11 JANUARY 1845

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THE Revenue-returns for the year and quarter present an un- usually satisfactory aspect. There is an increase on both year and quarter, under almost all the heads. On the year,...

Never in the history of Ireland did her popular leaders

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expose themselves in more wanton and hurtful efforts to foster violence and dissension in that distracted country. It is the fault of past rulers that has enabled such men to be...

There is a great newspaper hubbub about the it Ministerial

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crisis" in France ; which is prolonged, at least in the imagination of journalists, though the "facts" are none of the clearest. " In- trigues," " coalitions," and the like, are...

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gbe atletropolis.

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peal of the Malt-tax does net seem to prosper. The Protection of Agriculture have declared their opi- s inexpedient ; inasmuch as it involves an aggressive at the formation of...

be court.

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AGAIN there is little to record at Court; though Windsor Castle has been enlivened by a more numerous influx of visitors, most of whom have staid some days. The list comprises...

The intelligence which has just come from New Zealand is

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pre- cisely such as was expected from the manner in which the Local Government behaved after the Wairau massacre : the Natives have again been attacking the settlers, and, if...

The Argentine Republic " attracts unwonted notice, since it is

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the obiect of intervention. The Spanish races who colonized Central America have neglected to improve the resources of the region, in order to indulge perpetual wars....

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Zbr Probirtres.

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The Exeter correspondence goes on. Dr. Phillpotts has written to the Reverend Dr. Edward Hawkins, Provost of Oriel College at Oxford ; who, it will be remembered, vindicated the...

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The Dublin correspondent of the Morning Chronicle has learned from an unquestionable source that Ministers have determined to increase the grant to Maynooth College- " A...

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A vacancy in the representation of the Elgin district of burghs, by the retirement of the present Member, Sir Andrew Leith Hay, being antici- pated, requisitions have been got...

fforeign antr FRANCE.—The debates on the address had not begun

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on Tuesday, in either Chamber. The Cominittee of the Deputies had examined four Mi- nisters, but were understood to have made little way. On that day, Count Portalis read the...

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The paragraph in our last Postscript respecting the condition of Sir Charles Metcalfe, has naturally caused much pain, and has drawn forth the two letters to the Times which we...


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AMID-ED—At Gravesend, 6th inst. Helvellyn, Tullidge, ffeM Singapore ; Jessie, Mal- colm, from Ceylon ; and Inchinnan, Batten, from Bombay ; 7th, Orleana, Cameron ; China,...

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' SATURDAY NIGITT. . The Dublin correspondents of the London papers forward a portion of - Mr. O'Connell's promised letter on the Charitable Bequests Act. It was obtained...

Last night, the Globe newspaper-office was placed in great danger

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by a fire at the shop of M. Sayer, a French boot-maker, next door. The whole neighbourhood was alarmed; but, after having destroyed the house in which it broke out, damaged the...

General Espartero has recovered from his late indisposition, and has

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re- sumed walking exercise. • The Oriental Club entertained Sir Henry Potting,er at dinner yesterday, at their house in Hanover Square. Lord Auckland was in the chair. The...

Last night's Gazette contains this announcement, dated "Downing Street, Jan.

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10"—" The Queen has been pleased to appoint Major Matthew Richmond to be Superintendent of the Southern Division of the Colony of New Zealand."

The Paris papers of Thursday arc filled with rumours about

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the " Mi- nisterial crisis." T hey discredit an apocryphal story that M. Guizot had. had an interview with the King and demanded that Louis Philippe should declare his support...

Mr. Upton, Clerk to the Society of Apothecaries, has addressed

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a letter 4o a Manchester committee of "general practitioners," stating the result of negotiations with the Home'Secretary. Acting upon what they believe to be the prevailing...

" From a source likely to be well informed," the

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Globe has learned that the following changes are likely to take place among the Law Ministers ; but it "does not pledge itself to the accuracy of the entire list "— " Lord...

It appears that a decided step in a high quarter

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has allayed the still- - boiling Anti-Tractarian ferment in the diocese of Exeter. In a circular letter to his clergy, Bishop Phillpotts states that he has received the copy of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY ArTgamoolt. instant opened for private transfer on Monday last, and business was resumed in them, after an interval of nearly six weeks. The payment of...

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U Practice makes perfect." The Speaker of the House of

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Commons is already in training for the opening of the session. He sits in his easy-chair every evening for several hours after dinner, doing nothing hut nodding occasionally to...


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NETER was the impending fate of a dramatic piece more completely re- ' 'versed than in the case of the lyric tragedy Antigone which is now running a most prosperous career at...

The Cork Examiner publishes an historical document of some interest.

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It was enclosed in a letter from the Reverend John P. Leahy, who formed one of a deputation sent to London by the regular clergy of Ireland at the time of the Emancipation Act....


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sin—I have read with very great interest, and also with very great snr prise, " The Results of the New Zealand Inquiry," published in your Sup-...

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FRENCH statesmen seek to extend the manufactures and com- merce of their country and increase its wealth, with a view to increase its naval and military power. English...


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THE ENEMY OF THE BRITISH COLONIES. THE Colonial Office has been called Anti-Colonial ; and there is more than verbal paradox in the epithet-it seems to be a sad reality. In...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th January 1844 and 1845, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED...

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NEWSPAPER-WRITING has grown to be an art by itself. Many a literary man, who thought that because "the greater includes the less' every author is ex officio qualified to be...


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COUNT MoivrAuvEr has sent to our Queen's Purveyor a snuffbox with a miniature of Louis Philippe, in return for the baron of beef which furnished forth the New Year's banquet at...

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MARIE GALLOP has been hanged, and Mary Shaming, for aught that appears to the contrary, will be hanged ; and two men have been hanged at Liverpool ; and two men are to be hanged...


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Tax Direct Northern Railway is entitled to support as a national under- taking. It is precisely the line which a wise Government would select, if the planning and constructing...


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IT is very easy to call advocacy - of the poor cant ; but there is a cant both ways, and there is often cant in the use of the epithet itself. Meanwhile, the practical evils...

The Great Britain .steam-ship made another experimental-trip down the Bristol

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Channel on Wednesday, with about one hundred and forty passengers on board, including several engineers and naval officers. The ship is now fitted with its six masts, which are...

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Datowacr,' Diaries and Correspondence of James Harris, first Earl of 3Ialmesbury ; containing an Account of his 3lissions to the Courts of Madrid, Frederick the Great,...

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1st the long vacation of 1841, Sergeant Talfourd, Mrs. Talfourd, Master Talfourd from Eton, with a niece, went to Paris, rid Havre and Rouen ; thence to Geneva, Chamouni, and...

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BEZVICE. OP YILITARY r enlisted in the Seventy-third Foot. This

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regiment formed part of the troops (for they were not numerous enough to be called an army) despatched to " assist " the immense hordes then moving against Napoleon in Germany,...


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THE hero of this novel, Valentine M'Clutchy, is a type of those knavish agents who took advantage of the ignorance and apathy of spendthrift absentee landlords to wring from the...

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from January &I to /memory 955. BOOKS. Diaries and Correspondence of James Harris, First Earl of Mahnesbsery; containing an Account of his Missions to the Courts of Madrid,...

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On the 26th December, at Milton, the Viscountess Milton, of a daughter. On the ad January, at Coleebill House, Barks, the Hon. Mrs. Edward Pleydell Ban- vane, of a daughter. On...


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WAR-OFFICE, Jan. 10.—Royal Regt. Horse Guards—Lord 0. A. Fitzgerald to be Comet, by purchase, vice G. East, who retires. 5th Drag. Guards—G. Fisher, Gent, to be Veterinary-Burg....


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Tuesday, Jan. 7. PARTNEBARLPS D/ASOLVED. Fletcher and Payne, Denmark HI11, Camberwell, sehoolmasters--Cramond and Schuy- ler, Lime Street, ship-agents—Foster and Co....

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BRITISH FUNDS. &turd. (Closing Moonlay. Prices.) Tuesday. W'ednes. Thurs. FriaTay 3 per Cent Consols that 1001ex d 1001 1001 1001 Ditto for Account 100i 1001 1001 1001...