out at Covent Garden,

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under the melodramatic title of the Dark Diamond. It is a farrago of nonsense and brigand heroics, without any point of merit, except what is adventitious. The scenery was...

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porraZ Tilc Masque of Anarchy; a Poem. By Percy Bysshe Shelley. Now first published, with a Preface by Leigh Hunt Maxon. Lyric Leaves. By Cornelius Webbe Griffiths. GEOGRAPHY ,...


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THIS poem was originally written on occasion of the Manchester Massacre, in 1819; and was intended for insertion in the Ex- aminer newspaper. Mr. LEIGH HUNT, then the editor of...

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THERE are few writers of the present day we could name, who are in the enjoyment of a more poetical spirit than CORNEL I US WEBBE ; the author, we believe, of a prose volume of...

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SOC IE TY. IT is long since we met with a book so overflowing with interest- ing information as this journal, or rather emporium, of geographi- cal knowledge. The love of...

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We have heard a welcome piece of news—that S'EANMELD has

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been elected an Associate of the Royal Academy. He is every way deserv- ing of this distinction. If the Royal Academy pursue the course they have adopted recently in the...


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AbiONG some very able articles in the new Number of the Foreign Quarterly Review, we observe one which deserves attention for the novelty of its materials. It is a review of...


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THE artists are beginning to muster. Folios are flocking in laden with the golden spoils of autumn. The Conversazioni are commencirtg, which make winter evenings seem so short...


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Tim is a sad mistake ; and one that we fear will do injury to the repu- tation of the British School of Painting, which it was intended to exalt. We never beheld a more...

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"The Minstrel sleeps!" Ode to the memory of Sir WALTER Scow. Written by ROBERT GILFILLAN ; composed by FINLA.Y Dux. There are poetry and feeling in this ode, and there are...