11 FEBRUARY 1944

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OPECULATIONS regarding the precise significance of the con-

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NEWS OF THE WEEK stitutional changes in Russia announced last week are to some extent satisfied by examination of the full text of M. Molotov's address, which makes it clear...

Ambiguous Turkey

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Recent news from Turkey is not satisfactory. That country's attitude as an ally has always provoked a little perplexity, for Turkey has been receiving large deliveries both of...

Britain and the French Committee

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer announced on Tuesday that two agreements had been signed between the French Committee of National Liberation and the British Government, one...

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American Oil in the Middle East

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The decision of the United States Government, announced by the Secretary of the Interior, Mr. Harold Ickes, to construct an oil pipe-line from the Persian Gulf refineries to the...

Back to Employment

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Though the second reading of the Reinstatement in Civil Em- ployment Bill was carried in the House of Commons without a division, the measure evoked no conspicuous enthusiasm....

Latin American Friendship

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The elevation of the British Legations at Mexico City and Lima to the rank of Embassies, with the prospect of similar action being taken in one or two other Latin American...

Short-term Housing

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The Minister of Works, Lord Portal, made a reassuring statement on Tuesday about that side of the housing problem with which his department is concerned. Its most striking...

Mr. Butler's Bill

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The opening of the Committee stage of the Education Bill in the House of Commons, on Tuesday, revealed the interest which the House generally takes in this vitally important...

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T HE Brighton by-election is to be followed by contests in West Derbyshire and at Bury St. Edmunds ; but the political restiveness which comes to light in these skirmishes has...

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I N reprinting a letter cabled to The Times from Moscow by the commanders of the Lithuanian and Estonian Divisions in the Red Army The Daily Worker describes the document as...

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By STRATEGICUS TN Washington and in Italy there have been comments on the Nettuno beach-head that wear the appearance of authority. It was perhaps high time, since no one can...

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By BASIL WRIGHT I T is perhaps a commonplace to remark that the people of Britain are, in general, remarkably ill-informed about their fellow- members of the British...

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By E. TABORSKY O NE can hardly imagine a more impressive picture of utter destruction than the centre of Stalingrad (where King George's Sword of Honour has just arrived). Not...

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By J. R. GLORNEY BOLTON The limits which Bishop Chavasse and Bishop Gorton imposed upon their Cathedral-builder are curious ; but Sir Christopher Wren would have accepted them...

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ACROSS the meadow and the stream, The phantom of a winter's dream, Her raiment shining and her face A star within the moon's embrace, She floated on the night's deep glance As...


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By C. S. LEWIS G REAT changes in the life of a nation often pass unnoticed. Probably few are aware that the serious study of English at English Universities is likely to become...

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By HAROLD NICOLSON T SELDOM listen to Radin,Paris, since of all enemy transmissions I it is the one which fills me with the deepest disgust. It is intoler- able that the French...

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A Soldier for Christmas." At Wyndham's.

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THE THEATRE AS far as I know this is Mr. Reginald Beckwith's first play in the West End, although his name is not unknown to discriminating theatre-goers as the author of some...


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AMONG the January and February new recordings the most important in scope is Arnold Bax's Third Symphony in twelve parts played by the Halle Orchestra conducted by John...

"Phantom of the Opera." At the Odeon.

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THE CINEMA THE horror film has always seemed to me a dubious form of enter- tainment. It can boast a respectable origin in Grand Guignol hitt the limitations of the stage...

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Sitt,—The article by V. S. Swaminathan which you published last week gives a usefur summary of many of the proposals for Germany's technical disarmament. The suggestions put...


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find myself agreeing with most, perhaps with all of the corre- spondents who have commented on my article on American aspects of the Russo-Polish dispute.! For instance, I...

MARRIAGE GUIDANCE SIR, —Dr. Edward Griffith's article on this subject is

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most timely. From long experience in advising women before and after marriage! can testify to the alarming increase in unsuccessful marriages in recent years. War ,\ conditions...

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Sia,—Of the Brighton election (but before polling) " Janus " writes: "Personally, I find his (the Prime Minister's) argument convincing . . . And I can understand the Prime...


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have read with great interest the controversy that has been going on for the last three weeks between ex-Presidents of the O.U. Conserva- tive Association and the O.U. Liberal...


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SIR, — In her article entitled "The Birch and the Child," in your issue of January 28th, Miss Phyllis Bottome sets out to prove that judicial whipping is an undesirable form of...

Sia,—While warmly advocating all the suggestions in Dr. E. F.

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Griffith's article (in The Spectator, February and, 1944), may I draw attention to one very important point?—i.e., those women who are to be trained in sex education. During...

Sul,—Those of your readers—amongst whom I number myself—who have never

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had the exquisite experience of presiding over any political organi- sation at Oxford University, must be getting alarmed by now at the facility with which former office-holders...

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Sut,—Our two little girls aged seven and five are at present at a private school in the neighbourhood. Since we feel that they should learn to mix with all people and get a...


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Sia,—The trouble about " Janus " is that he has an uncanny faculty for interpreting what is in the minds of many people, and, if the B.B.C. want an insight on what the average...


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Sut,—Mr. Bowater seems irrationally violent and wholesale in his attack on the five minutes "prior to" (I take it this means before) the 8 a.m. news. I do not often hear this...


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ON February 1st I counted exactly twenty-two blossoms of Iris Stylo4 fully open on three plants. The fragrant guelder (which has one centre flower) is in full leaf. Both this...

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Education in War-Time Education in Transition. By H. C. Dent. (Kegan Paul. rzs. 6d.) MR. H. C. DENT is the editor of The Times Educational Supple- ment, and in this volume he...

Safeguarding the New Forest

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Nature Conservation and Nature Reserves. (British Ecological Society. Cambridge University Press. Is. 6d.) TOPOGRAPHICAL baoks, compounded on what Dr. Kenchington calls the...

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R.A.M.C. By Anthony Cotterell. (Hutchinson. (0.) PROBABLY the main medical difference between the South Afri war and that of 1914-18 was the enormous reduction in the inciden of...

Armies and Revolutions

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Armies and the Art of Reyolution. By Katharine Chorley. (Faber and Faber. 125. 6d.) MRS. CHORLEY is to be congratulated not only on her courage in beginning the studies which...

The Old Story

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Can We Afford It? By Oscar Hobson. (King and Staples. 55.) This commentary runs from mid-1942 to mid-i943 and . consists mainly of articles which appeared in the News Chronicle...

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Winter Quarters. By Pamela Hansford Johnson. (Collins. 8s. 6d.) Tranquillity. By Winifred Peck. (Faber and Faber. 7s. 6d.) Ridiculous Dictator. By Marjorie Coryn. (Constable....

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THE SPECTATOR" CROSSWORD No. 257 IA Book Token for one

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guinea will be awarded to the sender of the firs( correct q-lution of this week's crossword ,to be opened after noon on Tuesday week, bibruary 22nd. Envelopes should be received...


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SOLUTION ON FEBRUARY 25th The winner of Crossword No. 255 is J. H. LEWIS, Campbell College, Portrush, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland..

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By CUSTOS CLOSE on the heels of the Dorman Loog and Joshua Hoyle schemes of capital rearrangement comes a still more ambitious set of pro- posals from the Powell Duffryn group...

The Journey to Work. By K. Liepmann, Ph.D. (Kegan Paul.

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15s.) THE chief value of this study is that it reveals the lack of data on one very important factor in the health and happiness of the workers of the nation. Do workers prefer...

The International Who's Who, 1943-44. (Allen and Unwin. 84$.)

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THE new International Who's Who contains 1,012 Pages, as against last year's 94! pages. As a number of names are removed annually on account of deaths, this means a considerable...

Shorter Notices THIS slim volume, it is explained, is only

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a summary of the plan to which Mr. Culbertson, abjuring the profitable attractions of Contract Bridge, has been devoting all his attention. Whether ex- amination of the summary...