11 DECEMBER 1852

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The establishment of " the Empire" seems to have given

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the Allied Powers that which Louis Napoleon promised them, a grand policeman to keep down France ; and they have hastened to recog- nize "the Emperor Napoleon" diplomatically,...


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Tire suspense in which the Budget kept the public mind last week has not been terminated by the speech from the Chancellor of the Exchequer, or by the resolutions in which the...

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Friudrs nn Vrntrdings in paltanint.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Bonn op LORDS. Monday, Dec. 6. The Free-trade Policy; Lord Clanricarde's Itesolntion withdrawn, and an Amendment by Lord Harrowby carried nem....

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Of tout.

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THE Queen continues at Osborne ; living very quietly. Her Majesty was revisited on Saturday by the Duke of Brabant and the Count of Flanders. On Tuesday the two Princes and...


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Guildhall was gladdened on Wednesday by the annual civic festivities peculiar to the 9th of November, but deferred this year on account of the death and funeral of the Duke of...

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'1ir Vrnriurro.

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The election for Peterborough took place on Saturday. It was pro- fessedly made a struggle between the independence of the town and the influence of Earl Fitz william. The self...

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fortigu nut( termini,.

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FlaNCE.—The first Foreign Minister to acknowledge the Empire was the Marquis d'Antonini, Ambassador of the King of Naples; who pre- sented his new credentials on the 3d instant....


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The nomination of the Lord-Advocate of Scotland, and of his antago- nist Mr. Roger Smyth, for the borough of Lisburn, took place on Wed- nesday. Both the candidates are...

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The Committee to inquire into the bribery at Derby, and

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to ascertain whether Major Beresford is implicated, has sat this week. Mr. Flewker, Mr. Moss, Mr. Cox of Nottingham, Major Beresford, and Mr. Cox of Derby, had been examined up...

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Telegraphic despatches from Trieste, received yesterday, announce the arrival of

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the East India mail. The Irrawaddy - was no longer navigable ; and General Godwin was on his way for Prome, with the second. division; to advance on Ave by land. The civil list...


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SATURDAY. The Gadget was debated in the House of Commons last night, in more than -one form of discussion. Sir JOHN SHE LEY, who had given notice of an intention to move that...

The Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and the Salford Town-Council, have

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petitioned the House of Commons not to assent to the Budget. Many meetings on the Budget are to be held in the provincial towns next week.


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eit'the 25tti Noveleber, at Dover, the Widow of Brevet Major Henry Griffith, of the Eleventh Madras Native Infantry, (who fell at the capture of Rangoon, on the 12th April...


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Besides several notices of Books end Fine Arts, we are obliged to postpone a Letter from Dublin on American Slavery, and other communications.

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The French Government has offered four prizes to dramatic anthem

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A long or a short piece at the Comedic Franeaise, and a long or a short piece at any other theatre, are to be the works of competition; and whiche ever authors, having achieved...

According to the prophets of the Parisian, journals, the Gdite

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is the theatre which will first be blessed with a dramatic vorsicin of Uncle :Tom's Cabin. The worthy Nigger is already lord of the " feuilletons "—thew, charming homoeopathic...

Verdi's new opera of Luisa Miller came out last Tuesday,

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at the " Theatre Imperiale Italien." As may be supposed from the title, the story is taken from Schiller's 'abate foul Liebe. The principal characters are played by Mademoiselle...

Finnan' Tn - saTRICALS.

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The theatres at Paris have resumed the titles they held during the time of the former Empire. The Grand Opera is called " Academia Imperial° de In Musique" ; the words " Theatre...

(54r 4tattts.

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The manager of Sadler's Wells, with his rigid " legitimate " notions, seems to have been a little puzzled by the new drama of Might and Right, which he brought out on Wednesday...

In the Dublin Commission Court, yesterday, Mr. Kirwan was found

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guilty of the murder of his wife, and sentenced to death by Mr. Justice Crampton. The evidence was circumstantiaL Mr. Kirwan was an artist, living by sketching. He had been...

A correspondent corrects an error in our brief account of

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the Anti-Know- ledge-Tax meeting at Exeter Hall last week. The interruption was not oc- casioned by Mr. Bronterre O'Brien, but by two other person: Mr. O'Brien helped to allay...


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STOCK EYCKILYTOZ..FRIDAY APTERNOON. The English Stock Market has been rather steady during the week, and the variation very trifling. Consols opened and closed on Monday at...

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THE THING THAT LOOMED IN THE FUTURE. Tan Chancellor of the Exchequer is not the first genius by a great many who has learned that it is easier to conjure up the most mar-...

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THE proceedings in the House of Lords on Monday evening could scarcely have been improved had Mr. Planche been expressly en- gaged for the occasion to frame one of his polished...


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SURVEYING the present state of Cabinets old and new, broken up or constructible, the Times foresees the possibility of "a perma- nent coalition, in the shape of a Cabinet...

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IT is by degrees only that the scheme contemplated by the Com- missioners-of the Exhibition of 1861 has come before the public; and, without hastening to a premature judgment...


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Preicars it was not necessary, though it may have been eonveni- entsto communicate officially to Parliament the setting up of " the Empire " in France. But in making such a...

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Ittirto to ts4t attn.

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NEGLECTED CLAIMS OF THE BENEFICED CLERGY. Weston-super-Mare, 6th December 1852. Sim—Allow me, as a subscriber of some twenty-five years past to your able paper, to trespass...


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December 1852. We have made a step, it would seem, in worldly wisdom of late. The Peace Congress and its band are no longer listened to, and the country is really beginning to...


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Ashton, Somerset, 1st December 1852. The Duke of Wellington is laid in his grave, and public opinion pro- nounces the obsequies " not unworthy of the occasion." An event occurs...

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BARTLETT'S PICTURES PROM SICILY.* Wrrn the exception of Greece herself, there is no country whose history or remains would seem entitled to so much consideration as Sicily, or...


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ON THE DEFEAT OF THE " ODIOUS " TRIAD, " VISE, JUST, AND BENEFICENT." We have not in the pillory stood, But strut like honest man; For Palmerston, our genius good, Has brought...

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THIS additional volume to the Life and Letters of the Roman his- torian seems intended to accompany a new edition of that work ; and though under the general superintendence of...

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THE wirrrx mosr or THE HUIICHr. * TEE accidental knowledge of

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what is said to be an "o'er true tale • has given a peculiarity to the motives in this novel, and to the nature of 'the ineattents, which could. not have been produced.from the...

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Orrick or Oinntawca, Dec. 7.—Royal Regt. of Artillery—Brevet Major T. A. Shone to be Lieut.-Col. vice Palmer, retired on half-pay ; sea. Capt. R. H. Crofton to be Capt. vice...


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Boom. My Home in 2dxstnania, during a Residence of Nine Tears. By Mrs. L'harles Meredith. In two volumes. Stamboul, and the Sea of Gems. By the Author of "The Bridal and the...

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Tuesday, December 7. PARTNEEsDIPS DissoLys:D.-Stevens and Co. St. Hilary, Cornwall, dealers in tin ores ; as far as regards M. Hancock-Banks and Co. Westleigh, Lancashire,...


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Friday. I per Cent Consols Ditto for Acoount 3 per Cents Reduced 81 per Cents Long Annuities rani Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 104 per Cent Exchequer Bills, lid. per diem...