11 AUGUST 1832

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THE discussien . of the Forgery Bill, on Monday, gave rise to a dis- , cevery by Lords' WYNFORD and GREY, Which will, we trust, be duly appreciated.. It seems . that no possible...

The Oporto Liberal jouinals, to the 31st ultimo, have been

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received since our last, and bring with them Don PEDRO'S official statement of the series of engagements, of which we gave, front private and consequently unauthentic sources,...

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' The marriage of King LEOPOLD was to take place

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at Com- piegne, as previously arranged, on the 9th. LEOPOLD arrived there on Tuesday in an open carriage, accompanied by the Royal Dukes of ORLEANS and NEMOURS, the Dukes DE...

A decree of the Prince Governor-General of Warsaw abolishes for

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ever the uniform of the Polish army. Persons who had served in the Polish army, and who had not joined in the insurrection, are to be permitted to assume the Russian uniform....

The French loan of 150,000,000 francs, at 5 . per cent., was

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taken on Wednesday, by Messrs. ROTHSCHILD, DAVILLIERS, &sc., at 98 f. 50 c. The terms were no sooner known on 'Change, than the crip rose to 1 per cent. premium.

Manta aub Prareettingti in parliament.

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1 2. REGISTRATION OF VOTES. On Tuesday., Colonel Evans brought forward a string of resolutions on the subject of the registration of votes ander the Reform Bill. In making his...

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Ent Court.

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We have no act of the Court to record this week, but the Levee, which took place on Wednesday, and which was as thin as the weather required. 'The Royal Family are amusing...

A meeting of electors of IVestminster took place last evening,

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at the Crown and Anchor Tavern ; when a petition to the House of Commons was unanimously agreed to be presented, complaining of the clause limiting the period for payment of the...

Eby flftetroporil.

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A meeting of Germans was held on Monday, at the Crown and Anchor, M order to. express their thanks to the English nation for their sympathy, and to deliberate on the best means...

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A meeting of Marylebone electors took place on Thursday night at the Burton Rooms, Burton Crescent ; when a committee was formed with a view to secure the return of Colonel...

On Wednesday, a little boy named Eade was filially examined,

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at Worship Street, on a charge of robbing his father. It appeared that he had been in the habit of doing so for three years past ; frequently -ran away from home ; and; on the...

trbe Countrp.

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On Tuesday, the Vestry of St. Martin's, Birmingham, with one- dissentient voice, agreed to petition Parliament against the compulsory payment of church-rates. . The resolutions...

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Rah' an 9ultite.

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The purity of the borough of Leominster was the subject of a legal discussion at Oxford on Monday. The action out of which the dis- cussion arose, was to recover from Mr....


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Lord Hutchinson has been appointed Lord Lieutenant of the county Tipperary, in the room of his late uncle, Earl Donoughmore.. Lady Briscoe was arrested on Sunday evening, true...

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CHOLERA. — The following is the report of cases and deaths since

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our last number was published. Cases, 3,185; deaths, 1,282; total re- maining yesterday, 1,404. Thursday and yesterday were intensely hot, and some aggravation of the disorder...


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The reversionary sinecure in the Prerogative Court in Doctors' Com- mons, to which the son of the Speaker will succeed on the death of its present possessors, is of very great...

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From the state in which the Parliamentary business now is,

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it seems probable that the prorogation will take place on Thursday or 'Friday at the farthest. Mr. ELLICE has resigned (in disgust, it is said) his „situation as Se- cretary to...

• The papers respecting Somerville's case were presented by Sir

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J. C. Hobliouse at two o'clock on Friday morning, just as the House was about to adjourn. They were ordered to be printed, on the motion of Mr. Hume. That motion was immediately...


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TO THE rorroz OF THE SPECTATOR. Slit—Tile brief sketch given in your last, of the nature of money, both (mined and paper, and of the laws necessary for its regulation, is...


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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two o'caocx.: A letter from Compiegne, received here from an •offieial personage, states that nearly all the French Ministers , had arrived there,...

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THE REGISTRY. COLONEL EVANS moved last week for returns of the number of persons who had paid their Poor-rates and Assessed Taxes under the Reform Act (that is, previous to the...


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THERE is to be a grand Game at Soldiers to be played at Windsor under the Queen's windows, for the especial edification of the Royal party. The Times assures us that the camp is...


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STOCK ENCIfANOE, FRIDAY EVENINO. COIISOIS closed ott Saturday, as they opened, at 8:11 to Z, truth Exchequer Bills at 13s. tO 16S. prem. Till, report of the Marquis of P.Nt -...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, August 7th, the II. C. S. Winchelsea. Burt. from China: and Barbara, Duun, from the Cape; 8th, Sorry. Kemp. and Jane, liaigrie, from New youth Wales; 9th,...

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"Experience shows, that neither a State nor a Bank ever have bail the unrestricted - power of issuin g paper money without abusing that power ; in all states. therefore, the...


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• IT appears that the various Governments of Germany are sincerely disposed to give every degree of legal force to the decree of the Diet. Already it has been proclaimed in...


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THE Times, with more than its usual prudery, declaims against the shocking and disgusting conduct of a Tory newspaper, in reprint- ing the petition of MARY SMITH, of Stanmore in...

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In replying to our article of last week, the True

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Sun says that we gave an incorrect account of its scheme of a National Bank. We mentioned that we had not read the whole of its speculations on this subject ; and we have no...


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A LITTLE piece at the Haymarket, under this title, is said, in the bills of that theatre, to be received with enthusiastic applause, and to be therefore repeated every evening....

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'THE Opera season has closed; and its manager, like all other can- didates who have endeavoured to win the public favour by pledges, must now be content to have his actions...

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THIS is a pleasant rambling report of the United States ; and contrives, by mixing up gossip and information, to give us a very fair idea of the country. The greatest portion of...

The report of the Committee on Dramatic Literature (drawn up,

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it is said; by Mr. E. L. Bulwer) recommends— .1. That thelprisdiction of the Lord Chamberlain. now confined to the city and liber- ties of WestmilleteFi aud the Royal...


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IT greatly moves our indignation to see the silly slang about "younger sons," in the so-called fashionable novels, creeping into the ideas - and conversation of society. Foolish...


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TRAVELS, A Ramble of Six Thousand Miles through the United States of America. By S. A. Ferrell, Esq FICTION, The Highland Smugglers. By the Author of " Adventures of a...

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MR. FRAZER will add nothing to his fame by the Highland' Smugglers. He was much more at home on Persian ground than he is in his native land of Scotland. Where is the stirring...

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I. Mrs. JAMESON'S Characteristics of Women is a most lady- like performance, and is well calculated to become a great fhvourite with the sex. It is an analysis, "moral,...

THE DOUBLE TRIAL Is a rambling kind of publication, which

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it would not be easy to assign to its true class. It has the outward appearance of a novel, and in many of its details is even romantic ; for ve.) have change- lings, ghosts,...

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AsT exhibition of the works of the Old Masters is talked of as likely to take place at the Gallery of the British Artists, Suffolk Street, in the course of a few months. We wish...


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THE line engraving, by JAMES WATT, of STOTHARD'S picture, "The Procession of the Flitch of Bacon," is just completed, and makes a very bright and pleasing print. This old...


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TIIE Fifteenth Part of TURNER'S England and TVales ' which completes the First Volume, and the Third Number of the Gallery of Portraits, publishing by the Society for the...

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"The Christian's Prayer ;" a Sacred Cantata, by SPOHR. Trans- lated into English VPI.RP by V.riw Ann TAYLOR. A new work of SPOHR; " fitly done into English," is a treasure put...


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FOUND IIERE AND THERE. • LIVE CATTLR.—An old man whom I met soon after leaving Tulli, offered me the fairest of his daughters f or sixty rupees, and seemed eonsiderably moki 7...

" 'Willie brew'd a peek o' maut;" a Glee for

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three voices. By W. SHORE. BURNS'S well-known song is here set (as the words indicate it ought to be) for three voices ; and Mr. SHORE has entered into the spirit of the...


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H. B. delights the Conservatives this week with an idea after their own heart and out of their own head—the King as " Mazeppa," bound on the wild horse of " Reform," which is...


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WAR-OFFICE, August 10.-13th of Foot : J. W. Forbes, Gent., to be Ensign by pur- chase, vice Gishorne, whose appointment has not taken place-24th Foot : Capt. A. Smith, from...

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Tuesrltw, ilk A ripest. PA RTNEas0 I I, nIssof.virn. IlonOts and C rt11■ERTYINIE lu., 01,1 Bond Street, StOeli-llrOkerS-hlf10001E and WINTER. Ron ;spy, I hi anpshire, surgeon,...


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BIRTHS. On the 4th inst., in Whitehall Place, Lady HENRY CHOLMONDELEY, Of a daughter, 'which survired its birth but a few hours. • On the 7th inst., at Tunbridge Wells, the...