11 AUGUST 1838

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WHATEVER interest may belong to the proceedings of Parlia- ment, has this week centered in the House of Lords ; where one subject at least has been debated with ability and...

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Letters dated 21 June have been received from the Cape

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of Good Hope. They mention, that a body of settlers at Natal had marched against the Zoola tribe, to revenge the defeat and death of some of their friends ; but that the savages...

From Spain, there have been rumours of a battle near

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Estella, but no certain intelligence. General ORAA had invested Morella ; CABRERA, at the head of the Carlists, having retired from that place. Another account says that...

There are contradictory accounts from Syria respecting

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the rebellion of the Druses. One statement is that IBRA- HAM PACHA was defeated in the first defiles of Havoran, with the loss of 6,000 or 10,000 men; and that the insurrection...

Paris is very quiet; and the journalists have little to

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discuss, save an application made by the French Government to the Swiss Vorort, now assembled at Lucerne, to expel Prince Louis I3ONAPARTE from the territory of the Confederated...

The Legislature of Jamaica has passed the Negro Emancipation Bill.

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Colonel HENRY LIGHT has been sworn in Governor or British Guiana, as successor to the late Sir JAMES SMYTH.

In some recent elections in the State of New York,

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the Go- vernment, or VAN BUREN party, had been completely defeated. A proclamation by the Governor of Pennsylvania fixed the 13th of August for the resumption of cash payments...

Some additional intelligence has been received from Canada and the

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United States. Lord DURHAM was on a tour through the pro- vinces of Lower and Upper Canada ; everywhere well received. Several addresses, expressive of attachment and respect,...

In the House of Lords, on Tuesday, Lord BROUGHAM moved

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for a copy of the date of Sir Charles Paget's attendance on the Special Council of Canada. On this motion, Lord Brougham proceeded to speak at length respecting the ordinance of...

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tbr Court.

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THE Queen has bad little company at the Palace this week. Among the few honoured with dinner invitations, were the Earl and Counteet of Carlisle, the Duke and Dutchess of...

trbr airtropoTi#.

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on Monday, a good deal of surprise and amusement was created by the presentation of a petition from the merchants and bankers of...

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bc Countrn.

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The great meeting of the working classes of Birmingham, for the adoption of the National Petition, was held on Monday. The metn- bers of the Political Union met at the...

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The Clods and Cocknies, who, in the guise of "

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Surry Yeomanry Cavalry" are licensed to make themselves ridiculous at the public expense, and to disturb the peace of quiet communities in the glorious cause of "order and good...


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The indefatigable Mr. Sharman Crawford has published a reply to Mr. O'Connell's letter on the Irish Bills of the Government. He comments forcibly on Mr. O'Connell's...

The trial of the prisoners engaged in the Canterbury riots

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com- menced at Maidstone on Thursday, before Lord Denman. The first who were put to the bar were William Price and Thomas Meers alias Tyler, charged in the first count of the...

The accounts of the hay harvest are generally unfavourable, in

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con- sequence of the rainy weather ; and the anxiety respecting the grain crops is, from the same cause, much increased. " The iron trade," says the 1Volverhampton Chronicle, "...

The novel experiment of driving a steam-barge from London to

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Oxford, capable of carrying 200 tons, was on Saturday last successfully accomplished.This boat, called the Shell, draws only two feet of water, and is impelled by two...

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The Irish Metropolitan Conservative Society held a meeting on Monday,

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and adopted a petition to the Queen to dismiss Lord Nor- manby. Mr. Wyse, M. P., has accepted the Commissionership of Irish Poor-- laws, salary 2,000/. a year; to reside in...

The Brighton Herald gives this account :of the origin of

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Sir David Scott's abolished pension— "iii the mouth of March 1823, a letter, unsealed, and in which great liber- ties were taken with the character of George the Fourth, was...


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Colonel Abercromby has lately met the electors of Stirlingshire at various places, and explained at considerable length the principal topics that had occupied the attention of...

The following is a detail of the losses sustained by

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the Lower C u nadians since 25th of November 1837, in churches and houses bung and pillaged by the troops and volunteers. In the county of the T wo Mountains, there were...


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It is expected that Parliament Ns i'l be proi ogue I 071 Wednesday or Thursday next, by il e Queen in ',smith They write from Vienna, that the troops which are to appear at th e...

There has been a good deal of conversation in Paris

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respecting the sale of some forged papers, pretending to be important state-docu- ments, by a charlatan named Chaltas, to M. Fabricius, the Dutch Minister ad interini at the...

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The Trinidad Standard of May 23th, attributes the opposition in

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England to the deportation of Hill Coolies to East India speculators, who wish to secure to themselves the market for sugar by preventing the West India planters from obtaining...


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SATURDAY. Ministers have abandoned the defence of the DURHAM ordinances, andsurrendered at discretion to the victorious Lord Baorctiaat ! They submit to annul the ordinances,...

Mademoiselle Taglioni, after having performed for a few evenings at

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Hamburg with her usual success, is gone to Doheran, a watering. place in the Grand Dutchy of Mecklenburg. Mr. Steele, whose admirable bust of the Queen was noticed in the...


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wateorrice, Aug. T. — Brevet — Capt. A. Hume*, of the 21st ltegt. llotubny Nat its. Infantry (employed upon a particular service in Affghanistati;) to hay.. the local rauk of...

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Mucti has been done by stage machinists to give effect to the meta. morphoses of pantomime and the scenic marvels of spectacle : a house becomes a ruin in the twinkling of an...


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STOCK E XCIIANOR, FRIDAY ATTIIRNOON. There has been sonic variation in the pike of Consols this week. They closest on Monday at 934, buyers for Money, and 93; for the Account....

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THE Dutch) , of Cornwall Bill makes over to the proprietors of tin mines about 19,000/, a year ; being the sum paid to the Queen, as Dutchess of Cornwall, for duty on tin. The...


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THE WHIGS AT THEIR WHITE BAIT. alba Majesty's Ministers had their annual fish dinner at Black- icall on Wednesday." And a pleasant evening those great men ed, we doubt...


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OUR masters the Lords have thrown out the Home Secretary's first attempt at legislation for the Prisons of England, by a majo- rity of one. On former occasions we have objected...

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IN a little book which we noticed a fortnight since, it was stated, as the result of a calculation, that a majority of female lunatics in this country is ccmposed of governesses...

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Ma. E. TAYLOR, the Gresham Professor of Music ' has just circu- lated an address to the profession and the public on the expediency of farming a Classical Library of Music in...

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It seems to have been determined that the present season

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at her Majesty's Theatre should be distinguished as "the one without a ballet ; ' and accordingly, Le Diable Beiteus was got up on the spur of the moment to give eclat to the...


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MR. TALrotritn's tragedy, The Athenian Captive, on its first perform- ance at the Haymarket on Saturday last, met with the triumphant reception we predicted for it in our review...

The sceptics that doubt the decline of the drama have

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only toga and witness the melodrama of The Emigrant's :Daughter, at th e The sceptics that doubt the decline of the drama have only toga and witness the melodrama of The...


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TO TI1E E1)1TOIL OF THE SEEt"IATOR. NO.8. George Street, London University, Stli AttgilEt 1938. Sin—I was very much surprised and disconcerted on being informed last night by...

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his enforced leisure during the last few years, to select for publication such of his s peeches as tnay be considered the most important, either from ir s ubjects, their...


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Potertca. Osgroav, speeches of Beery Lord Brougham, upon Questions relating to Public Rights, - m ore, Mid Interests ; with Il m torical Introductrous, and a Critical...

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FAMILIAR as we have become, through the medium of books and prints, with the colossal monuments of Egyptian grandeur and the interesting features of the Holy Land,—countries...

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The .Second Series of Sketches in Prose and Verse, by

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G. H. RICHARDSON, contains some pretty poetry of the Annual genus, and a few pleasing though not very natural tales of a similar kind, with an essay or two on graver matters, as...


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Journal of an Expedition from Sincapore to Japan, by P. PARKER, M.D. This volume contains a plain narrative of a voy- age to Loo Choo and Japan, in a vessel fitted out by...

The Steam - Engine, by HUGO REID, is a very admirable little

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book—scientific, learned, and perfectly lucid, so that with a little attention anybody can understand fully the somewhat complicated matters of which it treats. The volume opens...

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Sartor Resartus ; the Life and Opinions of Herr Teufels-

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driickh. This work, originally begun if not completed in Fraser's Magazine, seems to have been first reprinted in America, where it attracted great attention. It now appears in...


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Crusts in Soak for Chickens to Pick, "by PA," is a little one's reading-book ; consisting throughout of words of one syllable, first of three and then of four letters. It...


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A VISION OF THE WELLINGTON STATUE. ON entering Hyde Park from Stanhope Gate, a day or two ago, a vision of a bronze equestrian statue, on the top of the arch miscalled tri-...

The Hundred-and-Fifth Volume of L AR DNER'S Cycloptedia commences a

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series of Lives of the Literary and Scientific Men of France,—containing, of wits, MONTAIGNE and RABELAIS; dra- matists, CORNEILLE, MOLIERE, and RACI NE ; poets, LA FON- TAINE...

A Fifth Volume of' the learned lueubrations of The Doctor

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will be welcome to the lovers of scholastic trilling, where the value of the sayings is inversely proportioned to the subjects that elicit them. We would back the Doctor at...

Mrs. Mix's Thoughts on the Responsibility of Man, is a

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series of discourses on the parable of the " talents ;" -applying the doctrine to Britons collectively, as well as individually. The public is charged with the responsibility of...

Amongst Serial publications, we may note-

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!. The Tenth and last Volume of' Southey's Poetical Works ; containing "The Poet's Pilgrimage," "The Lay of the Laureate," and the far-famed "Vision of Judgment." The preface...