11 FEBRUARY 1843

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Loan STANHOPE'S movement in the House of Lords, in favour of "the productive classes," promoted from being an amendment on the Address to be a substantive motion, has come to...

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Debatts anb Vroctebings in Varliament.

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THE ANSWER TO THE ADDRESS. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the Earl of LIVERPOOL commu- nicated the following answer from the Queen to the Address- " My Lords—I thank you for...

The overland mail brings intelligence of the actual arrival in

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India of the armies from Afghanistan, with accounts of the some- what theatrical reception given to them by Lord ELLaNnonormi at the head of the Army of Reserve. The papers...

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tb lattropolis.

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A Court of Aldermen was held on Tuesday, for the despatch of business. A report was made from the City Remembrancer, that Lord Brougham had given notice of a motion in the House...

be Oottrt.

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YESTERDAY was the third anniversary of the Queen's marriage ; and it was marked at Windsor by the usual tokens of rejoicing, the ringing of bells and the firing of ordnance. In...

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ebe larobinces.

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The nomination of candidates in the stead of Major, now Lord Vivian, took place at Bodmin on Wednesday. The candidates were Sir Samuel Spry, the old Representative, and Mr....


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We understand that early in the approaching season it is the intention of his Royal Highness 'the Duke De Montpensier, son of the King of - the French, to visit this country ;...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. SATURDAY NIGHT. Mr. LIDDELL introduced into the House of Commons, last night, a bill to prevent personation of voters ; apparently an excellent measure, much...

On the declaration of the poll at Bodmin, on Thursday,

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there ap- peared for Sir Samuel Spry, 165 votes, and for Mr. Sawle, 161.

An anonymous correspondent of this morning's Chronicle announces the death

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of the notorious Richard Carlile. Within the last ten years his opinions had been greatly modified, and in religious matters reversed. He died at his residence in Bouverie...

The desperate alarm of the agriculturists is shown in the

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revival just now of their champion, the Agricultural Advocate and Anti-Free-Trader ; of which two numbers have appeared. Its searching analysis and subtile logic smack of the...

The packet-ship South America brings advices from New York to

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the 20th January ; but little news. The House of Representatives had passed a bill for the unconditional repeal of the Bankrupt-law. The New Orleans Bee of the 4th says that...

Letters from Dublin mention the loss of still another Indiaman

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the Romeo, a fine ship of upwards of 1,000 tons burden, bound from Cal- cutta to Greenock, was driven on shore at Skerries Island, near Bal- briggan, at four o'clock on Tuesday...

Viscount Canterbury's claim to compensation for the destruction of his

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property by the fire at the House of Lords, was the subject of an a :verse decision in the Court of Chancery today ; the Lord Chancellor deciding, on demurrer by the...

It is rumoured that in consequence of indisposition, Sir C.

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B. Vere is about to retire from the representation of East Suffolk. Lord Ren- dlesham is named as his successor.— Chelmsford Chronicle.

The Standard of last night puts in the following concise

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form the pleadings in the case against Lord Ellenborough on account of the Somnath proclamation— "Lord Auckland made an unprovoked and unprofitable war on Afghanistan. " Yes :...

Mr. J. R. M'Cullocb, the eminent political economist, was elected

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a Foreign Associate of the Institute of France, in the department of the Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques, on the 21st January, in the room of M. Simonde de Sismondi,...

is received, and will be inserted—next week if possible ;

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along with ".211: T. B." and" Constant Reader."

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STOCK EXCHANAE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The escape of the French Ministry from the defeat with which they were threatened, although operating to produce an improvement in the prices...


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THE public career of JOHN BRARAM is an incident in the history of his art altogether without a parallel. To have sung so variously, so well, and so long, belongs to himself...

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At the French Plays, Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme was performed on

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Wednesday ; Cannosv personating M. Jourdain with great ability, we are told, and can well believe it : his experience at the Theatre Francais, added to his known talent, qualify...

The programme of the ensuing season of the Italian Opera

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has been just issued by Mr. LUMLEY. The theatre opens the first week in March, with Madame PERSIANI and Signor CONTI, a "tenor serio, " from Lisbon, in Adclia, an opera by...


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..AwovstEn foreign opera done into English was waived at Covent Garden on Wednesday night; the manager selecting one of the French school, in order to exhibit the versatile...

Mr. GREGORY, an amateur actor of some celebrity in private

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thea- tricals, and a leading member of the corps calling themselves the " Shaksperians," is to appear as Hamlet, at Covent Garden, on Malday.

At Drury Lane, opera has taken the place of pantomime

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; and Der Freischutz, got up with potential stage-effects, especially in the incan- tation-scene, has been alternated with La Gazza Ladra ; and the Son- nambula. A new play is...

The announcement of an opera under the title of Red

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Riding-hood, composed by a lady, Mrs. G. A'BECKET, attracted us to the Princess's Theatre on Monday; and, unmindful of the circumstance of its having been performed at the...


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THE STRONG RED LINE. AN inclination has been shown in some quarters to call up the ghost of the North-east Boundary controversy ; and the apparition, like its sister shade in...

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THE delay which is to take place before the trial of M'Nenowrzil will prove useful, not only in softening down the excitement with which the case of this miserable creature has...

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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Paris. 7th February 1843. SIR —The translation which appeared of Lord BROUGHAM'S speech on the first night of...


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SURELY the Poor-law for Scotland might be allowed to remain no party question. In the House of Commons, a few nights ago, the Member for St. Andrews attacked the composition of...

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Tawsis, Doings in Ohms: being the Personal Narrative of an Officer engaged in the late Chinese Expedition, from the Recapture of Chusan in 1841 to the Peace of Nankin in 1842....

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Tins volume, like Lord FRANCIS EGERTON'S Mediterranean Sketches, is an intermingling of poetry and prose, and had its rise in analo- gous circumstances. In 1840-41, Mrs....

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UPON the explosion at the St. Hilda pit, in June 1839, with a fearful loss of life, a Committee of gentlemen connected with South Shields was appointed to investigate the causes...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, From February 3d to February 9th.

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BOOKS. Pleasant Memories of Pleasant Lands. By Mrs. L. H. SIGOURNEY. With six illustrations from drawings by D. ROBERTS, J. M. W. TURNER, T. CHESWICK, &C. The Works of William...

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MODERN PICTURES AT THE BRITISH INSTITUTION. THIS exhibition, as usual, is rich in rejected works ; no fewer than four hundred and sixty pictures—a number greater than the...

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The Larkius, Hibbert, from China to London, is on shore near Margate; cargo dis- charging. The Romeo, Pollock, from Calcutta to Clyde, is on shore on St. Patrick's Island, off...


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BIRTHS. On the 27th January, at Brighton, the Hon. Mrs. Bovex, of a daughter. On the 30th, at Cowes. the Lady of WILLIAM STUART DAY, Esq., of a sou. On the ad February. in...

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BRITISH Saturday FUNDS. Monday. (Closing Tuesday. Prices.) Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent. Consols 941 94* 94% 94* 941 941 Ditto for Account 941 941 941 941 941...


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Tuesday, Feb. 7. PARTNERsHIPS DISSOLVED. Barrow and Hawkesworth. Durkin-upon-Trent, surgeons-Bourne and Steel, Great Newport Street, Leicester Square, glass-dealers-M. and J....


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WAR-OFFICX. Feb. 10.-3d Regt. Dragoon Guards-Lieut. F. Watt to be Capt. by purchase, vice Spicer, who retires; Cornet E. Bagwell to be Lieut. by purchase. vice Watt; R. Croker,...