11 JANUARY 1851

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At home, the most novel incident is the public development

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of a scheme for establishing public schools in Manchester on a plan copied from that of the National Public School Association, but emanating from persons who formerly opposed...

For the week, German affairs supply little movement. The as-

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sembled Ministers at Dresden have agreed to use the utmost dis- cretion; and the only important rumour that has oozed out is, that the project of a Bavarian League or third "...


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Peals is agitated by more -violent heavings of the political world than it has suffered for some time. We say Paris, because it is only in the overbearing combination of trading...

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'Or Court.

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Tim Queen has taken much exercise on foot in the Slopes and in Wind- sor Park; and Prince Albert has shot or hunted most days of the week, with some or other of the numerous...


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The beautiful church of St. Stephen's Wallbrook, which Quatremere de Quincy mentions as- -one of the most celebrated of the works of Sir Christopher Wren for art and taste, but,...

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ight ninturtg.

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The Earl of Dunraven (late Viscount Adare) has resigned his scat in - Parliament for Glamorganshire, by accepting the Chiltern Hundreds. His reason for resigning is the close...

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There was an "educational demonstration" of no common importance' and interest at Edinburgh on Monday last. Dr. Gunn, one of the most ac- complished scholars and successful...


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The following correspondence between the Irish Prelates of "the 'United Church of England and Ireland" and the chief of the English Prelates of the same United Church appeared...

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forrign uu Coluntal.

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FRANCE,--The insults heaped on the Ministry by the majority of the Assembly have brought on a crisis which ended in the resignation of the whole Cabinet. - The Pat,* newspaper,...

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3V tort 1 lanninf.

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The festivities of the season at Woburn Abbey, which for :five -weeks . have been a pantof attraction to. the large and varied circle of those who s-enjoy the .privilege -of a...

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An agreement "under seal" was interchanged yesterday between the Great

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Western and the Shrewsbuq and Birmin . gham and Shrewsbury and Chester Railway Companies, for the interchange of traffic between London, Birming- ham, and Liverpool, and...

The office of Quartermaster-General, will, we understand, be filled up

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; but the statement made by a military contemporary of Sir Frederick Stovin's appointment to the office, is, to say the least of it, premature.- Globe. The office of...

The Premier has issued letters to his supporters in the

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House of Com- mons, informing them that "business of importance will be brought for- ward without d elay," at the meeting of Parliament on the 4th February. The adjourned...


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aiTURDLY. President Bonaparte has gained the day against the majority in the Assembly. The Mon iteur of yesterday contains the following list of the modified Ministry ; the...

The Duke of Newcastle, "contrary to the expectations of his

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medical men, has again rallied a little." We are sorry to learn that his Excellency Viscount de Moncorvo, Por- tuguese Minister at this Court, is suffering from the effects of...

BANK OF ENGLAND. An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th

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and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Saturday, the 4th day of January 1851. 15505 DEPARTMENT. Rates issued £28,273,230 Government Debt £11,019,100 Other...

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(or tfrtlditt.'

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This week is a blank wait respect to new' ptoduetions,. but , we, ere; promised several novelties in the.weeklortheoming, A new, comedy at., Drury Lane another at the Olympic,...

In the Bankruptey Court, yesterday, Captain Samuel Edward Warner, of

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the "long range,' passed his last examination without opposition. In the Central Criminal Court, the Hopwoods, George and Edith, were ac- quitted on the charge already...

Mr. James Russell has this week commenced a series of

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"Shaksperianit Readings," at St. Martin's Hall. He'seems to have formed.the notion)! of this class of entertainment from a hint given him by Sir Walter Seott,:i long before...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Reeenue of Great Britain, in the Years- and Quarters ended 5th January 1850 and 1851, showing the Increase or- Decrease thereof. YEARS =WEB...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Funds gave way a little on Monday. This fall was induced- by the decline of the French Funds in Paris, on the resignation of the...

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IF.the ardent.and awdous bearing of the Times in rushing to the defence of points whielswe have questioned as ;rulnerible,:may be taken to indicate the policy- of his proteges...


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TILE _RESTORATION OF 1851.. Mimic the Revolution of 1848, the one power- which reassumes the ruleofsEurope is absolute:military power. Of fthose Governe ments that have been_...

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on the water supply of London has had the benefit of disposing of many unsound projects without the cost and vexation of actual trial. Artesian wells, without boring, have...

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MORE collisions, more laceration and death from the standing causes. One collision was performed at the Boxmoor station of the North-western Railway, on Saturday. The story is...


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Emmons of Mr. Corwin, and anxious, it would appear, to share the notice which we have bestowed on that ingenuous student in political economy, the Morning Post courts our...

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Au, great-men are magnanimous- Conscious power suffices to it-- self, .and-needs no violent vindieations. When Socrates was spat upon, he contented himself with a repartee ;...


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LOETh HOILAS_D'S FORRIGIL HEALINISOERWEES...' TRIO yohune contains the result -of observations made bythe-late: Lord,Holland during. - varions residences abroad; and of:famine...

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a Reformer in olden times, when the public avowal of Liberalism, and the resolution to act upon Liberal prin- ciples, instead of being a "sure card," involved the risk of legal...

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PRESTON'S MARAMAT. * Mani; or, to give him his full-length appellation,

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Abou-Moham- med Al Kaasem Ibn-Aali Al Hariri Al Basri Al Haraami, lived in the eleventh century of our wra, at Basra on the Tigris ; and was, as the name Harin implies, either a...

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Boons. . England as Is, .Political, Social, and Zadustrial, - ,in of the Nineteenth Century. By William Johnston,. Esq., Barriater-atriew. Iu two volumes. ...77a Passions of...

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THE .SKETCIIING SOCIETY. corzner. Of, designs and ketches in- water,eolours r the production Of a society-including Messrs: Leslie,. 'Stanfield, 1Jwins.,-and the , two Che-:...


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On the 27th July, at New- Norfolk, Van Dienien's Land, the , Wife of the Vene- rable.Archdeacon Marriott, of a son. On the 6th November, atPeshawur, the-Lady of...


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:WAlt-OEFICE, Jan. Regt. of Light Brags.--.Capt... A .Grant,:froarhalfpay • Heat, to be Capt. vice Brevet Major J..11.. 111.11ale1 who exchanges ; Lieut. IL Wood be Capt..-by...

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Tuesday, January 7. Paterszamurs DISSOLTED. - Reid and Co. Three Cranes Wharf, Upper Thames Street, commission-agents-Boardman and Willson, Manchester, sharebrokers- J. and P....


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Satard. Monday. Tuesday. Weiner shut 961ex d. 961 961 96 963 361 ex d. 961 961 9 971 93 97/ 971 97 99 951 981 981 99 71 —4 72 71 214 — 21...