10 OCTOBER 1846

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Bread riots continue in Paris, and signs of distress throughout

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France are increasing. The exact degree of the pressure it is difficult to learn, as most of those who report upon it speak with a bias. The poet-politician, M. de Lamartine, to...


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Tax project of a great meeting in Dublin, for the country gen- tlemen of Ireland to consult upon the dearth and its remedies, appears likely to be realized, though not exactly...

Among the most extraordinary phtenomena exhibited by Italy, the most

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wonderful is recorded in our pages this week. It is proposed to establish an association to promote free trade; and the proposal is thrown out, not in anonymous placards, nor in...

A suggestion is thrown out in various quarters, and supported

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with growing earnestness, that at this time of dearth, even the shrunken corn-duty left by Sir Robert Peel ought to be abolished. The probable operation of that duty is...

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Zbe Alftetropolis.

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The polling at the Guildhall, for the nomination of candidates in the election of a Lord Mayor, terminated on Tuesday. Up to the last day, Alderman Wood nearly maintained his...

TEbe court.

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TEE Royal proceedings of the past week offer no food for the watchful an- nalist. The Queen and Prince Albert have taken exercise when the wea- ther has permitted, and there has...

Tales have been received from the Cape of Good Hope,

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of such kind that, unless they are fabrications, they should make the empire ring with the demand for redress. It is asserted that British subjects engaged as civilians in the...

The fermentation about the Montpensier marriage continues rapidly to subside,

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in London as well as in Paris and Madrid. The idea which we threw out last week touching the "forbidden bans" —that the treaty of Utrecht really has no provision to forbid a...

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ebt Probintts.

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The past week has produced its crop of agricultural assemblies. The Northallerton, the North Staffordshire, the Worcestershire, the South Buckinghamshire, (present the Duke of...

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The rumour mentioned in our Postscript, last week, that certain pro- positions made by the Irish Government had not met with the concurrence of the Premier, and that in...

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,Foreign an Colonial.

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Srarx.—The Duc de Montpensier, accompanied by the Duo d'Aamalis and suite, arrived at Bayonne on the morning of the 1st instant. On the 2d, the Royal cortege entered Spain; on...


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A. meeting for the county of Argyll was held at Inverary, on the 30th of Mat month, to consider the present crisis. The Marquis of Breadalbane, who occupied the chair, urged...

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. It is stated to us, on what we believe

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to be unquestionable authority, that the French Government—or, in other words, his Majesty Louis Phi- lippe—has demanded the surrender of Don Carlos Louis Comte de Mon- temolin...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. The general convention of country gentlemen in Dublin has been aban- doned. The committee 'intrusted with the arrangements for summoning the convention, issued...

-Accounts from Bologna, of the 30th September, show the increasing

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jealousy of Austria against the new ideas in the Papal territory. The Commander-in-chief of the Army of Lombardy had repaired in person to Ferrara, and ordered various works of...

The Globe has an anticipatory sketch of the Revenue Accounts

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for the year and quarter ending on the 10th October; which are said to be more satisfactory than those issued in July. The Customs will show, on the quarter, a larger amount...


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The opening of the two great national theatres, at this time of the year, used to be the commencement of the London winter season. This year there has been only one great...

The French telegraph announces that the Duo de Montpensier and

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the Dde d'Auniale entered Madrid on the 6th instant, and were received " with the utmost enthusiasm." `The French papers have been occupied for the last few days by a fur- ther...

The Scotch papers announce the death of Mr. Gillon of

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Wallhouse, well known as the Liberal Member for the Stirling district of Burghs. :A. strange fraternal dispute has burst upon the public notice. Mr. Gtantley Berkeley has of...

The accounts from Dundrum Bay are disastrous. The Great Britain

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is a wreck: Captain Claxton has stated that the rivets in the ship's bottom started on Monday ; and the continued heavy weather precludes all hope, Two accidents are reported,...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, Fatztay AlTEHNOON. Nothing has transpired during the week calculated to influence the English Funds; consequently there has been little or no fluctuation in the...

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At the Lyceum, a very amusing farce has been produced,

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called Which Mr. Smith? The plot is simple enough, merely turning on the difficulty which an inexperienced rustic finds on coming to look for a Mr. Smith in this vast city,...


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THE CITY ELECTION. THE great principle vindicated by the result of the City election is, that the Chief Magistrate must have paid his bills. This is 'a duty not demanded by the...

We are glad to see that novelties are, at any

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rate, forthcoming at the Haymarket; for, really, matters have been very dull since the opening. Saturday, The Poor Gentleman, Monday, The Steward—this is but heavy recreation....

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THE spirit of the solemn compact entered into by Frederick. William the Fourth with his people has sustained direct violation. The first occasion was when the capital of the "...


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ADMIRAL COCHRANE'S despatches, of which we gave a sum- mary last week, have put us in possession of two points of intel- ligence which are to a certain extent satisfactory....

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WVrHIN the last few years, Shakspere's fame has received its " consecration "—it has been acknowledged by the lawgivers of "le bon goftt "—it has received the sanction of France...


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NATURE OF A REAL POOR-LAW. POVERTY is a misfortune incident to the bulk of every people voluntary pauperism is a social offence—a species of industrial . bankruptcy...

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Bibliotheque des Memoires relatilk it l'Hietoire de France pendant le Dix-huitleme Steele, avec Avant-propos et Notices. Par M. Francois Derriere. Tomes III. et • IV FU771ill...

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IN musing over the tombs and former abodes of men, it is not these sar- cophagi of past existence which excite emotion. The mute earth speaks not; the spirit is fled and the...


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AUGUST WILHELM SCHLEGEL'S popularity was sudden, loud, and short- lived. He occupies a conspicuous place in the literary history of Ger• many during the present century ; and...

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EVERYTHING in this book pleases us better than the quaint and in- appropriate title. The author, we suppose, intended to signify that he has erected a light, picturesque...

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BOOKS. A Poet's Bazaar. From the Danish of Hans Christian Andersen, Author of "The Improvisatore." By Charles Beckwith, Esq. In three volumes. An Antiquarian Ramble in the...

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On the 22d September, at Sa Matson Valetta, Malta, Anne Jane Charlotte Lady - Napier, of a son. On the 24th. at 'Weimar, the Lady of Captain Horrocks, of a son. On the 24th,...


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PARTNEESHIPS DISSOLVED. Lord and Co. Rochdale, cotton-spinners ; as far as regards J. Chappell-Mound& Colliery Company, Stoke-upon-Trent ; as far as regards R. Ray, T. Wynne,...


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WAR.OMICE. Oct 9.-.5th Drag. Guards-Assist-Staff-Surg. W. Arden to be Assist.- Surg. vice AMeek, prom. in 74th Foot. 7th Light Drags.-Cornet W. Babington to be Lteut by purcb....


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Annum-At Gravesend, 5th Oct. John Dalton, Moss, from Bombay. In the Downs, 7th, Breadalbane, Hamilton, from Bengal; and Pauline Houghton, Anwyl, from Mau- ritius; 8th, Persian,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) I per Cent Consols Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock,? per Cent India Stock, 10i Exchequer...