11 JUNE 1842

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A NEW measure has been introduced to the Commons this week, with every prospect of being carried by acclamation—a bill to pre- vent the evils recently disclosed in the mines and...

Spain has again begun to attract some notice ; though,. very

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likely, nothing will come of the present symptoms of internal com- motion still at work. Some of the provinces continue to be dis- turbed and quieted again. There is a...

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The month since the departure of the April mail witnessed

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a total change in the shifting scene to the North-west of ladle. Ghuznee has surrendered to the enemy : Colonel PALMER and his single battalion of Hindoo troops had evacuated...

Debates anb larottebings in Warlfament.

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SUBTERRANEAN EMPLOYMENT OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Lord ASHLEY drew the attention of the House of Ccmmons, on Tuesday, to the Report of the Children's Employment Commissioners, and...

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31 t liattropolfs.

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A Court of Common Council was held on Thursday, for the despatch of business. The report of a Committee was brought up, which stated that Mr. Pearson, who had withdrawn from the...

Elbe (Court.

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THE Court has left town for Windsor Castle ; whither the Royal invi- tation and Ascot Races have drawn a numerous circle of visiters. The Queen and Prince A lbert, accompanied...

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e Vrobintes.

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Monday is the day appointed for the Newcastle nomination, and Tuesday for the polling. Mr. Colquhoun is the Tory, and Mr. Harris the Liberal candidate ; and both are in the...

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Three candidates are in the field for Belfast ; Mr. Emerson Tennent and Mr. William Gillilan Johnson, the late Tory Members, and Mr. D. R. Ross, the late Liberal candidate. Mr....


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A Royal proclamation has been issued, ordering that gold sovereigns of less than 5 pennyweights 2} grains, and half-sovereigns of less than 2 pennyweights 13k grains, shall not...

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Arrived—At Gravesend. June 6th, Wild Irish Girl. Graham, from Madras. At Li- verpool, 10th, Eart Foals, —, from Mauritius. Off C-rk, Zih; S. Collings, White, from Mauritius. At...

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SATURDAY NIGHT. In the House of Commons, last night, Sir ROBERT INGLIS renewed the motion, which had not been formally negatived when brought for- ward before, for the issue of...

• The Times this morning publishes the depositions taken in

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the exa- mination of John Francis at the Home Office, on the charge of shooting at the Queen. They add very little to what is already known. In cross-examining Colonel...

More recent accounts have been received of the riot in

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Ennis on Tuesday. Two persons were killed by the fire of the police, and seven- teen were wounded ; and it is feared that some of the latter will die. The people assembled in...


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STOCK EXORANGE, FRIOAT ATIKIIKOON. The report of the illness of the King of the French, coupled with one of a difference between the Cabinets of Paris and St. James's upon the...

The West Indian steamer Dee has arrived at Falmouth, having

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left Nassau on the 20th May. She brings the account of the total loss of the Company's steam-ship Medina ; which struck on a reef of rocks while entering at Turk's Island, on...

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THE Examiner, by a reprint of one of its own two-year-old articles, protests against requiring proof that there was ball as well as gunpowder in the pistol which JOHN FRANCIS...


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THE NEW BRIBERY BILL. THE title of Lord JOHN RUSSELL'S Bill is clearly a misnomer : in- stead of " Bribery-discovery Bill," it ought to be called "a Bill to prevent Bribery...

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The Rose of Arragon was brought out at the Haymarket on Saturday, with complete success. SHERIDAN KNOWLES has in some measure recovered the ground he had lost ; for, though far...


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NOTWITHSTANDING the apparent mismanagement of the expedition to the West of the Indus,—on which it will be but justice to refrain from remark till the Courts-martial said to...


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Fos a time Irish affairs have ceased to attract so much attention as they formerly did : but it appears that some persons of the party now in power are about to give them a new...


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SIR ROBERT PEEL is not contented with making and unmaking tariffs ; our very proverbs are not safe from his innovating propensities. " Medio tutissimus ibis," said HORACE, and...

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To know what is really good acting at the present

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day, one must go to see Monsieur BousTP, at the French Theatre in St. James's Street. He is the finest comedian, in the full sense of the term, that we have ever seen ; and it...

Rumours have been bruited about, for the last few dap,

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that Miss Adelaide Kemble was on the point of closing her professional life imme- diately , being engaged to be married to a gentleman of a highly respect- able family...

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VWEOLoOHLAI , CONTROVERSY, The Life and Defence of the Conduct led Principles-of the Venerable and Calum- niated Edmund Banner, Bishop of London iu the Reigns of Henry VIII.,...

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lrms novel would have been received with more attention had it been published some years ago, before the fictions of GRIFFIN, LOVER, CARLETON, Mrs. HALL, and other writers, had...


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PERHAPS it is not quite so certain as modern vanity induces us to affirm, that the illustrators of classical antiquity at the revival of learning displayed little historical...

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PUBLICATIONS RECEIVED, Fetus June 2d to June 9th.

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Boors. Missionary Labours and Scenes in Southern Africa. By ROBERT MOFFAT, twenty-three years an Agent of the London Missionary Society in that Continent. With engravings by G....

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illustrated Edition of the National Psalmody of the Church of Scotland, newly arranged, with an Accompaniment for the Organ or Pianoforte. By JOHN DANIEL. WITH the exception of...

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Part Music. Edited by Jon HULLAR.

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This publication is doubtless occasioned by the growing musical ac- quirements of the people, and probably will be adopted by many of Mr. HULLAH'S classes. In furnishing such a...


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WILKIE'S WORKS AT THE BRITISH INSTITUTION. Tat British Institution opened this week, with a collection of the pic- tures and sketches in oils of the late Sir DAVID %Late, to...

Singing for the Million. . By JOSEPH MAINZER. Part II.

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Of Mr. MAINZER'S first elementary work we have already spoken ; and to his second a similar degree of approbation can be given. Taken together, they are better adapted to...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. ;redoes. Taxes. rrusoy. shut 91; ex d 9111 100 shut -- 124 167+ 41 pm. 24 pm. 91* 914 1004 121 - 42 24 91e 914...


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BIRTHS. On the let June, the Countess ALBUM of a daughter. On the 3d. at Sauderetead, near Croydon, the Wife of the Rev. JAMES STEPHEN HODSON. M.A., of a son. On the 3d, in...


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Tuesday, June 7. PARTNERsilIps DISSOLVED. Page and Smallbone, Long Acre, pawubrokers-J. and T. Dimmock, Stoke-upon. Trent. timber•merchauts-Fairbairus and Co. Newbottle,...