10 OCTOBER 1835

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The Lisbon correspondent of the Times furnishes a list of

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heads for a new commercial treaty between Great Britain and Portugal, of which the following are the principal. " Reciprocal free trade: British subjects may come to, reside,...

The accounts from Spain this week have been very satisfactory.

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After some difficulty and delay, MENDIZABAL has succeeded in completing the following Ministerial arrangements ; which, it will , be seen, differ materially from those announced...


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THE Irish Clergy have sustained a defeat at the very commence- ment of their tithe campaign; and this not in an obscure and lawless village, but in the important town of...

The proceedings in the Registration Courts of the Metropolitan county

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were close d on Thursday. The Tories have succeeded in making good a much larger number of objections to claimants than their opponents; and loud are the preens which they sing,...

The French journals are filled with discussions on the new

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Spanish Ministry. The Liberals hail its formation as an earnest of better days for Spain ; but the semi-official newspapers, especially the Journal des Debate, affect much alarm...

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Intelligence of a disagreeable complexion has been received from Jamaica.

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The Marquis of SLIGO was offended by the address of the House of Assembly in reply to his speech on opening the session, and dissolved the Colonial Parliament on the 10th of...

The Earl of DURHAM has been received at Constantinople with

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'unusual ceremony and respect. He was formally presented to the Sultan on the 11th of September, at the hour declared by the astrologers to be auspicious. The correspondent of...

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be lattropaiti.

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The Common Council met on Thursday ; when Sir Chapman Marshall stated, in allusion to the sudden breaking-up of the Com- mon Hull last week, on the election of the new Lord...

— ebe Court.

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THE King and Queen passed the three first days of the week at Windsor Castle. On Sunday, the Bishop of Wind - ester preached a sermon in com- memoration of the printing of...

After along discussion before Mr. Coventry, on Monday, the names

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of the forty-two Vestrymen of Marylebone were expunged from the list of Middlesex voters, on the grouud of their having been inserted too late ; but permission was reserved to...

The Revising Barristers for the Metropolitan districts continue their daily

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sittings ; but this week there have been but few decisions which require to be noticed in our summary of the proceedings. On Saturday, the name of Mr. Rowcroft, the Tory agent,...

Amongst the Metropolitan improvements that are about to be car-

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ried into execution, that in the immediate vicinity of the General Post-office may be considered one of the greatest that has been effected for some time. All the houses at the...

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In the boroughs of Hertford and St. Alban's, as well

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as in the county, the Tory objections have failed, and the result has been a con- siderable addition to the strength of the Reformers. The Revising Banisters deserve great...

There was a considerable muster of the Liberals of Great

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Yar- mouth, on the 29th ultimo, for the purpose of presenting two silver candelabras, each valued at 2201., to Colonel Anson and Mr. Burn- bold, the late Reform Members for the...

Late on Saturday night or early on Sunday morning, Balham

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Chapel, at Balham Hill, near Clapham, was sacrilegiously entered, and a large number of Bibles, prayer and hymn books, and other ar- ticles stolen therefrom. The thieves...

ebt Country.

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We continue our account of the progress of the registration in the country ; again premising, that the data for arriving at the comparative strength of parties, furnished by the...

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The farmers and agriculturists of Buckinghamshire belonging to the Tory

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party had their annual dinner at Aylesbury, on Saturday last ; Mr. Horwood in the chair. Several routine toasts were drunk, and then the Chairman gave the health of the Marquis...

Lord Wharneliffe and a party of Tories belonging to the

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West Riding of Yorkshire dined together at Penistone yesterday week. Lord Wharncliffe was the chief orator of the company ; and we make a few extracts from his speech, as we...

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A writer in the Ipswich Journal, who signs himself M.

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A. and wishes to pass for a gentleman, attacks the editor of the Sujiblk Chronicle for copying an article from the Spectator, on the Orange plot ; which article he calls "...

Mr. Sheil dined with a party of his constituents at

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Thurles, in Tip- perary, on Michaelmas-day. The healths of the King, the Princess Victoria, and Lord Mulgrave, were received with exceeding favour by the company. Mr. Sheil...

The Scarborough Reform Association, a few days ago, unanimously resolved

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to present an address of thanks to Edward Stillingflett Cayley, Esq., M.P. for the North Riding, in acknowledgment of the very efficient services rendered by him to the cause of...


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A meeting was held in Dublin on Tuesday, at which arrangements were made to invite Mr. O'Connell to a public dinner in that city. It is stated that the requisition for the...

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There is a long, but evidently coloured and partial statement,

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in an Orange journal published in Derry, of some smart proceedings be- tween the Primate and the Bishop of Derry. It would seem by the statement, that the Bishop of Derry...

A moving bog has been lately witnessed on a part

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of Lord O'Neill's estate, in the neighbourhood of Randalstown, on the Ballymena road, and about two and a half miles from the former town. On the 19th ultimo, in the evening,...

A county meeting has been called at Maryborough to adopt

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a con- gratulatory address to the Marquis of Lansdowne, on his arrival in the Queen's County. The Orange Mayor elect for Cork, whose appointment the Lord. Lieutenant and...

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One hundred and seventy electors of Perthshire, supporters of Mr.

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Fox Maule, gave that gentleman a public dinner on the 1st instant, at Blairgowrie. Mr. David Nairne was Chairman, and Lord Duncan, Mr. Robert Steuart, Mr. Chalmers, and other...


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It was mentioned in our second impression last week, that the Com- mission of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland had withdrawn their opposition to the Government...

There was a "Protestant" meeting at Edinburgh on the let

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instant, at which Mr. O'Sullivan figured away as usual, and several of the There was a "Protestant" meeting at Edinburgh on the let instant, at which Mr. O'Sullivan figured away...

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The Opposition papers, a day or two back, sedulously copied

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en ar- ticle from Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle, of the 3d instant, hest e I " Abuse of the Royal Prerogative," and garnished with much %Ha abuse and coarse insinuation against...

It was stated in the Times City article on Wednesday,

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that the West Indian Compensation Commissioners had been exceedingly negligent in the performance of their duties ; that only three claims had been disposed of; and that...

11r. Alexander, the oculist, has lately restored to sight, from

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total blindness in both her eyes, Mrs. Seller of Bath, the sister-in-law of Mr. Campbell the poet. The operation was performed without pain to the patient, and did not last...

Mr. Colin Dunlop, M. P. for Glasgow, has accepted the

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office of Steward of the Chiltern Hundreds. Our readers are aware that Mr. Dunlop announced his intention of doing so immediately after the close of the session of Parliament....

The Gazette of Tuesday contains a proclamation issued under one

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of the provisions of the Municipal Corporation Act, directing that the Bar- risters appointed to determine the boundaries of those wards into which boroughs of large population...

Lord Auckland sailed from Portsmouth on board the Jupiter, Cap-

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tain Grey, for Calcutta, on Thursday week. Viscount Lowther and Mr. William Holmes have departed for the Continent, to join the Marquis of Hertford ; who, after a short sojourn...

Government has resolved to send an Ambassador of the first

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rank to the Hague, where for some time past we have had only a Charge d'Arfiires. Sir E. G. Disbrowe, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister. Plenipotentiary at Stockholm, is about...

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Arrived-None. Sailed-From Gravesend, Oct. 2d, George, Oppenheim, for St. Helena ; and 8th, Marian. Watson, for New South Wales. From Liverpool. 3d, York, Meyer, for Ma- nilla;...

It is stated that there has been an increase in

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the receipts of the The accounts of the Quarter's Revenue will be made up to-night. Excise, Customhouse, anti Post-office departments, as compared with the corresponding quarter...


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Wan-Ovelcs, Oct. 2.-5th Regt. of Dragoon Guards-Lieut. W. Linskill to be Capt. by purchase, vice Beville, who retires; Cornet G. C. Colquitt to be Lieut. by purchase. vice...

The Russian regiments of the line at Kalisch saw with

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dissatisfac- tion that meat had been distributed to the soldiers of the guard, whilst they had only bread and potatoes. The Prussian troops were much better treated ; and it is...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The French newspapers received this morning fully confirm the accounts of the settlement of the Spanish Ministry, and the convoca- tion of the Cortes, for the...


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THE entertainments at the Adelphi have been varied this week by a new farcical burletta, with the promising title of the Mysterious Family; which, by the sheer absurdity of the...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRTDAY AFTERNOON. The demand for money has operated unfavourably upon the price of the Funds, and the Consul Market has been for some days in a depressed state....

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epiniond of nit tOrvill.

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INSIGNIFICANCE OF O'CONNELL. Aloes:mu CHRONICLE — It is amusing enough that the Tory writers have not yet agreed among themselves whether Mr. O'Connell is a man of any Import-...

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THE " FARMER'S FRIENDS " AND THE MALT - TAX. THE Tory candidates at the last election thought themselves won- derfully clever in cheating the farmers with the notion that the...

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FOR some months past the American newspapers have teemed with accounts of outrages committed on the advocates of the abo- lition of slavery, and of meetings in different parts...


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Tim following paragraph is extracted from the Globe of Wed- nesday. e We have little hope that ours, or any views of important madVication ut the structure of the Upper House,...


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Iv is only within a veil- short period that the High Church party has pretended to such a vehement regard for the Bible. Most of our readers can recollect the time when fierce...

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From the Second Report of the Irish Public Instruction Commis-

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sioners, it appears that inquiries of a purely statistical nature have been instituted into 9657 schools ; that there are in Armagh province (ec- clesiastical) 4482 daily...


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TO THE sorrow OF TIIE SPECTATOR. 8th October 1835. Stn—rn your last Sunday's Number you say, that " Every salary at the India Board remains untouched." This is not true: you...

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IT is probable that materials for a complete biography of PICTON do not exist, or, if they did, it is not likely that they could be pro- cured. Many of the officers whom his...


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BIOGRAPHY, Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton, S.:c. including his Cor- respeudence, from Originals iu possession of his Family. By 11. B. Robinson. In 2 cols...

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IT would seem that the race of' schoolmen is not quite extinct ; a fact, for the knowledge of which we are indebted to Lord. BROUGHAM, whose statements and arguments, in his...


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SARAH STICKNLY is favourably known to the public by her Pic- tures If Private Life ; which, both in the first and second series, exhibited a delicacy of perception, a truth of...

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IT has perhaps been said before, but we will risk the repetition, that not only have the juvenile books of the present day greatly improved upon their predecessors, but, taking...

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PICTORIAL PERIODICALS. TnE views in the three last Parts ( V., VI., and VII.) of Boscos's Wanderings through North Wales, are, with a single exception, from the free and sober...