11 DECEMBER 1858

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:AfiricorOn rid definifivo*pitt of combats, retreats, or : Military. achievements in India, we have intelligence. not less' in- teresting or stirring. The Queen's.Proclamation...

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Osbonse, 'Whither the y arrived about,10 1 past one. Het, ajegity ,bas walked. and '(I riven in her own dat yt grounds, . The Countess Bine er as arrived tri a 'visit:

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. EXHIBITION 01 7 19,61. The Council of the.Socilety:Of Arts has taken that:rat step towards the realization Of the 'projeeterFexhibition of 1861, 1. 'eAte special meeting they...

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• 'The'Bhainghainl iAsaooiatitmr&vn leaned Mt -whiten* "the Reformean of Great Brittlittra144relarn).' - ' They drunto4,n Limp : ex- tension suf the sultrage, vote hyalitt, .0...

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Mr. Robert Lowe has been on a visit to his constituents; they enter- tained him at dinner one day, and he entertained them with a huge political oration the next. Ire showed...


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" flare been to London,. and may possibly have taken a glimpse at the canvas ; but, whether the Reform Bill, when itegmes out,, will be, a,good likeness of what you expect, and...


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Mr. Milner Gibson attended a public meeting at Ashton-under-Lyne on Tuesday, the Mayor in the chair, for the purpose of setting forth his views. Much of his speech is taken up...

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about them which marks a national agitation. Sheffitidtaopulblio meeting; hold in the , Town; Hali-onldondayi,adr. Williaiia Fisher:1n ,the..ehatir,f adapted rosolutians inT...

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Lord Brougham will preside at the Burns' Centenary Festival in Edin- burgh on the 25th January. As an expression of admiration and grati- tude some of the leading citizens of...


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Some time since a project was set on foot to send an Irish-American Militia regiment, armed, and in uniform, on a visit to Ireland! This as- tonishing project was regarded as...

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liffilIff:—The Emperor and Empress returned to Paris (rein Com- piegne on Sunday. They - Were received at the railway terminus and es- corted home by a strong military guard. As...

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ARMY REFORM. The following important general order was issued on Wednesday by the Horse Guards. It will be found interesting. If these instructions are now required what must...

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1W there w4e " Commemoration of is to ;ay, a

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concert Selected' exclusively from goiTle,g overtures, atid:Oyeral airs and con- )* ifistrumenfal,portion of the per- fonnanoffidwadtg d 5 u' yt4444 AXcitestra being now...

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DEFENCE OF THE COUNTRY. _December 7th, 1858. Sin—Much as I may agree with you in your observations upon our tick- lish relatione with the present Government of France in your...

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Were it not for the announcement of a new and original comedy, by Mr. Bayle Barnard, to be produced at the Haymarket on Monday next, we should expect little variation in the...


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it ,C1-a &rook •-BidiAltitii,-.Fenivi A:pinta:oat.% Ainctit ibuture at len g th preseuts itself Morleyablerketf:iyesterciay„,, the Dank lAirectors 'redticed their rate :4...

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ail9Orfe . , CIP,I, ly d neurea is sgi Ttiele-inietk teri iti . ' e ' kVetitliii 1 °- t - '11.614'11)624 ' vs ., 1 ve - • , 1 , .4n1„ :; J ,. flfilf. .ilor.111 `; - .. - 7 )...

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„ninI5 ous „„„ theipresteen inth of late Vittistry and Of' des the affirmation. V thinka that it must refuse if ciety of Arts for another — Grea,t ; Nations to be held in...

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7rirT tiLir'' a F.1 1 1 TA ggavl, • o a n Al e 9 kt ritiand, PilP 4424' 2f scale tr 9 ,,, the r q p •I , at.o . 4 . S eeii; and if the?, .TP•F, . I 5tMonism F•5 t.tegin...


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Tim Duke of Cambridge seems resolved to try whether it is pos- sible for a nation which tolerates the purchase system to have officers for its Army as good as it ought to have....

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Wrrn the winter comes the old calamity,—a series of deaths,—of preventible deaths—by fire. The mode changes with a changing civilization ; but the anguish and horror recur as...


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A SENSATION has been created in the Theatre Francais by the introduction of an English custom while the perpetual encroach- ment of certain indigenous French customs appears to...

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THE Court Circular announces that" the Honourable A. Smith," and other "Ilononrable " gentleraen from the North American Colonies have had interviews with Sir Edward Bulwer...

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Srlt;111)WAR6 DeaTeLLILS . it* If .A.Via, lat - 'Various - peedictienigitennected with - the

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futitte effects 'of i titesiie neeigation ott navie 'tinders, a greater essential* change we' th • rn le has been assernietl t in the traditions than has really telt:Wei...


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Wz never know the dangers that encompass us. Richter's timid • men slime had an two for all the niceties of symptom. which may indicate surrounding danger. He could collect the...

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Tins volume is a singular example of American love of travel, and the manner in which a resolute determination can overcome diffieulties. Miss Johnson set her heart upon going...

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BOON.A. Selections from the Charges and other Detached Papers of Baron Alderson. With an Introductory Notice of his life by Charles Alderson, M.A., Fellow of AU Soul's,...

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3LE310I11. OF 1.7WIN5,* DIONAS ITwi.vs was one of those men about whom there is not very mush to be said, nor much public - curiosity to hear it, but who yet should' not be...

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(in the 11th !IllIcticb e ij, at Penan g , whittl e r he had g o n e'

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for the restoratien-of his health, Jame s . H e riry Standen, Es q . , li a rriSter-at-Ii4vy Administrator-General of Bo m bay, eldest Son of she late James Esq. , ,...


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To be a hero ' and to be lampooned in words while living, has lon g been the rule: to be a hero, and to be lampooned in marble or bronze when dead, is an invention which En g...


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Pall Mall, Dec. 7.—Infantry-62d Re g t. of Foot—Major-Gen. W. T. Kno ll ys to be Col. vice Lieut.-Gen. T. Li g htfoot, C.13: deceased. Royal .Engineers— Lieut. -Gen. G. G....

Ge:tise4tir October, at Sinilali,.Lieutenant■ Al g ae.fflovelioin Temple, Adjutant Kumaon Battalion, second

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son of the late Sir' Gresinillell'enaple 'Temple, Bart., to 'Mitune,aym i n#est!tdaughter of the: arite Capta.in Freel o sis2k,K.Uowles, 11.M., 3d On the 18th, at Bel g aum,...

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.bolly_assd s .8e.8 ,,, * ,4Pv fikl.tilf._ II/bee tat.) BuIla#04.0f *di cin.,119 Nil* A Ar 4:!tgi,:*10 1 .4 1 6,11 11. 1 0. E. W. Fiske, of a son. 1,.....f, ut cm the . a t i...

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BR ITIS Tr FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Seer Cent Consols Ditto for ;iceboat firer Cents Bodueed New! per Cents Long' Annuities Annuities 180 .Bank Stock,fi per Cent India...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, DECEMBER 7. Bankruptcy Antstalled.-WtuxAm MILLS, Tamworth, watchmaker. Bosiirroots.-IIRIAli NEVILLE, Northampton, boot-maker-Wm./an ELLIS, Hales-...